Days 27 and 28

Day 27
9.05am – The housemates are having a pasta dinner after FNL, and discussing Tim and Rachael in the rewards room – they joke about what the two are up to. Meanwhile in the RR Rachael wants to light some candles around, and goes exploring to see whats in the room. She tells BB to turn off the lights so she can have a little romantic thing going. In the main bedroom Christie is talking to Geneva about the Twin saga. In the sauna Kate says she would kiss David when Michelle asks. Michelle says Kate likes him now. Kate says she finds him more attractive than when she first came into the house. In the bedroom Chrsitie says he wants an outgoing girl and sees Geneva as new talent now – Christie says Geneva should flirtyflirt with him. In the reward room Tim and Rachael are having a tango together, getting nice and close and giggling. Tim shows her how its done. Rach gives him a kiss, hug and says “you are so wonderful”.

In the bedroom talk moves to Greg. Geneva says she bets Christie will give him a kiss. Christie says he’s not comfortable with anything else. Geneva recommends they go out in the garden later when no one else is around and kiss.


10.47pm – Rachael is having a bath while Tim is trying to set up a movie. Rachael says there is massage oil so Tim can give her a massage later. Elsewhere in the house Greg and Michael have gone into the diary room. Michael says there has been a crime going on and wants to air their suspects of choice. Dean and Michelle also come into the diary room later. Greg thinks Tim. Michelle says its Hotdogs or Tim. Michael reckons Michelle and Kate did it together. Dean thinks Geneva and Glenn. Kate (when in the diary room with MIchael) says Tim. Christie and David think its Glenn or Tim. Greg says he’s scared for Timmy in the rewards room so BB should keep an eye on him – he’s a pretty thin little boy. Meanwhile Rachael is completely nude in the RR bathtub while Tim drops rose petals all over her. She laughs and pulls an erotic pose.

In the diary room David tells Big Brother “time will tell” when having two (or more) ladies after him in the house. Geneva is a lovely girl, so is Kate – they are good listeners but I dunno. It’s not who I’m going to chose it’s what the other would say if he did choose. David says he will give it a couple of days and see which one puts in the most effort. Tim is watching a movie in the RR while Rachael continues to bath naked. Rach says she’s so naughty.

Tonight the housemates are once again taking their dummies to bed to make sure the heads aren’t stolen. Lights are out now and while most of the housemates are asleep Christie asks Greg what his highlight has been – he says “meeting you”. Christie says “Shut up and kiss me” and they share a long pash in bed.


Day 28
David and Glenn are in the diary room. They asks Big Brother for some toilet paper because they have run out and they want to borrow or barter for 3 rolls. David offers to sing a song. Glenn says they will do anything. BB wants them to talk to the other housemates and come back with an offer that BB cannot refuse. The boys go to take some tissues from the diary room but BB tells them they can only take one tissue each. The boys tell the other HMs about the offer. The HMs all go to gather in the living room. Michael says it needs to be a luxury – they offer the sauna privilege. Most of the boys come back to the diary room. Glenn is getting greedy and now wants a pack of 16, and wants to borrow from next week’s wages. Meanwhile while everyone is outside discussing the toilet paper, Kate steals a head in the bedroom and hides it in a suitcase.

The boys in the diary room offer beanbags, but BB tells them toilet paper is worth more than the bean bags. In the bedroom Michelle tells Kate she’s found some toilet paper in the bedroom. The girls in the bedroom (which now includes Christie) all hide when they hear the boys coming. They then go out and want to know who was hiding the toilet paper – it was Dean but he won’t fess up – he says the boys put one aside as an emergency but the girls don’t believe him. They want him to admit he took it. He doesn’t.

2.34am – Some of the housemates in the bedroom are discussing how they will sill have to ask for more toilet paper, when they realise the head on Geneva’s doll is missing. They ask her if she did it. Michelle says Tim was in the bedroom before by himself, so she thinks its him. They go to the reward room and knock on the door. Tim is angered because he is brought away from his fascinating conversation with Rachael. Geneva is at the door and asks Tim if he took it. Tim laughs and Geneva says “oh my god you laughed you took it”. Tim goes to investigate in the bedroom and most of the girls are convinced he took it.


6.38pm – The housemates are doing their final dance for Big Brother. BB has replaced the missing heads for this dance. They all dance around in formal clothes with lights coloured lights shining on them. Greg is really staring into his dummy’s eyes with passion, so is Hotdogs. Dean looks bored, as does Geneva. Kate is looking seductive and smiles at her dummy. Vesna and Rachael look like they are having fun together. Once it finishes all the housemates laugh and clap each other. Big Brother comes on and says he has been impressed by the task dedication – the performance was acceptable – however it takes two to tango. HMs were instucted to take good care of their partners. Heads went missing so they did not take care of the dummies. Ordinarily HMs would have failed (Kate smiles), however Big Brother gave two housemates a secret task – one to steal and one to catch. Tim failed his catching job. However, the housemate who was to steal the dummies passed their job and the group passes the task. Big Brother annouces it was Kate. Kate has also won them a reward of considerable value. They watch Mr. And Mrs. Smith with a big overhyped introduction. There are a few scenes from the movie which look crap. While watching a tango movie, the boys say “I can do that”. A few housemates laugh silently at a few Brad Pitt shots.

9.45pm – The movie has finished and the housemates give it a stale clap. BB says its time for their final Tango. Kate and Tim dance alone together on the dance floor. The other housemates join in, the partners are:

Glenn and Rachael
Dean and Kate (later)
Dean spinning Tim around on his shoulders
Vesna and Hotdogs(?)
Michael and Geneva
Christie and Greg (of course)

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