Day 72

12:01pm: Greg, Tim and Christie are sunbaking. Dave rubs sunscreen onto Christie’s legs, and she says “This is the life.” Inside, Rita asks Mel if she’ll come and help her with the animals later. She says she would rather not. Rita says if Dave came she would come. She then reverses it, saying if Mel went Dave would come along, inferring that Dave has a crush on Mel. Vesna says “Be honest with yourself – do you like him.” Mel says No, saying that Dave is everything she is not. Rita reckons that Dave is really into her, saying that isn’t it opposites attract. Mel goes onto say she finds him sometimes flirty and a man’s man. She says when she was 16 she might have been into him. Rita says that Dave is checking her out now from outside. Mel says Rita made that up. Rita says he has a good body. Mel thinks it’s not good at all – his stomach doesn’t suit his arms. Ves thinks he has a good body. Rita says a year ago she was attracted to guys like Dave. Vesna asks if they can speak one at a time. Big Brother tells Mel to come to the diary room and everyone else to the table outside. Mel reads out a letter, telling housemates that the weekly task involves forming the “Big Brother Brigade.” It’s basically a survival task. They decide to wage 100% on this task. They still have to figure out their motto though. Mel comes out of the diary room with their clothes for the task. Vesna is going beserk thinking that they might be shorts. They are. Dave gets changed and is back outside first, and shows Timmy exactly how a little scout would act running around like a 10 year old. They finally decide on the motto “We strive to survive in BB05”

8:33pm: Logans come out of the diary room with 2 boxes. The other housemates squeal with delight. BB informs them that they are all up for eviction, however, the Logans, as winners of the FNL have the chance to save themselves from the eviction. Inside each box is either a ‘nominated’ or ‘not nominated’ note. BB reveals that they must choose a box now, but it mustn’t be opened until Sunday night. They choose box 2, which is ‘nominated’. They talk about whether it’ll be a double or not. Kate is certain it will be. Dave says “So we could save ourselves from a double?” Rita tells Greg that everything happens for a reason and he shouldn’t be scared. He says he isn’t, but he wants to open it now. They all get up from the couch. Kate comes to the diary room. She says that she thinks Rita doesn’t like her. Kate thinks Rita is a really nice person and she’d be upset if she doesn’t like Kate in return. Kate thinks that Rita looks at her as if to say I know you talk about her behind her back. She says when she was talking to Greg on the couch after nominations she wanted to tell her to shutup. She thinks it’s annoying. In the bedroom, Rita asks Vesna if she thinks Kate is spiteful. Vesna doesn’t think so, but Rita thinks she is. She says she tries to get messages across to people without being direct. Rita says she can see straight through her. Vesna says it might just be towards her, but Rita, in her opinion, has seen it happen to everyone.

11:29pm: Numerous housemates are playing checkers on the dancefloor. They’ve been playing for several hours. Kate and Dave come to the diary room. Kate asks for batteries, and Dave wants a tennis ball. Dave says he must sound like a whinging 13 year old. BB tells them that if they can collect all the checker pieces within the next 10 minutes without telling the housemates what it’s for, BB will give you the batteries and the tennis ball. They come outside and Kate just starts grabing them. Greg says “Oh your kidding, aren’t we allowed to play?” Dave says they can’t talk about it. Mel says “Your not serious are you?” Greg tells Kate she’s moved them from the spot, and she says sorry. She starts laughing. Tim reckons they’ve done a deal, and says “Kate what have you done? I don’t see how wrecking a game can be fun?” Mel screams out, “Big Brother” and it gets a laugh. On the way in Greg says “Your mean Kate.” Once their in the diary room, Greg says “Good game, it’s a tie.” They speculate what their up to in the diary room. They come out of the diary room and Greg asks them to reveal what happened. Kate keeps walking into the bedroom. Dave keeps asking “I don’t know” to their questions. BB tells Kate and Dave to come back to the diary room. Tim stands right beside the door. He says “It was all for a bloody tennis ball!” Greg says they can play cricket now. Tim says they are having a game straight away. BB in the diary room gives the housemates their items. Tim says to Kate, “So what did you get? Batteries? Double A’s?” Kate laughs. Dave is still saying “I don’t know” to their questions. Christie says it was a bit rude interrupting their game like that though. Tim suggests they have a game of cricket. The boys go outside and start playing. Inside, Christie says to Kate it was selfish. She says if roles were reversed wouldn’t see feel the same way. Kate says “Yep, I dead set would.”

12:58am: Kate has joined the boys playing cricket, and is batting. Dave bowls to her and she hits it out of the compound. Tim, as the keeper, walks away to the gym in disgust but doesn’t say anything. Dave says “Kate…very dissapointed in you, extremely dissapointed in you.” They ask what she has to give up now. Kate comes to the diary room with her prized possessions. They girls wonder what she is doing, and she says “I f*cked up.” Dave yells out that she hit the tennis ball out of the house. Kate pleads her case to BB. Outside, Tim says he can’t get angry at Kate without being mad at Dave too for laughing while taking the checkers pieces away. Back in the diary room, Kate says she has to offer her FNL trophy and 3 photos. BB tells her that BB is not here to act as ballboy for the housemates. She leaves.

1:19am: Tim comes up with a new game – walking around the entire inside of the compound with their eyes shut. Greg and Dave join in. Before too long, Christie and Vesna set up obstacles for them to run into. Christie then stands right next to them and puts water over them with the watering can. In typical Tim fashion, he doesn’t get worked up, only saying “Ohh, their doing something stupid.” They all get wet. Tim says they must be at the end, asking “Are we at the beach?” Right then, he kicks his foot right into a rock on the beach. Mel is laughing her head off as well. They finish and open their eyes and have a celebration!

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