Days 48 and 49

This recap has been salvaged from various footage packages from the eviction show, thus there are no times.

Day 48

Geneva and Kate are in the rewards room in the spa. Kate isn’t too keen on being in there – she’s worried about Chrisite back in the main house. Meanwhile Christie is telling Vesna about her diary entry before – she can’t stand it in here any more. Dean jokingly orders Dean to console Christie, but he says “nah that would be too hard”. Christie meanwhile is saying the current boys in the house aren’t like her normal male friends. All of the boys go into the diary room and tell BB they are sick of the women whinging – they make whinging noises. Glenn says he has never been in a situation like this – he never realised girls were such emotional creatures “its getting beyond a joke”. He makes a graph with his hands about the emotions of the female housemates. Meanwhile Vesna says it doesn’t matter Christie is getting upset. She says the others are all testosterone in there. Glenn is saying some girls in the house are spoilt and are whinging too much. Dean and Hotdogs agree. At the same time Christie says she knows the boys will be bitching about her being spoil but they just can’t get into a women’s head – they just don’t know. Vesna gives Christie a hug and they both break into tears. Christie says it’s amazing Vesna has so much compassion.

Later at night Geneva is lying on beanbags with Hotdogs. She asks for a favour – a kiss. Hotdogs asks if she wants him to brush his teeth first. She says no. They have a big gropy pash on the beanbags. Kate walks out and sees them kissing. Geneva says she’s had a secret: She’s wanted to kiss him for a very very long time. Hotdogs laughs “really?” “yes really”. Kate watches on in amazement and then says “babe I’m going in” (to the diary room). There is an ackward moment. Kate says she will wait for Geneva for the movie in the rewards room. Inside Kate buzzes Glenn and asks him to take her clothes back in from outside “Warning, by the way”. Geneva and Hotdogs are laughing. Glenn grabs the clothes and doesn’t seem to realise what has happened. Glenn asks “whats going on with the hair?”. Geneva’s hair is all messy from rolling around on the beanbags. Glenn asks “has there been some smooching going on?”. He goes into the diary room and tells the others what has just happened. Vesna looks VERY unhappy!

Day 49

Housemates are having a second round of the golf tournament. Geneva goes first. She has limited time to get around the course as fast as possible. The housemates run around crazily. Kate has a problem with her ball rolling around on the green. Afterwards BB announces the results: masters took 20 strokes to win and took 3 minutes, 56 seconds. Dean reads an envelope: the number of strokes they were allowed to take 35 and the time limit was 5 minutes 30. They pass the task.

Dean is annoyed at getting chores. They whinge about Kate allocating the chores. He says he will make her dishpig and not scrape out his plate. All of the boys have piled into half the bedroom as a bachelor pad and confined Vesna and Christie to the other bedroom. Dean complains a bit more about the whinging and the girls, and mentions nominations. Dean is called to the diary room. Big Brother tells Dean he was involved in a conversation – would you agree you were talking about Kate? Big Brother reads a transcript: “I reckon Monday will be so easy” and asks what he meant. Dean plays dumb and says “I just meant the day would be easy”. Big Brother is not impressed and says it was obvious he was talking about nominations. Big Brother gives Dean a strike. Dean rudely says “whatever”. Dean now has two strikes.

Meanwhile Vesna is asking Hotdogs about the kiss with Geneva last night. He says he has no idea what happened she just wanted a kiss. Vesna ask “and you complied?”. He did. He says it didn’t mean anything – they were friends and they needed companionship. She has tried it before. We’re still really good friends. ‘Its not like we’re in love with each other”. Vesna says ok but is unhappy. Hotdogs is now critical of Vesna for asking. Vesna says she finds it weird he can do something like that and have no feelings. Hotdogs says he hadn’t kissed anyone for so long and it was nice. There is a long silence. He says “can I make an egotistical comment?”. Vesna predicts the comment is “why are you asking are you interested in me?”. Vesna says no and she doesnt’ get people in this house. Hotdogs says they don’t get Vesna.

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