Day 58

7.47am – Vesna is up feeding the animals with the help of Rita. Vesna really doesn’t like the pigs who jump up to her. The goats also jump on Rita and try to climb up onto her back. She laughs the whole time. Vesna tells the pigs she doesn’t want to hear their squeeling anymore… or else she’ll make bacon out of them. “Oh you are disgusting things.. you really are.. oh they are disgusting oh my god”. Vesna can’t handle the sound the pigs make when they eat.. .”blaaagh”.

12.49pm – Kate is getting up close and personal with Heath in the kitchen as she jokes about making bread. The store room is opened and Kate goes to collect food. While she’s gone, Melanie takes the chance to quiz Heath about his relationship with Kate. Heath denies any crush but Rita agrees with Melanie that there is something going on. Both Mel and Rita are confused about Vesna they can’t figure her out. Talk turns to the arguing going on in the house: Mel can’t really handle it but Rita is used to it. Heath thinks Melanie isn’t being herself, which she disagrees with completely. Kate and Greg are bringing in the shopping – Kate says there are treats for all.


3.12pm – Tim is outside lying around with Melanie and Kate. He is called to do the dishes by a Logan inside. Tim screams out “I’m just trying to find the tea-towels”, and stays where he is. There is confusion about what is going on for dinner tonight, since they are on staples. Tim suggests Kate ask Christie about making a stew. Kate says that would be easy if Christie was actually talking to her. This is news to Tim, who asks Melanie whats going on, but Mel doesn’t really know the situation.

Dean is in the sauna with Christie. Christie explains she is seeing different sides to Kate – Dean agrees and says she isn’t alone: Hotdogs and Dave see it too. Dean clarifies that Greg only sees Christie as a friend so if she’s interested in Dean it’s not any type of betrayal. Much of the tension between Christie and Kate is because of male “territory”, she explains. Meanwhile Kate asks Vesna to ask Christie about the stew. Eventually Tim is the one who relays the question to Christie in the sauna. Tim takes the opportunity to explain he’s acting as an agent of Kate.. and she’s a bit uncomfortable. Christie and Dean say thats a bit immature on Kate’s part. Tim makes it clear he’s not taking sides on the issue.

Christie moves to the bedroom to have a chat with Vesna, who asks whats up with her and Kate:

“I don’t really give a fuck she can think whatever the fuck she wants she’s an immature little bitch… sorry, did I say that out loud?”.

Christie explains whats going on but adds she *didn’t* speak to Dean about it. Vesna understands but adds there might be a reason why she got Tim to ask about the stew. Christie is just a bit angry right now and will leave it for a bit.


3.46pm – Christie confronts Kate about having a talk. Christie has been feeling a lot of anger towards Kate because Kate is always watching her when she’s around Greg. Christie likes him in a totally different way than Kate. Its not like she wants him in a “really want” way. When she found out Kate was interested she put her defenses on. Kate says there’s no way she’s push in if there was something going on between Greg and Christie. Christie admits she told Greg the entire situation … she “told them all”. Kate is angry and says “I fucking knew that would happen”… she wants to know what Christie told them exactly.

At the same time Greg is in the sauna talking with Tim about Kate. Greg says he’s not interested in Kate at all… “she’s just not me”. “She doesn’t really make me wants to work hard to get her attention”. The girls have moved into the bedroom now and Kate is angry Christie didn’t say sorry to her. Christie felt it was the right thing to do to tell everyone. Kate says that has hurt her and she has been betrayed. Christie feels remorse but can’t help what she’s feeling. Melanie leave the bedroom to get out of the tense situation. Kate feels her trust has been stepped on by Christie. Back in the sauna Tim feels Kate has been pushing him away despite his care and attraction to her. Kate is concerned she will look like a dickhead now that everyone knows she has feelings for Greg. Kate starts crying.


8.36pm – Nomination announcement. Tim, Kate, Hotdogs and Vesna are all nominated. The Logans are called to the diary room to deduct points. Greg comments he was the one who won FNL not Dave. Together they chose Tim to deduct points from. The new nominees are Kate, Vesna and Hotdogs. Vesna is in total shock and can’t believe it… Hotdogs jokes about it too “you guuuys.. what were you thinkiiiing”.

Once everyone has left the couch Dean says to David “I wanted him (Tim) up so much”. David give a reflexed “yeah”. Tim is comforting Kate who is once again up for eviction. She says it is easy now because she’s been nominated before… but she was on such a high before… hopefully she will get it back. She feels like she is back at highschool now because of all the bitching and gossip going on about her. It’s put a big damper on things for her. Tim will happily talk to her about whats going on, and Kate wants that. Tim says Kate is very important to him.

In the bedroom Vesna ponders on being nominated again… this time is the time. Christie says that attitude pisses her off and asks Vesna to stop saying things like that. Back in the living room Melanie is having a problem with Dean, and confides in Kate. She feels he says things just to make her feel bad. She wonders why she has to put up with it – Kate says she doesn’t. Kate explains Dean is the type of guy who wants you to earn his respect – which is the total opposite to how the girls interact with people. In response to Dean, Melanie says “I don’t really give a shit”.

Christie is giving David a head massage in the bedroom, and comments she really values his and Greg’s friendship. She also likes Dean and he gets along really well with David. David is all praise for Dean… but is surprised he’s still in the house. Christie thinks Dean is just upfront and honest to everyone.

Vesna can’t sleep, and Tim says his trick is to imagine he is on a lovely beach, writing numbers down from 150 in the sand. He can’t remember ever getting to the end.

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