Day 50

2.01pm – The boys are up proving how manly they are – by jogging around the backyard. Inside the girls are talking about leaving the house. They are predicting a double eviction. They theorise what will happen one or two girls are left in the house with all of the boys. They all think Dean will go tonight. The boys are still jogging.

4.16pm – Christie needs strength from her mum. All she can think about is a family message from her mum. She thinks that if they bought a message it wouldnt’ go to her. Vesna says stuff that and Christie should be thinking about her needs more. Kate is assigning Christie as Chef if the current one is evicted. Dean says Christie won’t cook if she cracks. Outside Christie believes she truely needs a family message. Vesna says Dean is the kind of person who can manipulate people into thinking Dean needs something more. She has noticed it from the start but recently his selfishness has really come out – more than the next person “think about it”. “Don’t let him get it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you dont need it”. She says she knows she does. Vesna says Dean has way more support in here than Christie does.

Outside Dean says he wants that video message. He knows Christie wants it but its “dog eat dog, mate”. Greg has converted to the dark side and agrees with Dean that he should get it. Christie is telling Vesna she just doesn’t like the people in this house – they are all so selfish.


8.22pm- It’s time to stay… Hotdogs. Hotdogs comes back into the lounge room and the rest of them cheer. It’s time to go… Geneva. She laughs nervously and gets a hug from Dean. Outside the housemates try and figure out who has gone. Vesna properly predicts Geneva is leaving. Dean tells Geneva “have a good one”. Dean comes out to the lounge room with no cheers except from Dean’s new sidekick Greg. Chrsitie has a dumbfounded look on her face. Dean says “good to see you”. The boys go outside, except Hotdogs. Christie goes into the bedroom crying. Vesna follows and closes the door behind them. Christie says what really got her was when Dean came out and said to Kate “she said to say she loves you” and there was no message for Christie. Outside Kate is talking to the boys about how she is a jinx and caused Geneva’s eviction. Christie is very upset. Vesna asks Hotdogs if he is freaked out. He says he is just deep in thought. She asks if he is shocked she is still in here. He says he is more shocked he is in here, and that he is thinking about Geneva. He later comes and hugs Vesna. Vesna explains she thought people wouldn’t like her.

Dean is confused why Vesna isn’t happy. He is. He jokes about Vesna whinging – again. Hotdogs comes and comforts Christie. She says “I’m going weird.. this week has just been so… I don’t know I’ve lost my mate”. Hotdogs never ever thought Geneva would go this week.


9.45pm – Glenn and the Logans are on a bed. They are plotting about the video message. Dean has got the Logans thinking about making a vote as to whether they should actually buy one. Dean comes in and has changed his mind: he says to give it to Christie. He is sick of the girls whinging. The other boys say no. Dean wants to give Christie the message and then use it against her as a bribery of sorts the next time she whinges. How disgusting. Glenn whinges about Christie more – she says she whinges every time she doesnt’ get what she want. Hotdogs says they are boys and can be bastards. Christie is only 19 she is only a little girl.

10.08pm – Geneva’s message: Kate I think that you have been a real rock, without you I would have fallen short. I feel so honoured to be your friend. I’m so happy I got to meet you and that we’ve grown close. I will never forget you.

Christie – Babe I’ve had so much fun with you I’ve enjoyed every minute we spent together, all our ups and downs and getting everyone else to plot against us. I’m really really happy that we can catch up so easily and Sydney – Cheer up and have such a good time in here.

Hotdogs – I think that we’re so much closer than we could ever have imagined. I’m gonna know you for a really long time and I value that as much as we have our highs and lows they are equally as good. I love being with you on a deep level. I think that your conversations have given me a boost. Without you I would be going slightly crazy. I hope that I was everything you wanted me to be.

Everyone I love you, can’t wait to see you on the outside, have fun. The housemates clap, and are then silent.


10.39pm – Vesna has requested hair products and she now has them. She gives Christie a hair treatment. The remaining girls are in the bathroom discussing life in the house. Christie and Kate say they will help each other from now on. Kate feels so different from Christie and Vesna – she is going to be on the outer. Christie hopes they will get closer. Vesna says they have no choice. Kate thinks they will all be nominated. Christie is scared that it will end up an all boys house. They agree Kate would handle it fine.

The boys are questioning Hotdogs about kissing Geneva the other night. He says they just kissed and that was it – it was weird. I could not describe it to you. It wasn’t going to go any further. Didn’t mean anything else. It was just nice to kiss her after so long. Dean says he craves affection. Christie is telling the girls there is sexual tension between her and Greg. Vesna suggests its because Kate likes Greg. Big Brother calls Greg to the diary room, the girls laugh. Kate says it’s just a crush she has on Greg.

In the diary room Greg talks to Big Brother about Christie. He says its not good having some one mope around for the next 2 weeks, especially when he was friends with her and its hit a slope. He says the fun of the first few weeks is over, as far as he is concerned. He also asks Big Brother when they are getting hot female intruders. Big Brother asks why does Greg think they will be getting hot female intruders. Greg says he thought because the girl population in the house is very low.

Kate asks Christie how she feels about Kate’s crush. Christie knows it has changed between her and him and it won’t go back, so .. she feels a little angry and hurt but doesnt’ blame Kate. “It doesn’t bother me it really doesn’t”. Chrsitie does really miss snuggling with him though. In the bedroom Glenn says he wouldn’t mind some loving – some kissing and hugging. Dean says “plan B”. Glenn had forgotten about that. He says he could have taken it up the other night when Kate was drunk. Glenn says he “thinks” Kate wanted him the other night – HAH! Hotdogs says “she is a bomb waiting to go off”. Glenn says he has been using the spa as a bath.

Vesna and Christie go into the diary room. Christie says for the first time this week she has a smile on her face. She thanks BB and Vesna for making her happier and she does feel a bit more confident “you really have put a light in my day”. It’s great to know her week has ended well after being so bad. “Thankyou from the bottom of my heart”.

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