Day 54 Uplate

I join up late at 11.56pm, Hotdogs is outside with Tim talking about having open relationships in the house. Tim says they try to have open relationships to the degree Big Brother lets them. Tim explains he realised they were getting towards the end of the show when Dean started talking about assigning punishments for fines. He says so far he had been just cruising but now people are thinking about the prize money – he is always the last to know, just like when Kate liked David and the whole thing about Christie and Greg breaking up. He was the last to know all of this stuff. Vesna told him and she’d only been in a week. On monday Tim says the mood changed because they are getting towards the end – it darkened everyone’s mood a little. Until now it was a good time. Christie asks if she can join the boys in their discussion. HDs says it was sorta one on one so Christie goes to leave but Tim insists she sits down and talks with them.

12.05am – Heath is in the kitchen with Logans, Kate, Dean and Glenn. They remind him he cannot go into the girl’s bedroom. The boys are joking about how they “stepped up” tonight. Heath is telling a story about how he flopped his dick out and took a piss on the ground at some random place. Glenn talks about various places he would piss on the ground (ok whatever). Glenn says he’s more reformed after 51 days in this house. Heath says the girl’s coffee is ready but David says not to bother telling them because they’re having a “bloody deep and meaningful”. Heath tells them anyway. More blokey talk that is a bit hard to follow. They talk about SMSing. Melanie says she is a serial texter. Dean wants to know who is with Vodafone. David says he doesn’t like SMSing in the car. Heath talks about how he was amazed at some big cap he had on his mobile phone or something. He claims it gave him 2500 minutes of free time (ahuh sure). Vesna has now emerged with Rita and Heath gives them both a tea. Heath is doing blokey jokes with Glenn about shaving balls but its so hard to follow because its littered with “fucken this fucken that” and heterosexual grunts. I don’t even know what they’re talking about anymore! They mentioned something about a chicken? aah!

12.18am – Heath and Greg are now outside. They are talking about various times they went out and picked up chicks or something – they are so hard to understand. Tim, Hotdogs and Christie are relatively silent. Christie comments its a nice night. Heath is now talking about some time when he drank a lot of alcohol. Greg says in the first few weeks he was docile and wanted to get pissed(?). I’m not sure if he is talking about the Big Brother house. Nope they’re not. They’re talking about a trade. Greg says some of the best nights he’s had in this house were without alcohol – the company as more than enough. He says he they make their own fun and they don’t need alcohol to do it. Finally a smart comment. Heath responds but I just cannot understand what he is saying!!! Very frustrating. Although I do pick up that he comments Glenn gets hyper when he’s drunk and it shows a different side to blokes in the house. Greg says there are times in the house where you go mental – he was head butting walls and stuff. He is relaxed now because he has 3 new people in the house and its good to sit back and watch. Meanwhile Hotdogs is joking around with Christie.

Inside Dean is explaining the story about the bedrooms. He chose a bed on purpose despite two female housemates specifically wanting it. Rita seems to be kinda drunk and is finding Dean halarious. He says Greg and him had this alternate personalities. Dean invented a personal called ‘Danny’ who was disabled but apparently he is not allowed to do it in the house because it’s prejudice.

12.32am – Greg is having a chat with Melanie outside. She is talking about how she is misunderstood as a blonde girl. Greg said he thought BB was playing him to make him crack onto Melanie. He says he was smarter than that and Melanie finds it entertaining. He says he is different from David (oh really?). Greg seems pretty drunk now. He is drunkardly explaining how he was feeling when the intruders arrived. He asks if she was nervous – but he seems to be the nervous one he is talking really fast. Melanie says she was a little nervous because of first impressions. Vesna comes outside and says she can’t sleep, so she lies down with Hotdogs and Christie. He wants a kiss of her but she didn’t see him pouting his lips so he starts egging her on about it. Christie joins in for a bit. Vesna says the weather is pathetic – it hasn’t stopped raining for 4 days. Vesna comments she thinks a bird shit right near her. Greg throws a white peice of fluff on Vesna (unknown to her) and for a second she thinks it is bird shit and shreiks. Hotdogs laughs. Vesna and Christie are talking about an argument they had earlier. Vesna says she doesn’t think Christie is a bitch – if she did she would have really let it be known. Meanwhile Greg is still talking to Melanie about various aspects of life in the house.

Christie says her mum would love Vesna. She says she is an adaptable person and every person she brings home her mum loves. It’s because she’s hot. Vesna agrees. Christie says her mum is a hot girl and has confidence. Vesna says Christie takes after her mum. Rita says Christie’s mum looks very nice from the photo Chrisitie has in the bedroom. Christie says she has been here 9 weeks now and she is not bothered if she is evicted soon.

