Days 55 and 56

A special one hour episode of BB tonight.

Day 55

9.08pm – The Logans and Hotdogs are entering the rewards room all smiles and cheers – especially Hotdogs again. The girls go to the diary room to talk. Christie wants to talk about boys but Kate doesn’t – she hates boy talk. BB asks “Kate, why do you hate boy talk?”. She laughs to herself and says she feels you’ve got nothing to lose unless you voice it and she wants to keep things to herself to save face. She has realised she really likes Greg. Melanie and Christie question her about it – they tell her to talk to Greg tonight. Christie can see a spark. Kate says she doesnt’ want to do it – she doesnt’ want to be in that position. Melanie asks if it will affect their friendship. Christie says it shouldn’t because her and Greg got over their fling. Big Brother says it is apparent they don’t need BB in this conversation – so he kicks them out of the diary room! haha. In the rewards room the Logans are saying how much they don’t want Glenn to go this week (sorry to dissapoint you boys!). David says this week people have been so much nicer – but Glenn has been geniune.

Back in the main bedroom Kate and Christie are still on the topic of Greg. Christie says Kate has nothing to worry about. She is still attracted to him but not to the same degree – “just frikken tell him tonight”. Kate doesnt’ want to. She is angry at herself because she can’t suppress it like she thought she could. All she wants to do is cry – but she doesnt’ want to be like this or say any stupid things – doesn’t want to look like a 15 year old with a crush. The quicker she gets out and quicker she runs away the better, she says. Vesna enters and asks whats going on. Christie tells Vesna whats going on, much to Kate’s annoyance who tells them to close the door. Kate says she doesn’t WANT to like Greg. Christie wants to know what is so wrong with liking some one. Kate accuses Christie of still liking Greg and keeping her feelings. Christie denies, saying “no, because Greg doesn’t like me at all”. Vesna says “I’ll go ask him”, and leaves. Vesna goes out to the living room, sits down with Greg and flat out says “are you attracted to Kate?”. He says she’s a good girl, but won’t answer if he would give her a kiss or not. Kate is telling Christie if Vesna is asking Greg she is going to be very angry. Kate says the conclusion is that they (Christie and Kate) both like Greg.


12.14am – The HMs are having a few drinks. Hotdogs is telling Vesna he is really attracted to Melanie. Vesna is shocked and asks “really”. Hotdogs goes on to describe how he likes tight little bums.. mmm tight bums. Vesna says “I’m not talking to you anymore.. I hate you sometimes”. HDs is dumbfounded. Vesna tells him not to talk to her anymore and he’s selfish. Hotdogs says when it’s not about her she gets jealous, and he can’t figure her out. Vesna says no – he can’t talk about other girls when she’s around – but its different, she is allowed to talk about bos. Melanie is telling Kate she finds people in this house attractive but no one wants to get to know her personality well so the attractions will never develop. Meanwhile Vesna questions Hotdogs about something she heard – that Hotdogs “really likes her”. Hotdogs laughs on purpose at the theory. She yells at him “Shutup!”. Hotdogs teases her some more and gives her lots of pecks on the shoulder. Vesna is playing annoyed. Hotdogs says “you’re my mate”. Vesna asks about love – but he only loves her as a mate. The other girls seem to think its love, and Vesna has been trying to tell them otherwise. HDs says he was just attracted to some one other in the house so how could that be so. Vesna says he was only doing it to annoy her.

2.20am – Kate has hot cross buns, but Heath is more interested in telling Kate how she is a sexy girl and asks her to give him some more kissing lessons. Kate doesnt’ care. Christie is outside talking to Hotdogs. He explains he sees it as Kate is playing the boys very well (Christie agrees) and Hotdogs is the only one she doesnt’ play because he’s immune. Heath has grabbed Kate in the kitchen and starts walzing with her. He calls it the BR Waltz. Kate asks why it’s called BR. Heath says “just wait a second and you’ll see”. They are waltzing towards the BedRoom. Outside Hotdogs goes on with his conspiracy theories – he doesnt’ think Greg is attracted to Kate, but she is playing all the boys. He doesn’t think anymore will happen between him and her. After this Christie will hang out with Greg, and she would like to see how it goes because she is attracted to him on a spiritual level. She says she told Kate this. HDs says in terms of territory – tell Kate to wait until after the house and see what happens.


