Day 65 Uplate

11:58pm: In the bedroom, Christie is talking to Rita while giving her a head massage. Cut to Kate & Tim in the living room. Kate is saying she doesn’t want this to feel like a game, she just wants to be in here. Tim asks her to repeat it all. Kate says it’s game time – 3 weeks left. She says she doesn’t want to be around when it gets down to the stage where people are really thinking they could win it. Tim understands now. Greg is also there, thinking about his checkers move. He says he has decided to try something different to Tim. Kate tells them to concentrate on the game.

12:21am: Dean is talking to Rita, but Christie comes and jumps on the bed. Dean really wants BB to turn the lights out, saying he is very tired. Dean is talking about a mark on his body to Rita, saying it’s not a birthmark, but he just doesn’t worry about it. Rita says it could be bad and he should get it checked out. Vision is still on Dave & Rita, but audio on Dave & Vesna. Vesna says she misses Hotdogs. Rita says he is probably having a ball out there. Dean says he might not want to see Vesna after it all. Vesna says of course he will. Rita is complementing Dean on how much he loves his girlfriend. They talk about Dean’s birthday which is in September, and then his mothers which is in August. Rita says something about Dean’s mums birthday being on an important biblical day.

12:36am: Mel is bitching about someone to Christie, saying that this person made her feel so low. Christie calls out to Tim and Greg to rock off to see who the winner is. Mel continues bitching about Rita *I think*. Into the bedroom, lights are out. Dean is talking to Vesna. Dave is obviously near because Dean says “I first met Dave when he had a c*ck halfway down his throat.” Vesna says that she kissed Hotdogs and Dave, but Dave was in Spin the Bottle. Dean tells Vesna that he is the best friend she has in here now. Dean wants to play “Good thing, Bad thing” about Dave, but he says he wants to go and get a drink! Dean decides to go to sleep, so he gets up from whoever’s bed he is on, and we cut to a break.

12:48am: Christie says she is going to make a great lunch for everyone tomorrow. Kate asks if she really got honey. Christie says no. Kate says bitch! Christie says it was Pringles or honey. Christie says thry’ll have Pods for breakfast. Christie and Kate talking about washing their hair again. They start talking about songs, so we cut back to the bedroom. Vesna saying she just farted, and Rita says it doesn’t smell. Dean says that she didn’t fart, she just wants people to think she did. Dave is in the toilet, waiting for others to come in and have a practical joke. Rita says that Dean’s farts are worse than Vesna’s. They talk about using the boys or girls toilets, Vesna saying she would rather swallow vomit than vomit in the guys toilet. Rita asks what they are talking about outisde, and Vesna says they are all bitching about Rita. She backtracks and makes a joke of it. Dean says not to stir her up.

1:02am: We missed the damn joke because Mike and Hotdogs were talking crap. Christie is laughing, and they tell her that Dave was in there for a good 15 minutes. Christie starts singing, so we shoot over to Greg in the bathroom. Back to the bedroom, Christie says she is going to the bathroom. Tim take toilet rolls from one toilet to the other. They ask Tim if he has finished playing checkers and he says they have and Tim won. Dean tells Dave to get back in the toilet to scare someone else. He doesn’t though. They talk about how the girls are silly (Kate and Mel) because they are outside? The bedroom get ready for bed. Ves says that Dean stinks. Into the bathroom, Tim says that he enjoyed the game. He says he should’ve attacked a bit more, but he enjoyed it. Greg tells a story about how he used to play back in school and beat a guy who said he was great at it. He says it’s a great game but they need to do it a bit quicker.

1:16am: Kate & Mel are out at the gym. Kate says her biggest fear is trust. Mel says she pushes the people she feels strongly about away. She says that they could be the nicest person, but because Mel has issues with herself, she thinks that they deserve better. Mel says when she is in a relationship she gives 100% except for one time. Mel says people are probably watching her saying “What a poor little child.” Kate says she does the same in that she wants to really badly be loved, and to love them. She says she is always the one that is more into them that vice versa. Mel agrees. She says she always seems to do things to stuff up the relationship. She says she basically pushes herself away from the relationship. She says she does this because she is so scared that she will fall in love and not be loved back. Kate agrees totally. Vesna comes out and basically demands they come to bed now cause everyone wants to sleep. Mel says they’ll be 5 minutes. Mel says it’s funny the way they are both so similar. Kate agrees, but doesn’t know why they are so similar.

1:28am: Tim walks out to join the girls. Christie is also out there. Kate tells them that Vesna just told them they have to go to bed. Christie starts singing again, and we have to go back to the bedroom. Greg is talking to Vesna. Christie is back in the bedroom and says they are nearly ready to go to bed. Greg is talking about doing ballet one day, he was the only guy in the class. He says he went to 3 of them, then he couldn’t go because of his schedule. He says he was a bit dissapointed cause he enjoyed it. Mel has entered the room. Vesna tells her to shut the door. Ves says she went when she was younger, and then turned to belly dancing. Back into the kitchen, Tim & Kate there. Kate saying that someone told her she would be in a serious relationship within 6 months. Kate says she came in here and realised she hasn’t really been single since she was 15. She says she hasn’t been dependent on these guys, but she has always had them. She says she always go for the ones that look after their body etc, but deep down she realises that they are all jerks etc. She goes onto give a specific example (beeped out) and says she was in love with him and he just wasn’t interested. She says in here she has realised all this. She says that she finds it hard to deal with people who think she is sexy. She says it all stems back to this specific relationship.

1:40am: Kate & Tim still talking in the kitchen. Kate talking about getting really jealous over one of her friends liking someone she liked or something. Christie is also up now I think. Lots of noise from the bedroom. Kate still explaining her story, but I can’t make sense of it. Kate saying that she had counselling with one of her boyfriends to try to work it out. She says when it came to emotional feelings the guy was the same as Greg, as if he just didn’t express them. Kate says she wanted him to realise that this affected Kate, but he didn’t. Kate says one day they were driving and he turned to her and said “They are old, they will die” or something to this effect (parents i presume). Kate knew then that he was a heartless bastard. She says when it came to the end it was hard. Kate quite upset while telling this story. She says that she asked him to make the call for counselling, but day after day she asked him and he didn’t do it. She says that he was too heartless to tell her it was over when it could have been over 3 months earlier and Kate could’ve felt so much better in herself. She says it was difficult because the families were linked quite closely, and the other family actually held it against her for quite some time. Kate says the 3 and a half year relationship ended and that his family adored her so they were upset, but at the end the guy was asking her to please ‘not try and take her houses.’ She says she was 21 and didn’t want to gain from the end of the relationship. She keeps calling him a heartless bastard. We go inside where a lot of yelling is going on. Vesna just wants it to stop. Dean asks for them to go to bed, so does Greg. Mel says the same thing. Vesna says that Dave is putrid. Dave says that she stinks. Ves says she wants to get out of this place. She says it’s disgusting. At 1:50am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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