Day 29

11.48am – Rachael and Tim are spending their last day in the reward room. They are choosing a movie to watch. When they agree on what to do Rachael says “great minds think alike”. Meanwhile the boys are exercising outside and KAate and Michelle are checking out Dave while he skips. Michelle says he has a hot torso, arms, chest. Kate really likes his pecks. David is skipping unaware. Kate says they could just stand there all day. In the reward room Rachael and Tim are watching a sad movie and Rachael is in tears. Christie joins Michelle and Kate in checking out David. They call comment on his pecks again. Christie says “far out!”. They all giggle and laugh at David’s skipping techniques. Outside you can hear them cackling loudly.

In the rewards room Rachael says the movie they just watched hit home hard because she had to leave her family when she was very young. Rachael is in tears and lies on Tim for comfort. Rachael says its hard because she raised her younger brothers and when Rachael left her brothers missed them so much.She feels selfish for leaving. They get up and Tim gives her another comfort hug. Rachael explains how her best friend’s parents got custody of her when she was 14 and it was a happy time because she finally got to live like a teenager. Her new parents also taught her to be the strong person she is today. “Some people doubt themselves so much… there is no such word in the dictionary as can’t, some kids need to be told that or they’re going to doubt themsevles for the rest of their life”. Rachael was scared she’d end up like her mum: getting pregnant early and not having any ambitions.


4.02pm – The boys are playing a game with balls on the checkered floor. In the bedroom the girls are discussing shopping and whether the housemates should have their own present. Michelle’s upper lip is looking especially dark today. Vesna wants to know if they get mouthwash – but Michelle clairfies the present is something personal just to them. Michelle says mouthwash is something you can go without, but Vesna says she’s been using mouthwash since she was 12. Michelle says it’s not a necessity. Amid the boys playing their game Vesna goes to the diary room. She tells Big Brother Michelle was out of line about the mouthwash incident. Vesna says Michelle is being downright selfish – “I feel like I’m in high school and she’s one of those girls who has control over the other girls and tells you want you can do and what you can’t do”. Christie is in the bedroom now and says all the girls have gotten so close. Geneva says they will all be the girls who go get coffee…. except Michelle. In the kitchen Rachael is talking to Michael about who she likes. She feels she’s not getting all that close with everyone. She says Kate is being understanding only out of obligation for playing the game.

8.14pm – It’s time to go Michael. He chuckles and gives the girls a hug. Rachael starts crying loudly immediately, much to the confusion of the other housemates. Instead of saying goodbye at the stairs while the other housemates cheer Michael on, she walks around and sits on the couch. Geneva is in the toilet crying about Michael. Michelle jokes about how Rachael “knew Michael so well”. Rachael comes over to the boys outside and asks if the twins want to take over as shopper chef. They say they need 15 minutes or so and will discuss it later. Rachael gets offended and storms back inside. Christie says she can’t work out why Rachael was so upset about Michael leaving “she so weird, shes so weird!”. Tim says she probably has an interesting background and should be given a chance. Rachael goes into the bedroom and cries on a bed. Christie outside says she will leave Geneva for now. This whole time Geneva has been in the toilet crying about the loss of Michael.


8.31pm – It’s been 10 minutes since the eviction. Christie says they need to talk about the personal $10. Rachael says she can’t add anything because when Christie wants to bring up the topic it’s ok but when Rachael wants to bring it up it’s a problem.

Dean: “When some one just gets evicted you dont run up and say who wants to do shopper/chef, thats just dumb”

Rachael: “Oh sorry is it dumb to you is it?”

Dean: “Yep, it is”

Rachael: “And your opinion means absolutely jack shit to me”

Dean: “Just telling you what everyone thinks”

Rachael: “Just because you think its dumb, how am I dumb?”

Dean: “You didn’t think”

Rachael: “I don’t really know who the fuck you think you are though coming up and saying that though” (some one gasps) “I’m not just going to let it rest, sorry, I’m not that sort of person”

Dean and Rachael go into the bedroom to continue their conversation. Dean says it’s “crocodile tears”. Rachael asks for everyone to leave them in the bedroom. Rach says for starters it wasn’t crocodile tears, she has genuine feelings for Michael.

Rachael: “Your arrogance towards me, and the way that you treat me is not appreciated one bit, okay. And its making everyone else in the house dislike me because of the way that I’m treating you and the way that you’re treating me. For you to come and say something like that, that my actions were dumb, you’ve got no right to okay. I only came out and asked the twins that because I thought nobody would be able to eat dinner until I had appointed some one else shopper chef to cook dinner for tonight, or to take over the actions for tonight. Now whats your opinion on the situation and why are you being such a rude jerk to everyone?”

