Day 67

7:45am: Tim & Dave are up early to feed the animals. One goat gets on his back. Tim enjoys the back scratch. He says “I love you goat.” Inside the bedroom, Mel & Vesna are talking. Mel says that a lot of people in the house have goals and are very ambitious. Vesna says that you can’t really walk up to people and say they are being fake though. Vesna says to Mel that the girls need to concentrate on winning on Friday night because the boys have a stranglehold on the event. Vesna says that Christie told her that the Logan brothers are going to try to win every remaining FNL because they feel they will need to take the 3 points off themselves every week they are stil in the house. Mel comes to the bathroom where Tim & Kate are. Kate complains of putting sunscreen in her eye. She leaves the bathroom. Tim says to Kate that she is making up that story. Tim says she is very sad because Kate just told him that she has strong feelings for him and Tim said that he can’t be with her at the moment. Mel laughs. Vesna is shown in the diary room doing an online update. Once she re-enters the house, Christie asks her what the question was. Vesna says she had to write what she thought of each housemate. Once she leaves the living room to go outside, Greg says “I know what she would have put down for me.” Christie says she has noticed there is tension between the two. Greg says he’s over it, not even going to try anymore because there is no point. Christie tells Greg that she hasn’t said anything to Christie about him. Greg says he can’t win. He says it’s the only person he’s ever seen where he can’t understand them.

Outside, Vesna is talking about what she wrote. She says “Dean won’t let me in, but I suppose he has his reasons for that.” Dave wonders what she wrote about him. Vesna says that Dave and his brothers is very deep, and they should read it when they get out. Dave says all of Australia is going to read it. Vesna says it’s very deep again. Dave says his mum will be proud to read it then. Vesna says Dave runs away from everything. Dave says that she hasn’t interacted with people like him before. Vesna says that Dave is so in it for themselves, so competitive. She says that if he failed he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. She says he would walk over people to win. She says life is a competition for him. Dave says thats fine, he says he listens to what she’s saying. Vesna says that Dave has a battleshield on, anything that comes across he just ignores. Dave decides he’s had enough talking about it and would rather concentrate on the weights. He says they can talk about when he’s finished. Vesna says she doesn’t think he’ll talk about it later.

12:31pm: Dean, Logan boys and Tim are at the gym talking. Dave is filling in Greg about Vesna’s online diary. Dean says she told the truth at least. Dave says they won’t open up because they want to win. Mel and Kate are in the bathroom. Mel thinks Dave is arrogant. Kate says Greg thinks how the other person will feel before he speaks. Mel agrees. Mel goes onto say that they might have feelings for people inside the house, but she thinks they won’t ‘open up’ until they are outside the house. Kate agrees. Mel says it’s all false as if they are playing the game. Mel says she sees deception, and then at the end they will want to hang out and be best buddies and reveal more of themselves. Mel goes onto say why would she want to give them time at the end when they’ve had all this time to get close. Cross to Christie and Rita outside sunbaking. Christie says there is still tension in the house. Christie says with the boys. Rita can’t see it and asks Christie to fill her in. Christie says “Nah it’s ok.”

Later, in the kitchen with a lot of housemates, Greg asks Vesna what she wrote about him. Ves says that he wears battleshields up and not allow anyone in. Ves says that their meaning of life is very different to hers. She goes onto say that they are very competitve and would do anything to stop themselves looking bad. She says they don’t want to be distracted from the big game. Ves says they haven’t shown her anything of them in the six weeks she has been here. Greg says he hasn’t had anyone tell him that in his whole life, but “it’s cool.”

2:37pm: Tim comes to the diary room. He says that a number of people are getting tired because it’s coming towards an end. He talks about Kate telling him that she was scared coming into the final weeks people would perhaps lose their purity of the relationships formed. He talks about todays argument between the Logan boys and Vesna, calling the atmosphere explosive. In the kitchen, Christie asks Greg if he wished he had stronger relationships with some people. Greg says he only doesn’t get along with one person. He says in hindsight he probably could’ve tried more at the start. Greg says if he has problems with people he can normally figure out why. He says he has tried and tried, and there is no point in putting on a nice happy face. He says what she said today did hurt him, calling it a massive assumption.

9:25pm: In the kitchen, Vesna says that Dave hasn’t spoken to her all day. Greg is doing the dishes at the time as well. Dave says that he’s having a break because she hasn’t said the nicest things to him today.

Dave says if he opens his mouth at the wrong time he’s going to lose the friendship he has with her. He says some things he could say could be too harsh. Vesna says they have come here for honesty and she has been honest from day one. Ves goes onto say that it’s probably just been her trying to make Dave into the person she wants to spend time with. Ves noe realises that he’s never going to be that. Dave says perhaps he is doing the same to her. Vesna tells him that she is so tough. Dave agrees, but says she continues to whinge about little things. Dave says that if he thinks Vesna is not coping with a big problem, he’ll be there for her, but the little things he thinks she can deal with it herself and she doesn’t need to constantly raise them. Vesna brings up the fact that Dave farted on Vesna. We see Dean, Kate and Tim sitting at the table. Dean shakes his head.

Dave says that Vesna farted on him too, but Ves says that was through sheets wheras he farted on her skin. Vesna tells Dave not to mock her as she walks away. Dave says she is walking away because she is wrong. Ves says she has to brush her teeth. Greg says to Dave to not worry about it. Rita comes up to Dave and tries to get him to smile. Dave refuses as it’s not funny. Rita keeps trying, but she’s not getting anywhere. Dave says “Thats how pathetic this house has got; an argument over farting.”

9:59pm: Rita and Vesna are talking in the bedroom. Rita says that Dave has an extremely aggressive side to him. Ves agrees. Rita says he is holding back. SHe wonders if Greg told him to hold back once they got into the house. She goes onto say if they weren’t 1 in the house and individuals it would be a lot different. She says if they were each their own person it would be much more interesting and the real Dave would come out. She thinks that it’s totally unfair they are two in the house and it gives them a much greater chance of winning. She says they could give each other signals to calm down inside the house. Both Ves and Rita agree they should each be there own person and something should be done about it. Chrsitie has been on the bed listening and goes to the bathroom. Rita says she’ll probably tell them out in the living room. On her way to the bathroom Christie only says “Sick of all this bitching.” Rita thinks Vesna should win the game. She says that people love Vesna, but the guys give them shit because she is a threat to them and hoping that if they put her down she will stay down. Vesna says it’s too far fetched for her to comprehend. Rita comes out to call Greg into talk to Ves. Dean tells Dave to go in as well because they are one person. Dave says no way. He doesn’t want to make her cry. He says there is no way he’s going in there. In the bedroom Greg wants to know why Greg frustrates her. Vesna says thats its hard to express her concerns about Greg when they are counted as one person. Greg says that he came onto the show for his brother and to spend time with him as it was important to Dave. Vesna says that Greg is helping his brother play the game. She says they have an advantage over the others. She says that if one wants to win the other will try as hard as they can to help the other person win. Greg says that when he pulls up his brother in the house it’s not because he can see the winners cheque disapearring, it’s rather that he is genuinely upset that he upsets others. He says he knows it will reflect how he looks. Vesna says she understands that but she can’t deal with the issue of them being in the house as one person. Greg runs through the disadvantages with Vesna, saying that every positive has a negative.

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