Day 65

9:12am: Big Brother has gathered the housemates outside for their weekly grocery shop. Christie is this week’s shopper chef, and she reads out to all that the budget is set at $238. BB tells Christie that the storeroom is now open. She grabs the huge box of personal items (gels, moisturer etc) for only $10. Outside, Tim says to Vesna that they should run away together. He says they can stay at a caravan park, although he rephrases it to say ‘a nice one’. He says Vesna can cut people’ hair. Tim says he’ll be in the caravan next door making love to another woman. Back in the supermarket, Christie has a packet of Tim Tams for each housemate. She scans a variety of items and then she is done. She tells the housemates that they each have a packet of Tim Tams and a box of Pringles. She grabs all the bags and exits the grocery saying she had fun. She tells the girls about the toiletries. Tim, back in the kitchen, grabs Christie and asks where the Tim Tams are because he thinks they should go into the bedroom and eat them all. Ves decides to put all the toiletries on the carpet. The girls all gather round and screams of delight could be heard from a mile away. They say it’s like Christmas. Dean comes in and says “Look at them….like seagulls for a chip.” The boys gather round their much smaller pile, saying they can put gel in their hair now. Greg thought he bought a box of something in, but then changes his mind and says ‘maybe I didn’t.’ Vesna, who is putting fudge or something in Tim’s hair tells everyone she is in a great mood. Christie starts giving everyone the pringles. In the bathroom, the guys try and decide which side to put all their gels and other items. They decide the side closer to the sauna. In the bedroom, Tim is putting foundation on his face with the help of Mel. Back in the bathroom, Dean is excited they have ‘basic gel’.

11:35am: The boys are playing Cricket outside while the girls are checking out the guys bathroom products. The girls can’t get enough of the guys aftershave. They start talking about specific scents and how they remind them of certain guys. Kate gets particulary excited about one and then realises it’s Greg. She says that her gay boyfriend used to wear it. She says she is sick of people who are borderline gay. She says Greg is probably exactly the same. Christie is walking around without a top. Mel says she doesn’t find Dave attractive at all – she says he is aggrogant. Back outside the cricket game ends when Deano hits the ball over the fence. Now in the sauna, Christie and Kate have just put stuff in her hair. Rita comes in and asks how long they leave it in their hair. Christie says they will leave it in all day, but Rita tells them that it stops working after 10 minutes. Christie disagrees, and Rita thinks they should ask Vesna. Rita gives her reasons why they should take it out after the 20 minutes. Christie says “You can think what you like, but with mine, it doesn’t.” She goes onto say to Rita that she shouldn’t argue with her because she knows that she is right. Rita leaves, and Christie says to Kate how annoying that was. Kate says she felt awkward. Outside the guys have moved to the gym now. Vesna is watching on. Rita comes out and asks Vesna about leaving the hair moisturiser longer than you should. Ves says it doesn’t matter, it actually helps if you leave it in longer.

2:45pm: Kate is plucking Dave’s eyebrows. Kate says she is doing Dave a favour. He says he realises that. Mel is now giving Tim a new look. He looks in the mirror and likes it! He says “I think it’s quite nice.” Christie says it looks great. Dave comes over to show the eyebrows to Christie and Dean. Christie thinks they look awesome, while Dean says “You really look like a chick.” Christie says that it opens up his eyes so much, and Dean comes back with “Oh mate, there the window to your soul.” Greg comes to the diary room to share his concerns. He says that all the guys are talking into girls, and he’s concerned for their manhood. He asks for the tennis ball back! Tim stands in the entrance to the bedroom and starts talking in a really stange voice and says to Kate “Don’t resist my young body – I know you want me.” Rita walks up to him and kisses him with her mouth over his lips. Once they’ve gone out to the living room, Mel says “Weird, weird, weird, weird.” Greg has bought Tim into the diary room to echibit his point. Tim is dressed in a pink hat and a green scarf type thing. Tim doesn’t say a word but does ‘girl type’ actions while he sits there. In the middle of it he looks into Greg’s eyes and sticks his toungue out a bit. Greg laughs. He again thinks that the tennis ball should be bought back. In the bedroom, Mel wonders how the public perceive her. Rita reckons she is seen as a negative, saying they (the public) don’t like negativity. Christie doesn’t think she is negative. Rita says she sees it a lot. Rita says she never smiles and she hates that. She goes onto say that because she is a happy person she sees it a lot more. Rita goes onto say she thinks Mel is judgemental, but says it’s not in a bad way. Rita thinks Mel isn’t being herself. Mel says she sees it totally different. Rita comes over to Mel’s bed, saying she is used to hanging with people with very happy people. Rita thinks people are intimidated by Rita’s happiness.

8:35pm: BB announces that Kate, Logans and Rita are nominated. Logan’s come to the diary room to deduct 3 points from themselves. BB announces that the new nominees are Kate, Rita and Dean and Tim. Vesna gets so excited and goes “Oh my god” and starts clapping. Dean says to Christie that she shouldn’t be doing that now. Greg says to her “Good to see you’re excited Ves.” They all get up and she says “I didn’t mean to do it…it’s just a week off. Dave and Christie tell Dean that he has nothing to worry about. In the bedroom Vesna says to Kate that she was just so excited to be not nominated. Kate fully understands. Greg says she is entitled to be happy. Rita talks to Tim on the couch and says that the house is full of fakes. Dean enters the bedroom and tells Ves that he wasn’t mad at her, but it probably wasn’t appropriate to jump around like she did. Dean understands her point, and goes out to the kitchen. He runs in a minute later and says congratulations and gives her a hug. Back to Rita and Tim and Rita is saying that people are intimidated by her. Tim thinks it’s because she doesn’t listen to people when they are talking. Rita says she does, but people can’t see it.

12:23am: Most of the housemates are in bed. Vesna says she misses Hotdogs and wants him back. Rita says he’ll be loving it out there. BB turns the lights out and Dean says “What a champ!”

2:32am: Tim and Kate are talking on the couch. Tim is saying that he has always found Kate very attractive. Kate says thankyou. Tim says it sucks because he couldn’t go near her. Tim says that if Kate dug him back she would have given him a sign. Kate says she totally loves him and thinks he’s an amazing guy, but it sucks because she isn’t attracted to him. She says she always falls for the stupid idiots.

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