Day 56

9.58am – Classmates are outside singing the national anthem. Glenn is loudest and whinges it out. Assembly dismissed. Classmates go inside for their morning lesson – general knowledge. There are murmers.

Q1 – What is the most popular name in the world?
Heath says Bruce
Tim says John
Dean says Muhammad

Q2 – The elephant is the largest land animal on the planet. What are the 2nd and 3rd?
Melanie says Hippo and Rhinosarus

Q3 – What is the name of Jason Donovan’s character on Neighbours?
Heath says Craig McGloclan(sp).
Rita says Scott
BB: His surname?
Rita .. ah Robinson (some one told her the answer).
BB: Who told you the answer?
Hotdogs stands up. BB tells him to stay standing.

Q4 – Where is the sea of tranquility?
Hotdogs says “In my backyard”. BB tells him to go into the dunce’s corner.
Vesna puts her hand up – BB says he is impressed with her level of participation.
Dean says the moon.
BB: Well done Dean
Vesna says “wow Dean you’re actually smart”

Q5 – What is the name of Madonna’s first husband?
Vesna is the only girl with a hand up. BB asks if any girls will answer other than Vesna. He then says “so the girls have not been reading gossip magazines but rather solid literature”. Kate laughs to herself. Vesna says “Sean Penn” and “she actually still loves him and will never love anyone again”. BB says that is correct. Vesna says “yeah I know”. Class is dismissed, HDs must stay where he is. The boys ask if Sean Penn is gay.

Later the classmates are hanging around the living room. Glenn is admiring Melanie’s busy lifestyle – studying and modeling. Mel says when you enter the house you have an image and certain people didn’t like her first and hopefully that will change. She hates liars and people who talk crap all day. She says Heath talks crap a lot of the time. Glenn agrees. Everyone else she thinks is great. Glenn says he gets on with Heath well because he gets away with talking crap as well. Melanie says it doesn’t happen with Glenn though. Glenn says Heath has walked into the house like he is still working – its how you talk with your mates but no one else. It frustrates Melanie. Hotdogs is finally allowed to leave the corner, he drops the hat on the floor. BB tells him to hang it up properly. Hotdogs is fuming – the other HMs tell him to breathe.


12.08pm – Swimming carnival time. They are swimming a relay. It’s three girls to go first in breaststroke. The boys cheer them on. Next stroke is backstroke. Some HMs are having trouble running into lines. Next is Butterfly and Dean nails it. Then freestyle. One team has won well infront and there is an almost-tie with the last two. In third place is blue team, second is yellow team and first is green team. They all cheer on. Heath says there were performance enhancing substances used. The students file back into their dormatories to get changed. Dean jokes the girls are better than the boys (he’s in the girls dorm this week). It’s time for the school concert. They all set up their instruments outside. Dean is wearing a blonde wig. Kate is conducting. Vesna is on vocals, she is fairly good on the vocals but the band is pretty lousy. The trumpets are the most off and wind instruments are the most off. At the end the classmates all clap and cheer. Christie says “that was the best”. Big Brother announces the results are in – Generally BB was impressed at HM’s commitment during band practice, housemates dedication to this task was poor. Attention in class, impututence, uncleanliness and swearing in class were issues all through the week. They have failed the schooldays task.

6.46pm – In the reward room Greg and Hotdogs are talking about Kate. Greg is in briefs woo! Greg wouldn’t say he is more attracted to Cabbage (Christie) than Kate. Both are not ideal they have their own qualities – he finds them attractive in different ways. Greg is rubbing his crotch for some reason and explains what Vesna did last night with the questioning. Greg was really unsure. If he did like Kate it would make uncomfortable waters with him and Christie. The thing with Christie was just a bit of fun, but now its over. Greg says it went past fun though and that has hampered this latest thing with Kate. He says it got to a bad stage with Chrisitie – she thought more of it than him and he doesnt’ want that sort of thing to happen again.


