Day 53

8.16am – It’s a very rainy morning in the Big Brother house. The male students are up in the kitchen, commenting on how Queensland has let them down with the weather. Dean says it’s not QLD – it’s their attitude that has brought on the bad weather. Big Brother announces that school kids must not swear – Logan Greg must go to the blackboard and write “Rome wasn’t built in a day” 25 times. The boys laugh at him. Greg stands up and David swears. Big Brother says Greg must write “prevention is better than cure” 25 times. Greg yells that it was David who swore. The boys giggle. Greg is going to dispute it. In the bedroom Christie wonders where BB gets all his sayings. Big Brother announces that Logan David must write “the F word is for juvenile delinquents” 25 times. Logans must do their punishment together. The boys line up at the blackboard and try to agree to stick to their own side to write. David gets annoyed and while telling Greg to move he swears again. Big Brother annouces that any punishment dealt to one Logan will now be doubled and performed by both Logans. Greg is not happy. Greg must now also write what David was issued. David starts yelling at Greg to move onto his side of the blackboard again.

School eventually starts for the day and the students line up outside with the Australian flag. They say good morning to Big Brother. Greg’s uniform is not on properly. Big Brother says their dormatories are discraceful. They must all go inside for a group detention and then must clean their rooms. Hotdogs raises the flag while the students mumble and BB tells them to be quiet. Detention starts inside. They must fold their arms, sit straight and look foward without saying anything. Some one squeeks their shoes on the wet floor. BB demands to know who is doing it. The students giggle before Glenn puts his hand up. He must go to the dunces corner. The rest of the students try to sit silently but Glenn is laughing to himself. BB instructs Glenn to turn around and give a 1 minute speech on doorknobs:

“Doorknobs are a necessity in the world today. Um.. some say a doorknob is a bit like a woman… (the rest is bleeped out)”.

The boys all start laughing. Big Brother says that it totally inappropriate and the boys burst into fits of laughter, particularly David. Class is dismissed – they must now go to the dormatories and clean them.


9.33am – Rooms are now clean, and the students are waiting for BB’s approval. Big Brother says the dormatories must be in this condition before any assembly this week. They go on recess. Over a house discussion, Dean thinks they will be getting a celebrity visitor tonight. Hotdogs would like a male celebrity to come in so he could watch the girls go crazy. Class begins and they all sit down – Vesna tells the boys to shutup. This afternoon’s lesson is history.

Question 1. What do Stanley Bruce, Chris Reed, Stan Watson and Billy McMan have in common?
Glenn answers “are they poets?”. That is incorrect. David answers “inventors”. That is incorrect. Tim answers “they were all prime ministers of the commonwealth of Australia”. That is correct. Dean gives Tim a suspicious look.

Question 2. The following 11 names are known as what…. Tim puts his hand up after the 3rd name. BB asks if anyone knows the answer besides Tim. Eventually Tim answers “they were the ships of the first fleet”. Tim “brags” sarcastically that one of his ancestors was on a ship”. Kate laughs. That is correct – “of course Big Brother cannot comment on your ancestors”.

Question 3. Who said “let them eat cake”?
Vesna: “jesus christ”. That is incorrect. Again, Tim is the only student with his hand up. Marie Antwonette. That is correct.

Christie says “well done, you must really read a lot”. David adds “he’s got no friends”. Big Brother says that was an appauling history lesson. BB suggests students spend more time with Tim. David says “thats punishment sir!”. The housemates start band practice. Kate is attempting to conduct but the boys won’t get into place. They practice the anthem – it sounds really bad.

6.28pm – Housemates are having family discussion over dinner. Vesna’s topic is the male housemates should stop calling her names. Christie says the boys are scrutinising the girls and they should treat Vesna with more respect. The boys all scoff together the entire time. Kate says “Ves, I love you but sometimes the name calling is ok because they are having fun, they are having a joke”. Dean says the “Big Mumma” name wasn’t because of her weight it was because of her kitchen-oriented personality. Vesna says she has struggled with her weight a lot and these names hurt her. Glenn says his jokes are his way of showing affection. David says if he gets called a name he will swing it right back. Vesna says when they made it up it was a weight thing. The word ‘big’ hurts her really deep. “It’s picking on my weaknesses… and I dont like it”. The dinner table is silent.


8.12pm – Intruder alert. Vesna screams and jumps around. Soon enough Rita walks in through the games area doors into the backyard. Vesna and Christie run outside to greet her. They cuddle her and say welcome. Next is Heath, who seems to have Glenn’s full attention the entire time. Finally Melanie enters and is greeted by Vesna and Tim. Hotdogs says this is madness, and comments the house is full again. The housemates all exchange greetings. Glenn quickly “checks out” Melanie. Christie and Melanie have birthdays next to each other (8th and 9th of January). Later the boys quiz Heath on sports. He likes footy and roots for Gelong. Christie shows Melanie the girls bedroom and they agree to sleep in the same bed. All the girls exchange where they are from – there are quite a few from Melbourne. Kate asks “where are all the Perth people!?”.

