Day 57

Vesna is up with some of the other housemate feeding the animals. Vesna and Kate agree that this week will be a double eviction. Meanwhile the boys are back in the gym working out. In the bedroom Christie feels like Kate and her will both go soon – she feels they haven’t had much time to themselves lately because of the intruders. Christie feels ackward around them – she hasnt’ spent time with them but usually she takes time to get to know people. Being forced to make friends doesnt’ suit her well. Boys are still doing weights.

4.32pm – Vesna is in the bathroom with Hotdogs. She asks if the Logans consoled with Hotdogs about the chores this week. Hotdogs says the truth is she was given farmhand because she whinges too much. Greg was the one who decided which job she would have. Hotdogs said if she spent as much time talking to people as she does whinging they would understand her more. Vesna says she isn’t going to change just for them. Hotdogs says he was housekeeper and hated it, so she should deal with her chore. Vesna asks what that little smartass look Hotdogs pulls is, and repeats it. He say she is just happy, and laughs nervously. In the bedroom Hotdogs tells the boys Vesna does not know how to cut hair. Melanie is not wearing her microphone – thats a $5000 fine now. The boys all cheer that Melanie is now dishpig. Melanie says she is really upset now. The boys all sneak up to the bedroom wall and chant “Mel you’re next” and bang on the windows.


8.01pm – It’s time to go… Glenn. The housemates run around to find Glenn’s clothes and hair products. Once Glenn has clothes on he gives the housemates hugs. Dean is yelling like a total idiot. Afterwards Dean says “that one was a kick in the guts”. David says “I can’t believe Vesna is still here”. Vesna says she can’t believe that. In the backyard the housemates group to listen to the crowd – they all say this was a total shock to them (but not us!). Hotdogs gives Christie a long hug. Dean gives Christie a long hug. Dean gives Kate a kiss. Kate and Christie hug. Lots of congratulations for surviving eviction. Heath is saying its seems so dead in the house now. Christie says she thought Glenn would be a favourite outside the house. Dean said Glenn earned respect in the house – geniune bloke (nope!!!). The housemates go onto their theories that it will be a double eviction.

In the bedroom Kate says it was the biggest surprise ever. She is dumbfounded. Greg says he’s the first one to go that will actually make a change to Greg. Later Kate goes to the diary room and says she thought it would be a double eviction tonight, and she thought she was going. Kate says Glenn should be in the hosue and he’s not because of Kate. She thought Glenn and the twins were going to win the game. She feels like she’s stripped him from the win.


8.55pm – Hotdogs and Heath are in the spa. Hotdogs says at the end of the day the last few weeks he’s got to know Glenn more and more and he didn’t think it was going to happen. Hotdogs says the person who shits him the most is Kate – she plays all the boys in the house. Heath says he can see straight through her as well. He also thinks the Logans are playing.

Christie comes to the diary room. She says its a huge shock Glenn left – totally didn’t expect it. She felt one of the girls would go, but there’s a lot on her mind today. The whole thing with her and Kate – its getting to a poitn when she feels really uncomfortable with Greg. She feels she can’t talk to him or approach him and she feels weird. She doesn’t want to sound like a bitch but she kinda wanted Kate to be evicted tonight. The only resolution (she thinks the word is) is just to totally ignore the fact that Kate likes Greg and just be .. me. She doesn’t want to be some one else. She feels better for getting it all out. BB says thankyou.

1.42am – Heath is called to the diary room. BB says “Heath, while you are living in the BB house there is a standard of behavior you must meet. You have failed to do this. Heath BB is awarding you a strike. Any housemate with 3 strikes faces early eviction. You should accept BB’s decision which is final”.

The daily show doesn’t explain it but Heath exposed his penis and waved it around in Rita’s face.


1.46am – Christie is telling the boys that Kate likes Greg. Greg didn’t really know about it. She says she shouldnt’ have said it. Greg didn’t know it was like that. Christie says apparently Kate has liked him since day 1. Greg doesn’t want it to affect other relationships in the house. Christie says it is already. Greg doesnt’ know what to do about it and asks for suggestions. They boys tell her no but Christie says not to do that. Christie wants to piss Kate off and sleep in the same bed as Greg tonight. The boys say she should do it. Meanwhile in the girl’s bedroom Kate says the whole situation is annoying and she wants to just move on now – but its hard because of Christie. Kate is worried that Greg would turn around and say he likes her too. She doesnt’ want it to happen because she wouldn’t know what to do. Tim is telling the others its hard to like some one and see other people interacting with them. Greg understands.

Kate goes to the diary room again. She says she is in a weird frame of mind, she feels hurt by Chrsitie. It took a lot to be open and admit she had feelings and now Christie has just squashed it. Kate says it comes down to age and immaturity. Kate doesn’t want to feel back in school where he says she says and it just goes round in a stupid circle and I’m made out to look like an absolute dickhead. She feels like an idiot with this whole thing. She feels with something like this, there is only one she’d run to – that would be Glenn. “But I can’t do that”. BB tells Kate to feel free to come back to the diary room if she needs to. BB dismisses her.

In the bathroom Greg is talking to Christie – he says it will all be sweet and they should just move on right now. They both say they will put themselves in Kate’s feet from now on. Meanwhile Vesna is comforting Kate who is crying. Vesna says you can feel the tension between Kate and Christie. Kate says its stupid – she doesn’t want to be in high school anymore. “Its just a stupid situation”.

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