Day 48 Uplate

1:20am: Hotdogs and Geneva are whispering to each other in the backyard. They have just been kissing. Geneva starts kissing him again. She is making really strange noises though! After the brainteaser, they are into it even more. Still Geneva is giving out these weird groins. We go into the house now, Glenn is with Kate. Glenn gets up to go to the bathroom and finds the boys in there, Tim, Dave & Greg. He sits down and Tim says “Welcome to the interview.” Glenn tells them that he is 21 and a shearer. Greg reminds him that the job is an accounting job. Tim says that he wants to ask a question because he hasn’t talked yet, meaning that he is the most important person. Glenn gets the job, but his superior will be Kate and he gets paid in Fleeces. The firm is called Logan Brothers International. The boys say he is highly qualified. Tim says he is going to change his name by de-pol to Logan Tim. He wants BB to give him the application form, but in the meantime he wants to be called Logan Tim. He has an idea of going to the diary room and have a knife and have a bloood rutial. The bolood will be TS (tomato sauce) though. At nominations on Monday they are all going to wear black singlets. We are taking back to the love fest. Geneva sounds tired out! Dogs said he knew she liked the rats tail. Back in the bathroom, Dave says that after being inducted into the family, he should go back to the diary room by himself and send a message to his family! It’s very funny. Cut to Kate who wants to watch a movie, but Geneva obviously doesn’t want to! I think they just got sprung. Kate comes back inside and tells them they must be cold out there. She goes into the bathroom and tells the guys that she heard noises outside. The guys don’t understand, and they conduct their interview with Kate. Back inside Geneva has gone into the reward room thinking Kate is there. Dogs goes inside to the bathroom and Kate asks if she heard noises. He doesn’t answer. Now we’re off to the bedroom with Dean and Vesna. I didn’t catch it, only was on them for 10 seconds. Dogs hasn’t revealed anything, but he’s laughing a lot. Dogs tells them they just kissed. Tiim says “Look at you. You look exhausted!” Glenn reckons he looks relieved. Tim says “so wedding bells!?” Mike cuts in. Back to the bathroom, kate has gone. Dogs says that he thinks Geneva got off. He then says he doesn’t know. Dogs says he likes someone outside. Back to the reward room, Geneva says “it was very good.” She says she would rather come back in here and stay with Kate. She’s a bit drunk I think. Kate gets out of Geneva that she likes her, and that she shouldn’t be in here when she could be spending time outside with the Dogs.

1:46am: Geneva says she’ll always be a spooner. Kate says she should go and spoon Dogs on the couch. Geneva says that he doesn’t want to so she can’t. Geneva says they are on national TV, but Kate stops her using that excuse because she said she would have sex on TV. Cut to the bathroom, Hotdogs is gone, and the boys are all talking about someone the night before. Perhaps it’s all about Kate. Christie is up, and talking to Dogs in the kitchen. They are talking about how the relationship with Vesna has got worse and worse as the week has progressed. He says that the guys don’t know what they are doing because none of them have been living with girls 24/7. He says that he rates Christie highly. Christie says that the task is making her feel like people don’t care. Dave comes out and Dogs and Christie go to their bedroom. Christie is sleeping up on the stairs of the room. She says she can’t sleep on the bed. She again tells her that the task is doing bad things to her. When she got reswapped today she reckons it was harsh.

1:58am: Geneva & Hotdogs are talking to each other again. When we join Geneva goes back into Kate’s room to try to get her to head back into the reward room. Mike pulls us away almost instantly back to a brainteaser winner. Apparently Vesna knows that there was a bit of kissing, but that is unconfirmed. Finally back to the house, Geneva is heading back to the reward room. Into the masters room, Dean asked if the bathtub had bath pettles in there. Vesna says she didn’t like it the night Dogs was in the RR. Dean asks if anyone had the shits at him that night. Kate says she was just funny. Dean tells Kate that she gets to give out chores. Dean says that Vesna is going to get farmhand again. Vesna says she would walk if that happened. Kate says all the boys are getting jobs. Dean thinks he knows what he’ll get. Into the bathroom, Tim is complaining that someone lied yesterday after prized processions to get the toilet paper. Greg is saying that BB came up with a ‘shithouse’ deal for the paper, and they said to forget it.

