Day 68

10:56am: The housemates start the day with an aerobic session, led by Christie. Doing one particular exercise, Christie counts down from 10 in relation to how many left to do, but stops at 6 because she needs to ‘wrap it up.’ The housemates all give themselves a clap. Christie says she feels pumped. A little later, Rita and Christie find themselves in the kitchen. Christie is helping her, but Rita says she would rather do it on her own. Christie says “Fine, do it yourself” and storms off. Rita tells her not to get angry. Rita tries to explain to Vesna why she doesn’t want help. She then says “I heard you saying stuff about me last night”, revealing that she had heard them saying that “Rita was bitchy” today. The girls say that they didn’t say it. Rita says she thinks she knows who says it. The girls both say they didn’t say it. Vesna doesn’t want to argue.Christie thinks she would remember if she said someone like that. She says it’s not bothering her because she knows she didn’t say it. Christie says that Rita implied that it was Vesna and her. Rita says she didn’t say that, and if they took it that way, they must be guilty. Christie walks away and Rita says to Vesna that ‘she gets cut very easily.’ Inside Christie and Mel talk. Christie says in the outside world she wouldn’t talk to to her, but in here she is forced to interact with everyone. Christie says she tries because she hates conflict. Back in the kitchen, Rita says no one listens to her and that they think she is a fly on the wall. She says that only Tim and Mel listen to her. Mel in the bedroom says that perhaps Rita she wants to help Christie’s development. Christie says she doesn’t want to speak to people she doesn’t like. “Had I known, I so wouldn’t have chosen her.”

1:14pm: Christie is still complaining, outside. Vesna says she has to try to get through it. Christie says parts of her personality are coming out which she never knew existed. She says it’s effecting her a great deal. In the bedroom, Mel tells Kate that Christie is losing her mind. Kate thinks that Christie doesn’t want to give her a chance and that Rita doesn’t respect her. The girls both say they see both sides. Rita joins Christie and Vesna outside sunbaking, making a huge noise sitting down. Rita says “I think you’re really cool, so don’t think I don’t.” Christie wonders if they’ve gone anywhere since their last talk. Rita thinks so. She explains that this morning she just wanted to be by herself. Christie says the bitchy comment sounded as if Rita meant they said it. Rita says that she thinks Mel said it. Inside, Dean is saying that Rita talks to much, and yet has a massive heart. He says you would be hard pressed to find a nicer person though. Tim thinks that the positive side of her is a front for Rita. Christie back outside says she doesn’t think that Rita and herself can’t be good friends. Rita says that they can, if she stops caring for her. Christie says she doesn’t associate people who she isn’t comfortable as she sees it as a waste of time. Rita says it’s ok, and she has ‘heard her.’

2:19pm: David finishes his online diary. Christie asks what the question was. Dave says it was good and that he won’t go and write negative things in there. Dean comes up close and gives him the thumbs up. Outside, he says that Dean will be a friend for life, and thats what he wrote. He says he’s not going to go around and bitch. Mel says to Kate inside that everyone’s fighting. Vesna says she is going to go and ask what the deal is. When Dave comes in, Ves asks if he was referring it to her when he said “I’m not writing anything negative.” Dave says he didn’t mean it to come across that way, and he wasn’t inferring her opinion in any way. He says that she might think that but it’s not the case. Back outside, Dave says she can’t keep her mouth shut. In the bedroom, Christie is talking to Vesna. Christie says she is trying to do everything to please the twins. Christie says she feels as if she needs them more than they need her. Vesna says it’s an insecurity. Christie doesn’t know what she is insecure about however. Vesna says that perhaps Christie thinks that she’s not good enough for them. Christie says that the girls give so much to them, and that they live like kings. Vesna says that everyone’s fighting, and she doesn’t know why. She says they all hate her. Christie tells her that she just speaks the thoughts of others.

6:33pm: Kate comes to the diary room. She says things are winding down which is weird. She says she isn’t bothered by as many things anymore. She says Rita doesn’t stop talking and that Christie can’t stand it. Kate says she is just over it in a way. Kate says she needs something to happen, to talk about, to think about that is new. BB asks her how she thinks she’ll cope if she survives in the end. Kate says the thing that she would struggle with is to come so far and yet not win. She says she started thinking the other day about who she wanted to win, and wasn’t thinking about who they were, but more about what the money could do for them. Outside in the living room, Christie and Dave are talking. Christie says she feels like she is in the middle of the girls and the guys. She says she feels as if she has no place. She says she really like Vesna, but at times she shits her. She says she wants to get away from the girls sometimes, and thus she comes to them. She say she doesn’t feel secure, and that she is prodding along. Dave says not everyone is meant for everyone. He says he feels competition from Vesna in this house. He says that she won’t crack them. He says it doesn’t phase it, and he ‘doesn’t care what a hairdresser thinks of him.’ He says she contradicts herself, and calls her pathetic and low.

9:53pm: BB tells them it’s time to tapdance. They all get outside as quickly as possible, Vesna struggling with her shoes. The girls go first while the boys watch on, and then Dave and Kate do a tapdance togehter, followed by Vesna and Tim.

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