Day 60 Uplate

12:28am: Christie is giving Greg a head massage on the couch. Hotdogs is nearby. They are eating something. They are commenting that it is good. They put something different in it or something and Christie really likes it. Vesna comes out of the toilet and Dogs can’t believe that she was in there that long. Greg says she is a guy! Christie hurts Greg while giving the massage, and doesn’t apologise. Vesna is walking around, and then asks where is everyone. Dean & Dave are in the diary room, and Dogs says that they are talking about Vesna. Kate comes to the kitchen to get some water. Dean comes out of the diary room and is laughing. He says that he asked for whatever he asked for, and Dave asked that while they were at the chemist if they could get some hair dye and ‘whack it on the medicare bill.’ Dean tells him that it’s not covered in Medicare. Dave says in a really weird tone “Yes it is!”. They say no and yes a couple of times before Dave says to BB “Anyway, go down there and get it for me.” Dean tells us that BB interrupts saying Dave has a way with words. Dave then fires back in the weird voice “What way with words!?” Dave protests that he didn’t say it like that. Hotdogs says that Vesna should stop looking in the fridge and go to bed. He says she’ll be pooing forever. Greg asks Vesna to go to BB and tell him about her stomach. Ves says she will tomorrow, and that it stinks. Hotdogs tells Dean that she went to the toilet in there room. Dean says that she is a pig. Ves says she isn’t, she has a stomach problem. Ves tells him to stick a pole up his ass, and goes to bed. Dean says he got Mel so well tonight.

Christie and Greg have a laugh, while Dogs says he might go to bed. Greg says he has sworn 7 times today. Dogs asks Greg if he minds getting the blackheads taken out tonight. Rita comes out to say goodnight to all. She has a long embrace with Hotdogs. Greg is trying to explain to Christie that if she leaves the blackheads alone they go quicker by themselves. He turns his head around and Christie says that ‘while he is down there (his head is inbetween her legs)….Kate says goodnight to the three on the couch. Dean & Dave come out of the bathroom and they say goodnight. Christie can’t believe they are going to bed. Dogs says he is going as well. Christie tells Greg that he is staying up until she is tired. They start talking about how BB should supply them with more alcohol so they can have more fun. She says she went into the diary room and tried to explain that the night she was locked in the airlock was a once off – she had never had wine before. Christie says that 10 cruisers would get sweet. Cut into the bedroom. Kate is giving Dave a head massage. Vesna says she was hot last night. Kate says it was because she had Mr March in her bed. Vesna jokes that he’ll come and put her fire out shortly. After Mike does his thing, we are back. Dave says that she should go and see BB about how she is hot. She doesn’t think that would go very well. Dave suggests she was hot because she was uncomfortable with sleeping with someone new. Back out the Christie and Greg. Christie is telling him that he shouldn’t let people take advantage of him. Greg says Timmy loves doing jobs. Christie wonders if they do jobs so people like them. They start talking about Rita. Christie says she wouldn’t associate with her outside the house. She says she starts a conversation and it just goes nowhere. Greg says that it was the right choice though, Heath was only about getting his dick out. Christie says when she first saw him she had a bad vibe about him. She says she felt he was sleazy.

12:58am: In the bedroom, lights out, Kate still giving Dave a massage. Talking about battery changes I think. Christie comes in for batteries and jokes about a midnight eviction. Dave says thanks for the massage and says he is going to go to bed. Kate thinks BB is going to get them to do a cleaning shift in the middle of the night. Dave turns the toilet light out. Dave talks to Kate about his earlier diary room conversation. Dave & Kate talk about the light bulbs that he stole from BB.

1:11am: Christie and Greg on the couch. Talking about the masters/servants task. Greg says he tried to have fun with it. They say that the current task is boring. Christie still complaining about the buzzer and being on call 24/7. Christie reckoned Geneva was trying to be like Christie. Christie thinks there is more to this task, she says it can’t be this easy. Greg reckons they will fail. Greg thinks that they might show each of their confessions onto the screen in the house. Greg says that if there are 4 left in the last week they wil show each other bitching everyone out. Greg says he wants to be in the house, and feel that either way, he’ll be leaving tonight. Christie and Greg both agree that once they get out they’ll both go back to somewhere after things settle down.

1:25am: Greg says they all get bored just sitting round waiting. Greg reckons that a board game would be great. Christie says that they have the bowling alley though. Greg says it costs to much to run to have it on too long because they need two people to man it out the back if it stuffs up. Christie never realised that people were needed for it. Greg talks about a flatmate named Kirsty that he never seemed to have an argument with. He says he came into her and it was just so different. He says he has a good idea of what chicks need now. Christie says she loves the guys giving each other encouragement while they do their weights. Greg says it’s great and everyone enjoys it. He says everyone has got stronger. They are saying that Timmy is going great! Greg says Dean has lost a heap of weight. Christie says that Greg looks heaps better than when he came in.

1:39am: Greg is thinking about life outside. He says he’ll have to go straight back to CUB to sign a lot of documents to write off his shares or something. He says he wants to eventually go back to his job. He says another 2 years, then travel and finish uni etc. Christie says she will travel when she’s 21. Greg says he’ll buy a franchise or something and get someone else to run it. He says he doesn’t care about not knowing what he wants to do. He wants to have a month off and not think about anything. Christie tells him once out of here everything will be planned and it will be go go go.

1:56am: Christie wants to see Greg drunk. She reckons he would be very funny. Christie asks why he didn’t get drunk in the RR. He tells her what was in there and says there wasn’t enough. He says he would rather have a chat in the house than get tanked in the RR. He says he’ll be a disgrace once he gets out. He is looking forward to it. Christie just wants to party with everyone. Greg thinks it’ll be funny with everyone together. Christie asks if he can smell smoke. Greg says they always burn off stuff out the back.

2:05am: Christie says she is missing her friends. She says she is still wide awake. They decide to head to bed though, Greg wants to go. Christie says she has farmhand tomorrow too. Christie complains about someone tucking their bedsheets in. Greg says Rita does that too. They are brushing their teeth. Greg is hoping his skin would go clearer. They comment that this place looks clean. They go into their seperate bedrooms. Christie climbs into bed and hits her head lying back. She grabs a pillow and starts laughing. Dean wakes up and teases her.

Don’t go back to the house for the rest of the show because everyone is asleep.

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