Day 55 Uplate

12:11am: Mel says she is not attracted to anyone yet. Christie is trying to convince Kate to make a move on Greg. She says that Greg also is interested in Kate. Hotdogs sits down with them, and they ask him to leave. Christie says she’ll tell him later. Before he leaves, Dogs tells Mel that Kate looked stunning in the calendar. Mel wants to see the calendar. Kate says it’s harsh to expect Mel to come in and be instantly attracted to someone. She says she finds numerous people attractive. They start talking about boys in the shower. Christie says she was suprised by Dean in the shower. She says she looked at a pimple on his arm and she just wanted to squeeze it. Christie says that Kate and herself both think Mel is great. Mel says she thinks she has come out of her shell a bit more today. They start singing. They talk about Big Brother’s voice and Kate says she finds it sexy, but is ashamed to say in case he is married with kids. Christie says she wants to take Big Brother, in fact all of them, out to dinner. Kate says she is a bit scared. Mel says she feels bad if she gets in trouble from BB. Mel says he calls her Melanie instead of Mel. It’s clear that none of them have met Big Brother. Kate says that she was in the DR today and he asked if there was anything else, and Kate said “Yes, I just wish I could talk to your face.” Christie hopes BB has some beers while on the job. They talk about the BB on duty now, but I have no idea if it’s School BB or someone else. Cut to the couch, Vesna asks Hotdogs if he truly likes her. He laughs for 30 seconds, then sings in her face “I love you baby”. Vesna tells him to be serious. Mike cuts in. Cut back and all housemates start singing! Mike jumps back in. Back again, Dogs tells her she is beautiful person but has a bad personality and needs to learn to stop whinging. He says he doesn’t like her in that way, but wants to be friends for life. He says he will be jealous of whoever she is with, but he hopes she gets back with her girl because she speaks of him so highly. He says that when she talks about Dean’s dick he doesn’t like it because he thinks it’s cheapens her. He tells her that they would never work because they both don’t like apologising and they both want their own way. He says that he thinks that probably the whole of Australia hate her. She says that they will judge this on Sunday. They both agree they won’t be going on Sunday. Dogs reckons he could make Week 10. Vesna says that it might be a double everyweek from now. Vesna wants to start talking about how many weeks are left, saying 4, but Dogs doesn’t want to talk about it. Dogs says that he hopes Aria (Vesna’s guy?) understands their relationship. Vesna tries to tell him he has kissed every girl in this house. Dogs tells her he has kissed Geneva and Vesna in weeks 6 and 7. Vesna says he is a liar. She says she didn’t mean to say it though…Dogs thinks she is drunk. Vesna asks if he thinks that she has been sluty in the house. Dogs says not sluty, but permiscuious. Then he says “Shit, I’m talking to a girl. No Vesna you have not.” She gets Dave’s opinion. He says nah not a slut, maybe a tramp though!

12:37am: Still with Vesna and Dave now, Hotdogs gone. Dave says he was upset that Dean went next door, he’s that close to the guy in here. He says he makes an effort to stand at the door of the girls room and say goodnight to him. He tells Vesna that they no longer pick on her. Vesna says she isn’t going to take any shit. Vesna says that he shits her. She says everyone shits her from the guys except Glenn and Tim. Dave says that they just don’t express their opinion. Dave says he has been truthful to her the whole time. Vesna says she is confused. Hotdogs rolls onto the couch, onto the floor, and grabs Vesna’s beer. She says DON’T TAKE IT! He gives it back and she calls him a bastard. Dave is gone from the couch now. Tim starts talking to her about flavours of drinks and tells her he is having water inbetween drinks. They remain quiet while numerous other conversations are going on. She tells him his nails need doing, and explains the process involved or something.

12:50am: Hotdogs says to Vesna that if they fail she will be farmhand, if they pass she will be farmhand. If she gives him a drink she’ll be shopper/chef. Vesna is not amused. (Starting to turn into two weeks ago!) Kate and Dogs start acting out something that they would do at the Red Sea in Perth. He runs to the bathroom to get ready. Christie comes to help him with his hair. It’s wet and now it looks cool. He gives Christie a sneak peek of what he is going to do. Mel wants them to teach her the dance. Kate & Christie say they will soon. He does his entrance and is a bit upset that they aren’t watching and paying attention. He does it again. He says he would come over to the 3 of them at the Red Sea. He says that Christie and Mel are gorgeous, but Kate is the one he wants. Christie does an impression of Hotdogs which is much better! They change bar to the Onix Bar. He says you have to look as if your rich there. He says “I make more in a week than the bouncers make in a year”. He says that would be his pick up line at the Onix Bar.

