Day 74

2:33pm: The housemates are marching round the garden on Big Brother’s instruction. Kate starts yelling out “Give me a D”, and spells the dignity. They stop and stand to attention and sound out their motto. BB tells the brigade they can stand down. Christie doesn’t understand and neither does Vesna. The others tell them it means they can act however they want. Vesna asks “Why can’t he talk normally?” BB tells them they can enter the house. Squeals everywhere! The boys don’t want to go inside, and wonder if the task is over. The girls, who have mostly run inside, soon realise that they only have half a bedroom now. The divide is back but now you can’t access one of the rooms. Vesna wonders if they have touched her stuff, and soon asks where her earrings are. The girls get excited about using the proper toilet. Dave warns the girls that they might not be staying inside, and it’s only temporary. Vesna won’t hear about it, even when Kate and Rita think it’s temporary as well. Later, Rita in the kitchen calls out to Vesna “They are eating the chips”, referring to Greg and Kate. Kate insists they aren’t eating the chips Vesna put aside for a party later in the week. Kate informs Vesna that Rita is doing it to wind her up. Rita insists she thought that they were eating those ones. Kate re inforces they were eating a different pack, and Rita says “Joke Kate. Chill out.”

7:58pm: BB has the housemates in the diary room and informs that a Logan will be evicted. They are shocked, but quickly sent to different parts of the house while the Logan’s wait in the diary room. The twins say this will be interesting. Christie chooses to evict David. Dave says they can’t hear it, and that it would be hard for themto decide who to evict. Melanie evicts Logan David. Greg thinks that Dave would get that one. Tim evicts Logan David. Vesna evicts Logan Greg. The boys say that Vesna would lke to get rid of them both! Rita chooses to evict Logan…David. Greg reckons he’s going, but Dave isn’t too sure. Dave says it’s coming towards the end and strategy doesn’t matter so much anymore. Kate evicts Logan Greg. BB tells the housemates to return to the living room, and then a short while after, the Logan’s are allowed out as well. Gretel announces that Logan David has been evicted. He very quickly exits the house. Greg says he feels worse for ‘you guys’. He feels sorry for Dave. Rita keeps asking him questions, and Greg says “I just need to think about it before anymore questions.” He walks round the house, and says ‘how shocking was that’ to Tim. Vesna says she thinks that there is less than two weeks left. Greg says to Vesna not to feel bad. Vesna says she doesn’t feel bad. Greg thanks them for keeping him in. The guys go to the bedroom, and Greg tells Tim that Dave wanted him to give something to him. He gets Tim down on the bed and starts messing with his hair in a mock fight. Tim says “I knew it would be that!” They can’t believe that there are only two guys left now. The girls meanwhile in the living room say that they think a girl will win it now.

9:42pm: BB announces that it’s the kitchenhand’s duties to do the dishes. Rita, who is doing them is forced to step away from the sink. They all gather for Dave’s eviction message, but Rita wants to make a point about no one offering to help her do the dishes. Kate stands up for the group saying that it’s a difficult time for them, and the dishes will still be there after later. Kate says they did clean before she came, and that the house was clean. Tim says he didn’t even realise she was doing the dishes. Rita says she expects to live in a spotless environment. Rita says she was mearly making a comment. She says that is the trouble with them she makes a comment and they all immediately jump to defence mode. Mel says that after whats just happened she just wants to relax. Vesna says “To end a great conversation, why talk about doing the dishes”. Vesna says to ignore Rita unless she says “I want to discuss something!” Dave speaks to them after he’s been evicted. He starts with Rita. He says she is a champ, and she is who she is. He says they really do love her. Mel is next, who he says is ‘not a bad looker.’ He says that she’ll meet the perfect guy for her one day and she’ll be swept off her feet. He says Kate knows what she wants. She is a nice person. Next is Christie, who he refers to as his sister in law. He says they’ve had their arguments, but thats what friends are for. He says of Vesna that she is as stubborn as him. He says her humour is amazing. He treats her like his mates. He says she is a great person and not a bad kisser! He says Logan Tim should give Greg a punch and he’s a great bloke and…he can’t think of anything else to say to Tim. He says lastly about his brother that it didn’t matter who went, they are still one in the house. He says he loves Greg. He says he’s going to have a beer, and he hopes they have a water for him.

10:01pm: All housemates are still on the couch. Rita comes to the diary room. She cries. She feels bad for her decision because it’s not what she wanted. She doesn’t know how to deal with her situation. Vesna outside tells them all that Rita is finding it really hard in this house. Mel says that they are all finding it really hard. Kate feels that Rita thinks that the whole group are ganging up against Rita. Christie says it’s just because everyone is frustrated by her. Tim thinks that she fails to hear other sides of arguments and says Rita is quite aggressive. Back in the diary room, Rita is shocked at the way she is reacting. She says she feels she has done wrong by BB. She says everyone else is playing the game. She says she wishes she wasn’t so kind hearted sometimes. She says they probably don’t care. Back outside, Kate thinks they can be a lot more tolerant. Tim thinks that they should perhaps raise their issues individually with Rita. Rita asks if she can sleep outside, and BB tells her that she can sleep wherever she wants. Back in the house, she tells her housemates of her desire to sleep outside. Mel wonders if she will be cold. Rita says she’ll be fine. She gets into her sleeping bag. Christie comes to chat. Rita says she is just shocked at what happened tonight. Greg brings Dave’s suitcase to the diary room and chats. He says he would’ve liked to spend more time with Dave in the final weeks. He says that he enjoyed the time he spent with him. He feels a bit guilty that he’s still here when Dave was the one who really wanted to come on the show. Rita is outside, and Christie is still listening to her. Rita says she doesn’t know what she has to say to everyone for them to understand her. She says she has a real problem with Kate. She wants people to come to her and talk her issues, even if they are bad. Christie promises she will come to here and talk. Rita says Vesna always does it, but Kate doesn’t. Christie says she finds Kate quite ‘princessy’. Christie says ‘this isn’t bitching, I refuse to btich.” Inside, Greg doesn’t know how he’s feeling. Kate thinks it’s might take him 2 days to realise. Greg says it took 12 steps up the eviction stairs for him to realise. He says it would be easier if he just cried because people would instantly know. Mel and Kate understand him, and they decide to go to bed. Outside, Christie says goodnight to Rita. Rita tells her that everything happens for a reason. Christie agrees. The rain pours down and Christie heads inside.

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