Day 61

9:07am: Christie is leading the Yoga session this morning. Dean asks whose idea it was to let Christie lead the class. Christie tells them to take themselves to a place they’ve always dreamed of. Big Brother announces that the yoga session is over. Christie tells them Kate can instruct the class tomorrow. Hotdogs again enjoyed it, saying he was in a ‘different state.’ Inside, it’s time for the morning glass of green juice. While waiting to receive his, Dean is told by Tim to come outside when he gets a second as Tim wants to chat. Dean drowns his drink and joins Tim outside, in the sun. Tim says he wants to speak about the reverse kanga incident again, saying that when Dean approached him yesterday he thought that Dean was joking. Tim says that it’s obviously a live issue in his mind. Tim rejects the motion that he was trying to make Dean look bad and in effect, make Dean a target in nominations. He says that he felt he had more to lose by the double crossing becoming common knowledge. Dean says he doesn’t see the logic in it at all. Tim goes onto say that Dean does everything his own way, he never bites his tounge, he is rude to people consistently, he’s dominating. He explains to Dean that the weekend he (Dean) was in the reward room Tim did some weights with the Logan boys. He says he was very suprised at how differently the boys acted without Dean around. He says that by Dean not being there, the Logan boys got to take the spotlight and shine. He says that Dean has crocodile tears, saying that his ego is perhaps the size of Europe. Dean says that Tim is highly intelligent, and everything he does he has a desired result for. Tim fires back saying “I fell sorry for you that you live in such a paranoid little world.” Tim mentions the ego again, and Dean stops him saying he is listening to same thing. Tim says that Dean isn’t giving him anything new to work with. Dean says that he isn’t going to sit there and pat his back when he doesn’t like him. Tim says that he thinks Dean should go away and think clearly about the points that were raised in this discussion, and secondly, to keep it civilised in front of the other housemates. Dean agrees, and they head inside.

11:44am: BB announces that Rita, Logans, Kate & Vesna must start their cleaning shift now. Kate says they should team up and organise exactly what they are doing. Outside relaxing, Christie is saying that the day, and life, is beautiful. She says the day has been great so far. She says while she is sunbaking, the cleaners are cleaning her house. Cut to Vesna cleaning the bedroom, and Logan David cleaning the bathroom. Christie asks Hotdogs how he is feeling being nominated. He says he was a bit funny on Monday, Tuesday he was 50/50 but from Wednesday onwards he’s been sweet. He says that Dean and himself are the usual suspects. He says that because they speak their mind they have a good fanbase. Christie says she doesn’t think that he is going. Dogs doesn’t think so either. Kate, cleaning the step in the bedroom, makes mention that a product she is using really works.

1:21pm: Dean comes and joins Christie sunbaking. Christie asks him about the conversation with Tim earlier. Dean says that he just put his point across and defended himself. He goes onto say that Tim thought he had a massive ego. Christie doesn’t think he has an ego, “I haven’t seen it.” He says that Tim said that people think he’s aggressive. He says that he wants nothing to do with the guy but will be pleasant to him. Dean goes onto say that Tim has tried to make him look like the bed guy, and that people will probably believe him. Christie says they won’t, saying he’s done nothing wrong. He mentions again that Tim reckons people think he is aggressive, and asks Christie to find out because he wants to know if Tim is lying. Christie accepts the challenge and endeavours to find out. Dean says that Tim has everyone where he wants them. Christie says “What an A-Hole.”

