Day 27 Uplate

12:16am: Tim is talking to Greg and Michael about the head thief. He is trying to get them to keep an eye on the heads while he is in the reward room tonight. He tells the, that he thinks it was Kate because she came back from feeding the animals on Thursday morning. Greg still think it’s just Tim doing it all himself. Greg says he’ll keep an eye on it. They move onto talking about the FNL challenge tonight. Greg says that Tim & Michael were so obbessed with each other not winning, that Rachael won because she just kept out of the way from the other two. Michael is still without his nose ring. Dave has his arm around Michelle, and Christie is pla fighting with Glenn on the couch. Michelle says to Dave that if he likes Kate that he should make a move. Rachael is explaining to them what they got in terms of food and drink in the reward room. Michelle goes further about Dave/Kate to Dave, saying that “if you didn’t go there because you thought you didn’t have a chance, I’d suggest you might have a chance.” He says it’s good to know. Dave says that Kate is a great girl. Rachael decides it’s time for Tim and her to go back into the room. The housemates suggest that Tim should go to the bathroom before he goes in there. They say they have a bathroom in there. Rachael finally understands and goes to grab some condoms. Rachael then says that she wouldn’t mind having sex with Michelle if she was the room. The housemates then race and get the paddle bat but Rachael dissapears into the room too quickly. They hang handcuffs and the bat on the door handle. Christie than says “I can’t help it if my arse is on fire.” Into the reward room we go, and Rachael is saying how get the pod chocolates are. Tim says they are quite new. They both have headphones on and are watching a movie. They are cuddling up to rach other. They are drinking beer with champagne glasses, and watching Italian movies with subtitles. Rachael has gone for the pringles and talking while eating. Lovely. She keeps asking Tim questions relating to the movie. Rachael says “She farts and swears like me!” referring to someone in the movie, who has recently gone blind or something by the jist of their talking. Apparently Greg and Michael just went into the diary room to ask BB to keep an eye on little Timmy in the reward room. They also have quizzed BB on the heads robbery.

12:42am: Hotdogs and Geneva are in the spa. They are talking about what would happen if they had sex together in the house. Hotdogs says that he would change. Geneva says that sex shouldn’t have to change anything. Hotdogs then says that he can’t help it that he likes her (Vesna you presume). Greg and Michael says to them that they have gone into the diary room and told BB who they thought have stolen the heads. They are encouraging others to go into the diary room and give BB their thoughts. Christie is chasing Vesna around the house for some strange reason. Michael is laughing really loudly but I have no idea why they are chasing Vesna at all. Hotdogs is back talking about the reward room. He says he would never come out from that room if he won it. Geneva says that if Michael won and chose her, she doesn’t think she would have been up for anything. If she had won, she doesn’t know who she would have chosen. We go into the bedroom and they are talking about the heads. Dean reckons it’s Michael, Glenn or Greg. Kate says that Glenn has been called to the DR heaps over the past few days. Michelle and Kate are in bed together and getting very close.

12:56am: Back into the reward room we go, and Rachael is getting ready for a msssage, she gets into bed, and takes off her top. She stays there for a while and Tim is getting the oil and trying to turn out some lights. It isn’t happening, so he moves onto give the massage. He says to her twice that he usually sits on his subject while he gives the massage. While rubbing the lotion or oil in his hand, he drops some onto a pillow. They both say they don’t care cause it’s not their pillow. Both make note that they are tired. Massage begins and they talk about how they were good at the task tonight. Rachael says that Tim is good at it.

1:09am: Rachael is saying “that is so good.” She goes onto say that she has a posture problem. We’re taken away to the Top 8 moments of the week. Taken back into the bedroom proper in the house. Glenn says that Christie must be the guilty party in relation to the missing heads because she gets up early or something. She says she didn’t do it. Greg leads the charge to get Glenn to go into the diary room to tell BB about his suspicions. They seem to think that if the housemates get it right they will get a prize. They say they have nothing to lose. Glenn can’t be bothered going though. Christie say that when she was just in there she asked BB for a second chance at being given alcohol. She says that both Dave and she had a great chat with BB.

1:23am: Dave is giving Geneva a massage. Christie asks Dave if she can take his mum out on the piss. Dave starts telling stories about his mum going out on the town. Christie starts talking about one of her aunties. She says that she has a shag pad and goes out more than Christie. Michelle and Dean have just come out of the diary room, and Hotdgos and Michael have gone straight in. Back in the bedroom Dean says he thought Geneva is the one that got rid of the heads. Michelle says that it must be Hotdogs cause he goes on about it the most. Now Michelle reckons it’s Christie.

1:35am: In the bedroom again, Hotdogs is saying that if he took a head tonight would everyone think of it as a joke!? Michelle says to Hotdogs that if it’s something to do with a prize or something then it’s fine, but if it’s for fun, then she thinks he’s an idiot. Hotdogs says that BB offerred him $25. Hotdogs thinks that perhaps every week someone is asked to do something. He thinks Ang did something during the conveyor belt task, and Geneva this week. Glenn complains of the cabbage smell from Christie. Michelle wants a massage. Hotdohs doesn’t think it looks that difficult. Michelle says that Glenn’s last massage from him was terrible, his hands are too rough. Christie wants some Twix Pods. Glenn and Michelle cuddle up again. Christie says “I think you should get it on!” Christie decides to make Banana Milk, but someone is worried they won’t have enough sugar for other things. Hotdogs says that they will get staples on Sunday so it should be fine. Back to talking about the heads, Michelle says she thinks it’s a past housemate. We head into the reward room where the massage is still going. He finishes up though and Rachael thinks she’ll have a bit of beer and a chuppa chup before falling asleep.

1:50am: Heap of people in the kitchen, they are crowding around Hotdog’s head. He seems to have a pink dot on his head. They don’t think it’s a pimple though. Dean says he might shave his moustache off. Dean says that he can see a hand in the window. Hotdogs says that Dean didn’t show any compasion earlier in the live games when he hit Christie throwing meatballs I presume. He says that if it was anyone else, Hotdogs would have been laughing with him. Dean says he was a bit mean though, cause he just went round laughing at her. The housemates all start laughing cause someone let something fly out of their nose. I’m not quite sure, I might have that wrong. Apologies.

2:05am: Dean and Christie are cleaning up a bit in the kitchen. Dean has an idea involving meat and cooking I think. Christie fills Geneva in on the goss for the night. Christie says that Dave was in the diary room earlier and said that he doesn’t know who he likes. He said to BB that ‘first in best dressed’ in relation to the girls, namely Kate and Geneva I think. Geneva is thinking of backing off. She doesn’t want to stand on another girl’s territory. She says it’s not in her hands. Christie says that Geneva and him had a great convo at the table earlier today. Christie tells her to go up and talk to him. Geneva says he is in Kate’s lap. Christie doesn’t know what she should do now! Geneva is wondering who said they liked him first. Christie says that if she backs off now Christie will think shes a pussy. She doesn’t want to annoy Kate though and get on her bad side. Christie reckons that if she leaves, Kate will make a move on Greg. Christie asks BB for another guy in the house. At 2:17am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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