Dean: “I’m not being a rude jerk to anyone, at all”

Rachael: “Well as soon as you get on your high horse about something, you turn to arrogance and rudeness. I don’t think its very nice at all”

Dean: “Only to you, because I don’t like you”

Rachael: “Okay, well as far as I’m concerned keep your opinions to yourself…”

Dean: “I will always voice my opinions, I will always voice my opinions, whenever I feel like it, so… thats just pointless saying that”

Rachael: “Well… feel free… well.. you just need to know that I will express my opinions back no matter how much it affects the other group and just know that you saying stuff like that, that I’m dumb and me reacting…”

Dean: “I didn’t say you were dumb, don’t put words in it”

Rachael: “My actions were dumb, whatever. Reguardless of the fact…”

Dean: “You can raise your voice, see, thats an immature thing to do. If you want to talk about something, talk about it in a civil manner you don’t need to raise your voice”

Rachael: “You still said my actions were dumb…”

Dean: “Breathe and think before you speak”

Rachael: “Listen, you still said my actions were dumb which is basically saying that I’m dumb”

Dean: “Every time you open your mouth stupidity comes out”

Rachael: “… you don’t know much about life do you? I’m sure I’ve experienced a lot more than you have”

Dean: “Do you think? Do you honestly think so?”

Rachael: “I do”

Dean: “Yeah? Well thats quite interesting, because some one thats experienced a lot, obviously you don’t show it. You really dont. Life experiences give you the best lessons and that aint coming through with you.

In the kitchen Glenn is trying to listen in on the argument with a glass to the bedroom door. Tim says Rachael has had a hard life, as Rachael told him earlier. Vesna says no one in the house knows about her past but she doesn’t carry on like Rachael is. Kate says they need to be lenient as a group because Rachael’s coping mechanism might not be as strong as Vesna’s.

Dean: “When you say stuff, it might not be portrayed the way you think you’re saying it”.

Rachael: “Thats exactly the same with you”

Dean: “Oh, well thats fine because I haven’t had any…”

Rachael: “You just dont’ care about people’s feelings it that right?”

Dean: “No, not at all. I just haven’t had any complains about the way that I have.”

Rachael: “Well why were you up for nominations then? I fine that really funny to…”

Dean: “Mate, thats fine. It doesn’t worry me, the whole fact that you passed this”.

Rachael: “The fact that you think you’re not affecting the group is very very silly”

Dean takes Rachael outside and asks the group if he is affecting the group through the way he talks to Rachael. Geneva has come out of the toilet but hears the argument that has now spilled into the kitchen and decides not to venture out any further. Kate wants to play mediator and says it has obviously started off badly, and from now just make an effort to agree to disagree.

Rachael: “So you agree to minimise your comments about me infront of the whole group?”

Dean: “I just don’t want anything to do with you, I don’t like you”

Rachael: “The feelings mutual baby”

Dean: “Lets rest it at that”

Tim asks if the two can start again. Rachael says definately not – Dean has made that plain and clear.

Rachael: “He doesn’t want a reconciliation, he doesn’t care how it affects the group”

Dean: “I can’t believe you’re so immature, with all the experience you say you’ve had. It’s just mind boggling, it really really is. Really is.

Greg says the twins would be happy to be shopper chef. Rachael agrees. Dean has taken Kate into the bedroom to bitch about Rachael even more.

Dean: “You know the bit that shits me, because of conflict. That will make people give people an easier reason to vote for me. I’ve got so much I want to say but I’m butting right out.”

Kate says it won’t affect him one little bit.


8.45pm – Hotdogs wants to have a spa, and invites other housemates. Geneva is in tears still, and Kate says she is allowed to be. Kate gives her a comfort hug. In the living room Tim is telling Rachael she should take a chance to meet everyone one-on-one this coming week. Tims says he knows its hard in the house. Rachael says he thinks he speaks for the group. Dean goes into the bedroom and gives Geneva a comfort hug. Geneva says she can’t believe Rachael made the night about herself. Dean agrees, but stops talking when Rachael comes into the bedroom and starts changing. Dean says “you will see him again soon”. Geneva says out of all the housemates she was the one who loved him the most. Rachael leaves and Geneva says she wasn’t even part of the argument but it still made her upset. Meanwhile Rachael is in the spa along, crying. In the bedroom Christie says she is feeling like kicking Rachael out of her bed, or wants to swap beds with Tim so the girls (except Rachael) will be together. Tim says he’ll do whatever.

11.45pm – Kate, Michelle, Geneva and Christie will be at one end of the bedroom and Rachael is down the other end near Dean. In the bathroom David is saying Dean will be pissed Rachael is so close to him in the bedroom now. Dean comes into the bedroom and David jokes that he’ll swap with Rachael so she’s sleeping with Dean. Tim is just doing whats needed to keep calm for tonight. Dean and David say Tim can jump on their bed anytime to have a discussion, now that he will be away from them.

In the bedroom Michelle gives Glenn a goodnight kiss. Tim asks Rachael how she’s going. Later after Christie says goodnight, Rachael is still awake, looking upset.

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