1:03am: Dave tells Kate that Shearer wants to shear something badly. Kate says she could be a sheep. She says “Bahhhh.” Glenn goes and gets a shearing instrument! Kate tells Mel that Glenn got her to do the Peacock while she was a servant last week. Christie goes to the bathroom. Kate tells Glenn to be gentle. He tells them he will shear them all. Kate does them that she is a clean sheep. Glenn puts a blanket around Kate for the fur. She begins to sing “Mary had a little lamb.” He tells everyone to be serious. He tells Kate not to laugh, you have to be a sheep. He finishes her off by hurting her head. He says that she is happy that she has been shaved.

1:18am: Tim’s turn as the sheep. He picks him up to demonstrate to the Logan boys who are also hoping. Greg hurts him and says sorry. Glenn explains that he is desexing the sheep. He explains the whole process to everyone who are all listening well. Someone asks a question and he says he’ll answer questions later. Tim asks him if he’s done it yet! Greg tells Tim to relax. Mike cuts in!

1:30am: Glenn is shearing Mel now. Rita watches on. He tells Mel he is done. Mel says you have to be rough. He does Kate again. He says that she is a good sheep. He says he’ll have a break now, it’s hard work. Greg talks to Tim and Vesna. Cut to Christie who is telling Dean she has been rejected twice now. Perhaps she made a move on Dave? She says she feels silly. Dean says that if nothing happens within the first four weeks, nothing is going to happen. He says that with numbers dwindling, he says that they bond together so well they have all become great friends, and you don’t want to start a relationship with people who have become great mates. Dean says that when he gets out of here he’s going to be on the biggest high. He says that life will be great. He tells Christie that he thinks of her as a little sister. He tells Christie that she is 19, and she shouldn’t feel silly because she is so young and that they are meant to make mistakes. Dean tells her that she shouldn’t be looking forward to leaving because this is a once in a lifetime oppourtunity, but when you get out it’ll be great. He says they will sit back one day and just laugh about it all. He tells her she has the whole world beyond here and she shouldn’t worry.

1:45am: Tim says that fish tanks should have an odd number of fish and one be black in China. Kate & Greg debate the chinese lucky number, Kate reckons 8, Greg reckons 7. Kate asks how many weeks have they been here. Dave says he’s not Santa Claus. Kate asks Tim how he is, and he says “Good. How are you sweetie?” They laugh because Tim said Sweetie to Greg earlier today. Back to the bedroom, Christie says she is sure she has made a ass of herself. She says Kate and herself were talking before and realised that they were taking everything way out of proportion. Dean says he thinks that Christie would be seen as an absolute crack up by the public. Dean thinks he might be seen as a bad person, which he says is fine, but Christie doesn’t think so. She says that he speaks his mind and doesn’t let people get him down. He says exactly, and that he is looking forward to Sunday. Dean says he is soo tired. Christie talks about the FNL challenge and says she got into the final round again and that the last task was so hard.

2:02am: Kate & Christie still talking about the Logan’s, but can’t work out exactly what they mean. Christie says she doesn’t want to be made a fool of. Christie says she feels like an idiot. Kate says she is going outside. Christie says she is going to. Kate tells her you don’t know until you try. OK, so she hasn’t tried. Christie decides she’ll ask. Mel, having joined her in the conversation, gives her 5 minutes to do it. Hotdogs gives Kate a hug, and tells them BB has been sensational with the alcohol since the intruders came in. Christie says she loves BB. Kate is by herself walking around the pool. Christie comes out with Hotdogs but they sit alone near the storeroom. Kate now comes over and they start singing. Cut to inside the reward room with the brothers. They have a DVD on and are sorting out the headphones. Back outside. Dogs says when he has toast he always wants more. He says he is a little bit tired. Christie asks who is sleeping in the bed in the rewards room. Dogs says them all! Mel comes out and asks what they are talking about. Dogs tells her that they were talking about her. She says she wants to stay here forever. She loved tonight. Dogs tells her she did very well. They tell Mel that Dogs had been in the final 4 weeks in a row. At 2:14am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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