12.46am – Kate has grabbed the medical kit and some water for some reason. Heath asks Kate if she was surprised he picked her (not sure what for). Kate says she thought he’d pick Christie because she’s blonde and cute. Kate comments that her eyes are really dry because of her contacts. She will show Heath her contacts before she goes to bed. They make her eyes a little bluer. Heath asks “what the fuck is going on with this kettle”. Glenn is talking about the friday night rodeo that happens wherever he comes from. Dean is interested in the betting side and how good the odds are (lol!). Heath and Glenn talk about how great their bookie contacts are. Heath knows some “badass bookies”. Feed cuts to outside. A lot of conversations overlapping. Rita is having a talk with Hotdogs about friends, first impressions and checking out people. Hotdogs jokes that everyone checks him out in the house. Greg says “if you were a girl I would knob you for sure”. Hotdogs then forgets what he is talking about. The conversation moves on to when you forget what your conversation is about… if that makes sense. Hotdogs remembers what they were talking about: checking out the person rather than the personality. Hotdogs says guys look at girls and think about the things wrong with him – but he’s different he only thinks about the good things”. Vesns says that is bullshit – guys don’t always look for the wrong things. Rita disagrees however and says guys will start judging looks straight away.

12.57am – Rita is giving Hotdogs a temple massage. He explains how he went to the diary room just after the intruders entered and explained how excited he was. He also said he would hate think that the housemate would have to vote the intruders off (haha!). He says he wants to get to know you and it would make him a hypocrite if he had to vote them out. Heath comes outside and says “just vote me out”. He starts talking again but I totally cannot understand what he is saying!!! Hotdogs explains how he went 40 days without jerking off.. not really. Hotdogs says he hates cumming with a condom on and especially hates cumming on himself when masturbating – the spiderman. Rita and Heath are amazed and ask “really!?”. Heath says he doesn’t care if he leave the house tomorrow. Rita starts talking about anal sex(?). She says she has a story but won’t tell it just yet. The boys egg her on to tell the story. Heath says he wants to see the dirty side of the nurse. She says she won’t tell because he’s asks her so many times before. Rita says she can do fanny farts. The boys are amazed. Hotdogs talks about how he was going to take a digeridoo into the house. He explains how this girl fanny farted into the digeridoo and he has never used it again. Heath asks Rita if she uses dildos and she laughs and says “oooh” and leaves. Hotdogs says “oh where were you on day 1?”. The two boys make a joke about HT and HD. Heath is doing the usual “I’m going to be myself in this house and say it like it is” bit. Boooring!

Kate is in the diary room telling Big Brother her earlier kiss with Heath during spin the bottle has been blown out of proportion. She says she is not attracted to him. Apparently Greg is not talking to her now because of something Christie said.

1.13am – Hotdogs and Heath are still chatting outside about “fucken life”. Fucken this fucken that can Heath fucken go five fucken seconds without fucken saying that fucken word. They are bitching about Vesna and her whinging in the house. They have an agreement the whinging but Heath says Vesna does not need to be put down by the boys. He says they are out of line letting out all their anger on Vesna. Hotdogs says people in the house pick on the weak all the time but he has been true and has never done it (YEAH RIGHT!!!!). Rita comes outside and she suggests bed but Heath wants to talk about Hotdogs some more. They talk about bra sizes and guess what Rita is. She’s a 14-B. The boys guessed 14-AA. Rita shows off her bra and Heath asks her to pop one out.

1.28am – Most boys housemates are in the living room. Hotdogs says the boys should help him clean up the house tomorrow. Dean is making trumpet noises with his mouth. I’m going to make a personal comment right now that all of the boys are looking very shaggy. In the bedroom Kate is talking to David about school formals. David jokes he repeated a few years in school so they were in the same year. David says she seems very experienced in spin the bottle – like she has practiced behind the shed beforehand. Kate says a little bit more lip from David and it’ll be fine. David asks if they should practice tomorrow after school or behind the sheds. He says if she wants to practice any time she has his number. She says she does and she will be texting. Hotdogs makes a lame joke they are available in room 2BB05. Hotdogs says Big Brother said girls can go into the boys bedroom if its on – “if its on, its on”. David says its ok because Kate needs to teach him some stuff about kissing. Heath has joined in the lame jokes from the boys now. Heath jokes she needs a bit of menace in him. After he leaves Vesna says she thinks he likes her – but doesn’t know whether its attraction or he’s showing his true feelings. Kate jokingly says “shut up!”. Kate asks Vesna what she’s going to do about Hotdogs. Kate says he gets an A in persistance – he just keeps going on and on. Kate wonders if she has ruined her chances with Greg now. Vesna says yeah. Kate talks to another housemate but their mic isn’t turned on so its hard to understand the conversation.

Anyway Kate has noticed Greg hasn’t talked to her too much and in 60 or so days he hasn’t made a move and Heath has been here 2 days and already made a move.

Dreamworld says goodnight at 1.39am

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