Day 72 Uplate

11:50pm: Vesna and Rita are discussing the camera position of the toilet, and how the guys would wank away from it so they couldn’t be seen. Cut outside to the living room and Kate is collecting all the red glasses that they use to play Chess. She is laughing a little as she collects them, and the housemates know that she is up to something. The other housemates don’t understand what type of deal they have stuck. Dave goes with Kate into the diary room. Just before she goes in, Kate refuses to tell them why they have to take them into the diary room. Once they go in, Tim says that he’s a bit pissed off about it. She comes back out and grabs all the fruit that they have also used to play chess/checkers. Christie asks her what is going on, but Kate doesn’t say anything. Tim is upset because there was only about 3 minutes of the game to go. Mike cuts away from the scandal to talk to Dean. Back to the house though, Dave sitting on a seat now out of the diary room. He is not saying anything about their recent visit. He tells them he originally went in there to talk about his toe and get some advice from BB. Kate recounts what they told them about the toe as well. They won’t reveal what happenned after that though. Dave says “I don’t know why Kate is laughing, I’m not.” Mike has mentioned that the exchange is for a tennis ball and batteries for Kate for her massager. A while later after Dean’s chat, we cross back to the house. Greg is handing out biscuits. Tim is complaining that he doesn’t want them now! Greg says he doesn’t want them either.

12:24am: Kate & Dave come out of the diary room with batteries and a tennis ball. Tim doesn’t look pleased saying that they should have let them finish the game. Christie thinks that it was a bit mean. They still both are saying that they can’t talk about it. The boys head out to play Cricket. Rita comes out to the couch and has hurt her foot. She is in some pain. Kate goes to do the dishes.

12:35am: Kate has come out and they are telling her the rules of BB cricket. Kate is about to bowl to Tim, but we go inside. Rita is saying how it might be a personal challenge what Kate but then says it couldn’t be, and she is saying how she thought it was a bit rude of Kate. Christie is complaining of her weight and is saying that BB has taken her shoes away. She says she has a huge arse. She says she might stop eating. Vesna reckons she has put on 5kg. Mel and Rita tell Christie not to stop eating cause it stuffs up when you start eating again. They suggest eating some normal food. The girls are saying that weight will drop off as soon as she goes outside. Mel is saying that all the mirrors make them look different in this house.

12:53am: Vesna says that she likes Mel. Christie starts talking about the nominations. Having not watched the show tonight, I think they announced the original nominations before they announced everyone was up. Christie thinks that however was up when there were only 3 nominees might be at a disadvantage. Rita agrees, Mel doesn’t. Mike doesn’t like us watching that, so we cut to a break.

1:04am: Kate has just hit the tennis ball out of the compound. She is straight into the house and trying to get into the diary room. One of the Logan’s say she is just doing it to prove a point now. The boys suggest they give away some food now, or some of the girls clothes. Rita says that BB won’t open it straight away because they want everyone’s opinion. The boys are back outside and are playing with a huge ball. They want her to not go in. But she has already gone in I think. Tim says that he can’t be mad at Kate if he isn’t mad at Dave as well. But he goes onto say she didn’t need to smirk, and they say she came to play with them because she felt bad. Tim kicks the big ball towards the house! Dave tells him not to be a silly dick.

1:14am: Back outside to the boys. Kate has taken her trophy from FNL to BB to try to get the tennis ball back. The boys suggest a spa, but Dave can’t go in there because his toe is stuffed or something. Greg and Tim start talking about Kate, but Tim says he can’t talk about it anymore, saying that he thought he would simply finish playing checkers and they would go to bed. Kate says she got a warning from BB inside. No idea why. She is putting on her jacket. Rita says she can’t wear jeans. Apparently Kate called BB some nast words. Christie says that BB is so smart, saying ‘he knows when your lying.’ Christie wants to see the moon. Kate shuts the door behind her. The girls inside are talking about how it’s the last month and how it must be time for another party. Rita reckons that Saturday there will be a big party. Mel doesn’t think that it’ll be a double this weekend. She says it’s too obvious. Kate says it might be a triple.

1:27am: Tim & Greg are walking round the backyard with their eyes shut. All around the outside walls. Now they’ve moved inside even! They are trying to figure out where they are in the house. Back in the house after Mike cut in, Greg is yelling out “Where am I?” They’ve into the bathroom now. They all say that they haven’t looked. Dave is in there too now. They decide they better do the sauna too. Tim says its funny how you know where stuff is. Not really enough room for the three in the sauna. They exit it now. Kate, Mel and Christie are now doing it, they are also about to enter the bathroom. Vesna reckons that you should do it with blindfolds. Rita says she’ll do it tomorrow. Now, the diary room door has been opened and the boys go around the wall in that too. Dave takes his hat off in there! Back in the bathroom, Christie realises she is up to the sauna, but she doesn’t go in it.

1:40am: The boys are almost done in the bedroom. Someone has let out a smell, and the girls aren’t happy. Tim is out in the kitchen now and he has to stop because he needs to take the jacket off. He says “Shall we move the fridge out.” Greg says no way. Tim says “You better have your eyes shut!” The boys say they have. Mel helps them with the drop out of the kitchen. Girls are still in a bedroom and have just finished with a toilet. The boys have just knocked over something near the door outside. Mike cuts into tell us that Vesna is eating food while they have their eyes shut and also putting stuff in their way as they go round the house. They are outside now, nearly finished. Dave says he doesn’t like being blind. The boys walk through the raised garden. Vesna keeps eating pringles. Timmy falls over or something but the camera stays on Vesna. Christie and Vesna are doing big obstacles now for the boys. Christie has the watering can in hand and Tim realises he has water on his head. He says “Oh they are doing something stupid.” Vesna can’t stop laughing. Dave grabs Christie and says that he bets it’s her. They finally finish it, and Greg says straight away that they need to get Cabbage. Tim starts setting things in the way for Kate. She gets frightened, and says “You can’t play tricks!” Kate continues regardless. Christie says, only audio, not vision, that she is going to pretend she was asleep.

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