Day 67 Uplate

12:29am: Kate is talking to both Logans. Gregi s saying that this week by taking the three points off themselves they saved themselves for another week and ‘delayed the inevitable.’ Kate agrees to a degree. Dave says he admired Kate for having the guts to take eviction on a couple of weeks back. Kate is dressed as if she thought there was an eviction. Dave says he could stay here for a year. Easy. He says he is enjoying it. Dave then goes onto say that there is only 2 and half weeks to go. He says he is looking forward to seeing his friends and family. Dave is talking as if there was an argument earlier in the evening. Greg asks Kate that in two and half weeks if she will be relaxing from all this. She says she will be. Kate says two and half weeks is a damn long time in this place. Dave says it’s to do with how long you think about the problem and working out your thoughts. Kate says she tries to stay away from the diary room, but when she’s in there all this stuff just comes out while talking to him. She says they don’t have any space in here. Kate says that when your evicted and see the people that nominated you, the inital thought is to hate them, but you realise it was a week ago and a week is a long time in here. The boys agree. Kate says she doesn’t have any grey matter in her life, it’s only black or white, one way or the other. Greg says he is in the grey sometimes. Kate says she doesn’t look for negatives. Dean has joined them now. He says he eas talking to Cabbage and Mel, and Ves is lying on her bed talking to Tim and everyone else is asleep. Dean says about Vesna that she is an amazing girl with a huge heart, then gets interrupted. Two on two or 3 on 3 at something is going to happen in a sec. Greg says he might have to get a panadol because the wine has hit him. They talk about Kate perhaps going on Sunday. Dean says that it’s a definite thing, joking. Into the bedroom we go Mel is joking that Christie is an alcoholic. Christie says that Dave is scaring her a little by brushing his hair. Dave asks if she is playing checkers, and she says yeh to call her. Christie asks them if they have a problem with her to confront her. Vesna is bored. Vesna wonders how long the performance on Saturday night will be. Christie thinks it will be tomorrow night. Ves and Christie both talk about winning FNL. They don’t want the guys to win anymore. Vesna says she would take Timmy, or perhaps Christie. Back after Mike cuts in and Ves is scared of getting a blackhead from Christie’s face because she doesn’t know if it is one. She says she can’t get it, it’s too deep. She keeps going and gets it. Ves keeps getting more, saying she might be seeing things. Christie says she isn’t, she can feel them. Christie has a go at doing it herself with the mirror. She says that because Christie doesn’t have nails she won’t put marks on her skin. She says they are coming out at least. Christie says she has blackheads everywhere.

1:01am: Christie wonders if she has got concussion. She has frozen chips to her face. Quiet in the room for a bit. She gets bored and takes them off. Vesna says she is hot. The girls talk about sunblock on their face and how it stuffs it up. Ves asks if she uses the toner. Christie says yes. They talk about the cost, being $90. Ves can’t believe it. Out to the kitchen. Logans, Dean and Kate there. They are talking about BB in the diary room. Mel comes out of the diary room and Dean says that was the quickest she’s ever done. Dean talks about loose lips BB who is on. Kate says she doesn’t care who is on shift in there. Greg and Mel talk about Greg’s chat, but Dean tries to get them to stop talking about it in fear they will get in trouble. Greg says he likes the hat, which is Geneva’s. He says he’ll give it back and buy one himself when he’s out.

1:15am: In the kitchen talk turns to the vegimite kid. They start singing the banana commercial as well. Still singing absolute rubbish. They seem to be enjoying it though. Dave lets a fart go and Dean says it stinks. They start talking about ‘status’, but I have no idea what they are talking about. They move to talking about one of Mel’s friends who does absolutely nothing for a job. The other can’t believe this. Kate wonders if she will be able to meet Donald Trump.

1:27am: Girls in the bedroom, lights are out. Mel is trying on a top or something. Actually Jeans. Christie says she got a great top for $15 somewhere. She says she is trying to pick an outfit for Sunday. Christie says she has had one of her tops for years – her mum having picked it for her. Christie talks about her weight. Hard to hear because they are trying to not wake Tim & Rita. Christie says that if she wears the top she has on now (just put on) she has to wear pants. Ves doesn’t see why, and the girls explain it to her. She says black doesn’t go with the top though, so Jeans it is. She tries on another one, and Ves and Mel say it looks great. Mel reckons they have exactly the same bodies. Mel wants to try on Christie’s little shorts.

1:40am: Bathroom, Dean, Logans and Kate there. Dean says he always wears his hats low. Dean says the hat stinks. Dave says they just washed it. Christie comes in and asks them how she looks. She has Ves’s pants on. They all think she looks hot. She leaves saying she heard what she wanted to. The others head back to the kitchen. Greg and Kate are doing dishes, until Greg says he’ll do them tomorrow. Kate keeps doing them, saying she is dissapointed that nothing happened tonight. Into the bedroom we go. Guys getting into bed. Dean says as soon as he takes his pants off Dave walks behind him. Looks like they are all getting ready for bed. Mike cuts in, and when we return, Dean and Dave are fighting in bed. It would seem they have barriers setup in their bed again. They finally settle down and Dean tells Kate how charming Greg was earlier. He tells them that they all went into the Diary Room to sing Happy Birthday to Emma (Dean’s girlfriend). As they were singing “Happy Birthday Dear Emma”, Greg cut in and said “Can’t wait to knob ya!”. Dean says he thought it was a pisser.

1:59am: Vesna and Christie whispering in bed. Ves says it’s a busy day coming up. Christie says it suprised her when she danced on stage. They talk about stuff making them put on weight, saying that their bodies aren’t working like they should be in the house. Ves says that
when you don’t have enough sleep you put on weight.

2:20am: Christie has come out and is sitting on the couch. She is filing her nails. She is silent and is now onto taking her nail polish off her toenails. Mike cuts in and gives us an entertaining moment as he acts as Christie’s brain.

2:34am: Christie is back in the bedroom talking to Greg on his bed. He accidently touches her breast. Christie says she is going to go for a run. Greg suggests the bike and then a spa and sauna. Christie heads outside, and at 2:36am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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