Day 73 Uplate

11:59pm: Looks like Tim, Greg, Dave and Christie are the only ones awake around the campfire for the task. Everyone is sleeping outside. Greg is running through what they might have to do tomorrow during the day. He thinks they’ll be outside tomorrow night as well. They move onto talking about how long the series will run. They think an extra week seems fair. Tim says it could be a double on Sunday. Kate wants to join them near the fire. She tiptoes over. Christie and Greg get hit by sparks of the fire blowing in the wind. Back after Mike talks, and Kate is explaining an army term ‘strike the hodgey’ to Tim. Christie and Greg are in their double swag together and you can hardly see in there at the moment. They are back up now and talking about whether they will be able to keep the fire going all night. Greg tells a story about his flatmate who lives right next to the beach and hadn’t gone their for 8 months finally came down to the beach to play touch footy with Greg’s friends, and pulled a hammy within 5 minutes. He continues to talk about his friends to the other housemates. Greg is talking about a logo perhaps the the new WA rugby union side. I dunno, Kate says she is going to get behind them. They start talking about swans. Tim wishes he could fly. Kate says he is never going to fly. Greg says he would like to be apart of a sports NFL team in the USA or something, because of the sheer size of the organisation. Greg talks about his friend that he went over to see play and how they are all loaded etc and have nice cars. Kate wants to get back into supporting the NBL, her team being the Perth Wildcats. Kate talks to Greg about the wildcats some more, and Greg says that basketball will come back ‘in’ within the next few years.

12:30am: They are talking around drop bears around the campfire. Christie needs to go to the toilet. Kate has just gone and got batteries by the look of it and they are swapping/replacing them now. Greg decides he needs to go to. Tim beats them all to the toilet however. Camera on Tim doing his business, Greg comes up behind and says “Is anyone in there.” Greg says it was great when he found the treasure. Tim is still going, and they make mention of it. Greg gets to go next. When we return after Mike speaks, it’s back to their swags for everyone as they settle down again.

12:43am: Vision on Christie and Greg who aren’t really talking, but you can just hear Tim and Kate’s convo in the background. Christie and Greg look like they might be calling it a night. We cut to Kate and Tim’s convo. Tim says Kate should have done accelerated classes. She says she did a uni subject instead *I think*. Kate says she liked school. She tells Dave & Tim that she promised her dad that she would be a good girl and she would do her homework at lunchtime. First day she came home and asked Dad if she could go to a party on the weekend. She recalls how they used to be allowed into a nightclub at 17 years of age because the owner would buy them drinks and talk to them. The owner eventually asked Kate if she wanted a job, but she refused, and the next week the owner acted as if they had never met and threw them out because they didn’t have ID. Kate says she would like to be a policeman. Tim reckons they get good money, but Kate disagrees. Dave says they get great holidays.

12:58am: Dave just got his hand caught in the fire while putting a log on it. Kate fills the guys in on where the guys can take some young new females out to dinner over in WA. Kate goes onto say she loves the crackle of the fire. Dave gets back in his swag now. Tim wonders what the color of smoke really is. He says in the Lord of the Rings it was referred to as blue. Dave reckons it’s grey. Dave explains that sometimes he sleeps in his uhte and faces the ocean and wakes to the sun coming up and going for a swim. Kate listens on as Greg tries to get things working in his tent. Tim yells out he just saw a flying fox. Dave reckons he almost got an erection.

1:12am: Greg is trying to get back into his swag but is having trouble, and Christie is laughing on. Greg says he thought he had got all of the farting out of his system, but he didn’t. Christie can’t believe that the smell can come from him. Kate complains that the outdoor toilet can’t be healthy. SHe says it has to be against health regulations. It starts raining, and Christie wakes Tim up because he has his head hanging out. He says “Ahhhh” really loudly.

No other vision of the house is shown because housemates go to sleep because of the rain.

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