Day 58 Uplate

12:09am: Vesna has got up, and has joined Tim who was wandering around the house by himself. Vesna asks what type of bread it is. Tim says the loaf looks terrible. Vesna got up because she couldn’t sleep, and she thought there were more people up. She says she will go back to bed. Tim says he will head to bed as well. Tim says that before he woke up in his room and he thought that all the boys were laughing at Vesna. Vesna asks who, and he says he thinks the Logan boys were leading the charge. They talk about someone farting on Vesna’s face. She says some have simple minds. Tim says that he heard conversations which he would love to discuss with Vesna, but he was too tired today. They promise themselves they will discuss them at another time. Tim tells Vesna how he gets to sleep by tensing his body for 10 seconds and repeating the process over and over. They go their seperate ways and head to bed.

Sleep continues for the rest of the night.

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