7:18pm: All housemates are eating dinner. Hotdogs says that it hasn’t been a bad week on staples because they’ve had leftover spices to go with the staples this week. He says if they lose the task, then next week will be bad. Kate says when they are on staples, it makes the reward room so much better. Hotdogs agrees. Rita asks anyone to take her in if they win. Dave says that Vesna has been complaining about so they should take her. Vesna says ok. Dean says whoever wins can take whoever they want. The boys ask Vesna who she would take in. Dave says that she would not take a man in. Vesna says if they haven’t been then she would. Dave says that is easy to say as they’ve all been. Hotdogs tells her not to lie. Vesna says “Who said I’m lying.” Vesna tells him to not talk to her, saying why don’t you write a book about it. Hotdogs says he wouldn’t write a book about her because no one would buy it. Vesna again tells him to stop it. Dogs chips in “No I won’t stop it.” He tries to mimic Vesna saying “I’m not going to stop it.” Christie starts laughing, saying she didn’t mean to laugh, but it’s funny. Dogs says it’s very funny. Vesna has a deep breath. She starts talking and Dogs says “Go on, whinge some more.” Dogs keeps saying “Just stop it” and Vesna says “where do you get off.” She leaves the table and as she rounds the corner towards the bedroom shouts loudly “Just shutup.” Dogs laughs. Vesna lies on her bed. Greg sticks up for her out at the table saying he can see her point with three of them having a crack at her. Dean says who sticks up for her the most for. Hotdogs says he does. Dave says she would find something to whinge about in the reward room. He says if he wins he would go up to Vesna and say “I’m not picking you…” Vesna is crying on her bed. Rita comes in and tells her not to worry about it as they are just stiring her up. Rita says that Vesna handled herself very well. Rita says they are just like Big Brothers. Vesna says she can usually take it. Rita leaves. Later, Hotdogs enters the room. He lies beside her for a bit, hearing her crying. Vesna says “You stir me up”. Hotdogs replies saying “I stir you up because you talk nonsense.” Vesna says she feels that a lot of people get pleasure out of stiring her up. Dogs thinks that Vesna thinks that everyone is always talking about her when they aren’t. Big Brother interrupts, telling her she is lying on her microphone and that is a $5,000 fine. She screams “No I’m not.” Hotdogs starts laughing his head off as Vesna keeps yelling. They have a cuddle as Vesna says that BB is starting to ruin her life.

9:13pm: Dean and Vesna are on the couch. Dean says “It’s bad people pick on you and it won’t happen again.” He gives a look as if to say yeh right. Vesna says “Yeh whatever Dean.” Dogs and Christie are also there. Christie says that Ves would be bored without it. Dean agrees. Dean says that Ves loves it as much as you hate it. Ves says sometimes she hates it, like before. Dean says when she said she didn’t like “Fat Momma” they stopped using it. Ves says they are giving her a complex, and in a few months she’ll be in NewIdea and saying she is down to 25kgs. Dave says she would be dead. Dean jokes “Yeh, I’d take you out then.” Greg and Tim are talking about the boys battle with Ves, saying it’s forever changing. Tim says that perhaps they love each other. Tim says she is an absolute comedian, saying he has only realised it in the last week. Tim says it’s obvious that she finds the Logan’s and Dean attractive. Greg says no one wants a bar of her. Tim thinks that Ves wants them to be attracted to her. Greg says she said the other night that she had never been knocked back before. Back inside, Dogs says “It’s refreshing to hear you whinge.” Dean and Dogs launch into a routine where they mimic all the stuff that Vesna has said. Vesna says they are liers, she never said that.

10:44pm: Kate pleads with Tim for him to get some sunscreen and rub it in her face. She ends with “Please darling Tim who I love very much.” Tim says he isn’t an object, he’s a human with feelings. He says sometimes Kate is a hugely attractive person and other times….” Kate finishes it by suggesting she is “a naughty little kid who needs their mummy to rub Vics on their chest.” Tim says he wouldn’t have said that. He is done, and Kate asks for a kiss on the forehead, saying “Your my mum for the night.” Tim says “Thanks, that makes me feel real sexy.” Tim gives her a kiss and says goodnight. Hotdogs appears in the room and Kate says that he used to give her a kiss and hug everynight and he hasn’t for a very long time. He jumps onto the bed and gives her a kiss and a hug. Meanwhile, over on Tim’s bed, Rita tells him that he has the hots for Kate. She says it’s obvious the way he looks at her and how his whole face lights up. Rita asks if he has told her. He says he did, and she didn’t say anything really. Dogs jumps onto Tim’s bed and gives Rita a hug now. In the other room, Mel says she is finally going to bed. Back to Tim, who is now back on Kate’s bed. He asks if he can hug her. She says she would like that. She says “You can hug me but you can’t sleep here.” Tim thanks her for setting out the ground rules. Kate starts to drift asleep as Tim spoons his girl.

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