Day 59

3.18pm – Tim is spotting Dean on the gym. Dean says “did you dob me into the girls for the toilet thing?”. Tim is not amused. Dean says he finds it strange all the girls found out he was doing it. Tim said the girls were doing it to him as well. Dean said Tim can dob himself in but don’t dob Dean in – that’s just sly. Tim says some one had to cop it in the end because the personal who was caught would cop it. Tim says he told one person and that one person went and told all the girls. The boys thrown idle talk back and forward for a while. Tim says Dean has no moral principles because Dean wants to dob Tim into the other boys and make it “an eye for an eye”. Tim gets straight to the point – Dean is getting upset about pooing in a toilet and that is plain stupid. Dean says its the principle of loyalty, not about the shit. Tim: “if it worried that much, I’d stay here and talk about it, but I’m not”. They go onto the weights and Tim continues to spot Dean.


4.49pm – Dean goes outside to Christie and Greg. Dean is bitching about Tim again and explains their talk earlier. Dean is totally against Tim – saying Tim wasn’t going to admit he was wrong (ahem who was pooing in the toilet in the first place?). Tim is telling Kate about the talk in the bedroom, giving his side of the story. Outside Dean is talking to Hotdogs and they agree if Tim doesn’t “fess up” about it Hotdogs will ask him to tell everyone. Inside Tim is saying its halarious that Dean is being a hypocrit because Dean wants to dob Tim for dobbing. Outside Dean is saying Tim doesn’t realise he hasnt’ done anything wrong… blah blah blah. Hotdogs says Tim has not been loyal to the boys. Tim meanwhile is saying Dean is being ridiculous trying to bring nominations into this. Kate agrees with Tim. Dean can’t get over it yet – he is bitching about Tim still, this time about their nomination talk earlier. Tim tells Kate there is no more flesh left on the bone in this dicussion anymore – there is nothing more to say.

5.07pm – Hotdogs doesn’t want to go this week. Dean says they’re not going for a while (HAH!). Inside Tim is now talking to Greg about his differences with Tim. Tim doesn’t agree with the way Dean behaves in this house. Greg listens on. Outside Dean and Hotdogs say they need to make it past week 9. Greg is saying to Tim Dean will get over it soon, Tim says no Dean is just doing it to annoy him, and he is talking to Greg about it because Greg is the guy he goes to for this kind of stuff.


7.10pm – Housemate are having dinner now. Dean is still fuming in the spa with a wacky hair style. Christie asks where he is. Tim says “Dean is crying because I betrayed him, he’s been crying all day he’s a real sensitive man”. Dean comes back in. Kate explains what happened – the whole poo plan. David starts whinging about Tim telling the girls about their disgusting plan. Hotdogs says now that Tim dobbed on Dean to get himself ahead. Hotdogs says Tim was enjoying the joke but it was playing the joke on the boys as well. Tim says they were both prepared to lie. Vesna says she can’t believe Hotdogs. Hotdogs reels out conspiracy theories about giving reasons for nominations. Vesna and Kate say that is bullshit. Vesna can’t believe Hotdogs is saying this but Hotdogs tells her to shut up.

Kate: “Giving reasons for nominations you have got to be kidding”

Hotdogs: “Am I talking to you? No. So shutup”

Tim says “have you thought about this at all?”. Hotdogs can’t think of a proper answer so he sits there silently for a few moments and says “I’m just after your reaction”.

Hotdogs: “I like the way you can sit there and act as though you did nothing wrong for selling us out”

Vesna: “Why did you do it in the first place?”

Hotdogs: “Shutup.. I’m not talking to you”

Vesna: “Don’t tell me to shut up”

Dean tries to defend Hotdogs: “He didn’t do anything”

Hotdogs: “While you’re in here why don’t you try and do one thing either shut up or grow up”

The dinner table is deserted except for Rita who says “Rock on!”. Kate goes and sits with Dean and he says he wants nothing to do with Tim now.

BB calls all housemates to the diary room. Inside he says tonight is a special night – the fate of the intruders will be decided. Intruders are put in the rewards room while the housemate collectively decide to keep Rita in the house. Rita re-enters the lounge room, hugging Melanie on her way out. The public then decide Heath will be evicted. Melanie gasps and screams. She gives him a kiss before he leaves. Melanie later re-enters the house to cheers. The boys throw pillows at her.


12.07am – Rita is in the bedroom telling Hotdogs to kiss Vesna. Hotdogs says his best feature is his lips. Melanie asks what her best feature is. Hotdogs says “you’re just so good looking I couldn’t pick one”. Hotdogs later says her best feature is her bum – he’s been caught looking at her before. Melanie likes to think something on the front would be better than something on the back. Rita says Melanie’s cheekbones. Hotdogs moves the topic onto Vesna: “she likes me… but she gets angry if I’m looking at another girl”. Meanwhile Vesna is in bed with David. Vesna doesn’t like the way the sheets are. Christie comes and jumps on Vesna in bed – they laugh. Christie says goodnight. Tim is giving Rita a massage now when Greg comes in, says goodnight and congratulations to the other housemates. Rita says its great to be a housemate now.

12.45am – Tim comes to the diary room. He says his actions were about carrying on a joke. Dean in his egoism thought it was directed at him. Tim isn’t agressive against other people – Dean is mean and likes to attack people, takes pleasure in other people’s pain. Tim believes in discussion. Dean believes in himself.

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