Kate is explain rice, porridge, tinned tomatoes, meat, chickpeas, tuna, little sugar, stuff to make bread. The Logans emerge to assign chores for this week. Greg is nervous and David says don’t be.

Shopper/Chef – Kate
Baker – Heath
Kitchenhand – Melanie
Farmhand – Deano, sorry mate it goes to Vesna. Vesna is not impressed but the other HMs laugh and clap.
Housekeeper – Should go to the most important person in the house – Rita. She is annoyed slightly.
Gardener – Hotdogs

Greg asks for a round of applause for the tasks (what tha!). Rita says at least there will be no ants in the house this week. Vesna is silent but giving evil looks to the Logans. She asks why they chose her. They said they thought it would be easiest. David says “our choice” and tries to block the conversation. He then says he doesn’t have to explain himself. Vesna says “yeah thats because you’re a ####”. She storms outside. Rita comes to comfort her. Vesna says they do it on purpose and they just want to wind her up. Some boys (looks like Glenn and Dean) come out for a spa and start egging at Vesna. In the rewards room David is whinging about Vesna’s whinging. He says she whinges about everything but he blocks it out (obviously not if he keeps talking about it).

BB announces all housemates must feed the animals today. Vesna says “so they can all make fun of Vesna”. The HMs go into the animal area. Vesna tells Melanie she must wash her hands before touching the animals. Vesna gets Tim to help her with the bottles. BB says as farmhand only Vesna may feed the animals. Rita is now getting the Alcapa to spit on her hand – she loves it. It really spits a big one on her face. She laughs and the other housemates clap. Rita really likes the novelty of the animals – that will soon change!


7.55pm – Heath is making some bread and explaining to Kate he doesn’t get the girls in here. He doesn’t know what he knows (he says!). He just has to suss them out. Kate says it takes a while to get to know people well. Heath says its very hard to come into a house like this, but he feels most comfortable around Kate. Heath says Rita and Mel are finding their place just like him. The sauna seems to be fixed now because Melanie is in there now with Rita. Rita asks Mel if its what she expected. Mel say sno – she’s usually outgoing but in here she’s been so tired, like a zombie. She thinks its because she’s not having good food. She is usually not so spontanous – she usually plans everything out which the BB house has thrown into disarray. Mel says Kate is her ground right now.

The bowling alley is open and Dean and Glenn are having “sitdown” bowling. Vesna sits down with Tim at the dining table. Vesna feels fat, and denies herself some bread. Tim says thats nonsense – she’s beautiful. If Tim had his way he would preserve Vesna for his mantlepeice, and put his finger up her nose as a joke. Tim says Kate’s posture is really bad. Kate has been in the kitchen all day and she’s tired and irritable. Tim strokes her ear, then puts his finger in her ear. She says its really uncomfortable and unplesant. “cut it out – who puts their finger in some one’s ear”. Tim is giving lovey-dovey eyes. Kate asks Tim how he’s going to go if she leaves on Sunday. Tim is silent at first but then says he likes her very much and he’s been upfront about it from the start. She is attractive and more important than that he enjoys talking to her, and she is challenging. Tim feels they never talked enough or had “real” talks. He wonders if Kate thinks its become a problem because he said he wanted to kiss her. Kate says whenever they got serious he turned it into a joke and she got frustrated. Tim can’t believe that because to be honest he feels embarrased because he has been up infront of that. Tim says Kate approaches Dean all the time for one-on-one talks but never Tim. Rita asks if she can take away their plates now. Kate leaves with Rita for the kitchen, leaving Tim to eat on his own, with an unresolved look on his face.

12.24am – In bed with the lights off. Christie tells Kate she has been really standoffish today. Kate says Christie was giving off bad vibes and being standoffish. Christie disagrees. Kate says since Christie talked to Hotdogs it has been that way. Christie denies again. She felt like she was being watched by Kate. Kate is confused about this. Chrsitie asks “why don’t they get rid of guys.. I’m sick of all the girls leaving”.

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