2:13am: Glenn wonders whether they should push Christie to breaking point so she leaves. Dave reckons that BB is doing a good enough job by himself. Greg says that when she’s alone she is great. Tim just thinks she is very young. Greg says he was really close to her, but her behaviour caused him to just stay away. Tim recalls last night when Christie picked up a ‘beautiful wasp’ (maybe spider?) and she killed it. Dave says the task has changed her. He goes onto say that she probably hasn’t had anything taken away to her before. Greg reckons that if she could do the task again, she would do it differently. He says she is selfish, and yet doesn’t know that she is. Dave says that she said she might leave earlier today. Cut to Christie and Dogs talking, Christie still complaining about the task. Dogs is very hard to hear and BB tells him to adjust his microphone. They think the task will be over tomorrow. He says that within 12 hours of the task being over no one will remember anything anyone did.

2:27am: In the masters bedroom, Greg has joined Dean & Vesna. Dean says he treats people the way he gets treated. I think they are talking about Rachael? Vesna says that a lot of people can tell her sensitive things. Dean says that he also hears a lot. He thinks they are very similar. Vesna doesn’t think so as all. Vesna says she was confused which twin was which for ages. She says that Greg is better looking but she prefers the name David. Greg says that Dave was always classed as the better looking one. Vesna says he is more blokey. Dean doesn’t know. Vesna says that Greg is more fem. Greg says thats interesting. Dean says that there is a lot of engine in Vesna.

2:37am: Greg asks Vesna if she likes winding people up and she says yes. She says she hates talking about boring stuff, but when she is talking about herself it’s never boring. She says that when she’s estatic, and Dean says that when she’s not shes a damn whinger. Greg says that when they changed from Servants to Masters and Vesna was suddenly all nice again and wanted to have conversations etc he really was annoyed. Dean concurs. Greg goes onto say that he know understands (doesn’t like to serve a man for some reason) and thinks she is fine again. But he wants to be upfront with Vesna. Dean says he thought she was the biggest sook he had ever met. Greg reckons that that speech was the most he has opened up in the house, and so Vesna should be proud. Dean also proclaims that he couldn’t understand why Vesna wouldn’t talk to Dean after he hurt her foot. She says that she didn’t feel any compassion from Dean at al. She needed a week to talk to him again because she needed to compose herself. Dean reckons he did apologise a lot. She says he did it with a smirk on his face. Greg asks her why she didn’t tell him. Vesna says she was in a lot of pain. She says that if she had done it to someone else, she would have waited on them hand and foot for the entire time they got better. She says that when she did it she knew she couldn’t exercise and she would start putting on weight again.

2:50am: Still in masters bedroom. Vesna gets a small mirror out of her suitcase. Vesna asks him what movie he has cried to. He says he has never cried during a movie. He says he felt sad during Titanic. They he lists all ones like Rambo etc. She can’t find her tweezers. Greg chucks her some. Greg doesn’t understand why Vesna wants to know what movies he cries to. Vesna says that she has never laughed so much in this place because of stuff Dean does. Greg says that they can’t instantly be best buddies with each other (he and Vesna). He says that a bit of a conversation about his deepest feelings will be enough to have her on his friend for life list. Dean wonders whether he is a best mate. Greg says he’ll be right. Dean says he has put in a lot of time though. Lights go out. They open the door because it’s hot in the room, and Dean says “Oh there is lights out there.” He explains that he thought that all the lights would be out like a normal house. Mike cuts in and reads out different words for the last brainteaser, craps on about hints for snails for a while before someone finally tells him that there is a different brainteaser on the screen. It’s late I spose!

3:08am: Vesna has come over to Greg’s bed to talk to him more. Greg says he is good mates with someone who plays with the Panthers? It’s beeped out. He says he has to check out patent laws concerning Where’s Wally because somone can draw something. I dunno, it involves the internet, something he wants to set up. Greg says that if Vesna is staying in his bed there is to be no funny business. Vesna says he isn’t that lucky. Greg asks who she thinks is the most sexiest. He reckons that she thinks Dean is the sexiest. Vesna says that if she came straight to Greg he would have knocked her back. He says they might have gone ‘steady’ for a while. Vesna reckons Greg has ‘misconceptions’ of herself because he thinks that Vesna knows stuff about them from before they came in. Dean says that they all know that they watched before they came in. Greg says he never watched, he says he watched 3 episodes before coming in. He says that he didn’t even know it was up to the fifth season. At 3:15am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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