Vesna asks Melanie if she hates girls who complain about their weight all the time.. she does. Vesna adds that Melanie is going to have to get used to her then because she is constantly talking about her figure. Melanie says she is a promotional model and works to pay through uni. Later Melanie says boys are a waste of space and a waste of time. Kate is defendant: Melanie will like the boys in this house. Meanwhile Tim, Hotdogs and Heath go into the diary room. BB asks how their first moments are. Tim can’t remember he’s been in so long. Heath answers “stunning, overwhelming”. Tim says two beautiful girls and one strapping young man. They are all Victorians. Hotdogs says having 3 new intruders is very interesting and a good DJ can mix it up. He (Heath) is going to be good value. Heath gives Big Brother a clap as they leave the diary room.

Rita asks the girls if anyone has “got it on” yet? The girls tell them of Christie and Greg. Rita comments that the boys keep looking at Melanie through the open bedroom doorway. Rita is paranoid about being surrounded by such skinny girls. Melanie was close to vomiting in nervousness tonight.


8.54pm – The girls are all come to the diary room. They are all screaming and laughing. BB annouces there aren’t enough sleeping places in the male bedroom. The girls get to chose which male HM become a token female HM. Vesna wants Hotdogs but they say no. They decide maybe Heath.. but they don’t know him all that well. Vesna still wants Hotdogs but Kate says them two together gives her the shits because they just ignore the rest of the world. At the last minute they decide to make Dean the token female out of punishment. They all cheer and clap. Christie says “imagine Dean without Dave” – or vice versa! Dean must sleep with Vesna. The girls all emerge from the diary room and line up infront of the boys who are on the couch. Big Brother annouces there will be a token female. The girls then scream that its Dean. He smiles and buries his head in his hands but when he finds out he’ll be sleeping with Vesna he screams “noooo!”. Dean says he will sleep on the couch. BB tells him to pack his bags now and move to the girls bedroom. He says to Vesna “I dont’ like you, why would I sleep with you.. just joking”.

In the boys bedroom Dean said he knew he was going to be picked. David is hovering as company. David says Dean has to fill him in on any of the gossiping going on in that bedroom.

9.35pm – Heath is getting into the spa with Glenn. Heath can’t explain the feeling of coming into the Big Brother house. All the boys seem decent. They both agree Tim is “real good value”. Heath likes all the girls too.. including Vesna. Glenn comments that Vesna needs to chill… but she wanted a young surfy intruder so “look out, mate”.

11.21pm – Logan twins and Logan Tim come to the diary room. Greg says it was an excellent job on the intruders: “one out of three”. Apparently Tim has a soft spot for Heath. Tim comments that Rita is a great girl. David’s favourite is Mel, but he is reminded she doesn’t like redheads. Greg says he is not like his brother – he is going to give it time before he picks a favourite.

David inspects his muscles.


11.16pm – Dean and David are having a semi-naked D&M in the sauna. They both agree Rita and Mel are nice… but they haven’t worked out Heath yet. Multiple times they comment that Heath is suspicous… and “that Mel chick” is nice.

Meanwhile a lot of housemates are crammed into the spa. Vesna is on Heath’s lap and he is giving her a shoulder massage. In the living room Dean explains he thought they would have had different intruders. Dean doesn’t know who he’d vote to go. David wonders if that will happen. People wouldn’t agree with Dean’s choice, he thinks. Realistically Dean doesn’t want to go before the intruders.. but it might happen… maybe this week. Naturally David doesn’t want Dean to go. In the bedroom Vesna says she doesn’t like Melanie because of her comment before that she worked very hard for her body, yet kept dismissing the idea of exercise in a later conversation. Vesna says “she hasn’t worked a day in her life for her body”. Melanie enters the bedroom and Vesna is silent. Mel exchanges some talk with Christie about shaving and unpacking. Melanie comments to Vesna the situation is bizarre… Vesna doesn’t respond.

Christie is giving David a facial in the bathroom. They discuss the intruders: David is impartial with the intruders… except maybe for Heath. Kate defends Heath. Heath reminds Christie of “Zoolander ugooggily”. She reassures David that the original boys are hotter than Heath.

Glenn is on the couch with Mel and Vensa by his sides. They discuss crying. Glenn doesn’t cry at all, so he says. Vesna is used to crying because she does it so much. Mel is good at managing her own anger – its only at extremes that she loses her cool, but she doesn’t think she is good a verbal abuse. Vesna proudly comments she is.

Back in the bathroom David says he is being standoffish to the intruders. Kate understands: “its like free game – he will straight away like Christie”. David says that if Heath goes for Christie then Greg will pull him straight into line.


2.01am – Rita is in the bathroom “inspecting” her fellow housemates. Dean tells Rita to feel Greg… so she does. Greg doesn’t really like having his muscles groped like this. Greg lets her feel his ass though. In the living room Heath comments the house is so much smaller than what it looks like on TV. Hotdogs is going to bed and gives Kate a kiss goodnight, to which Vesna screams “what about me!?”. Hotdogs goes to give her a kiss but she leans away. Eventually she lets him growl on her neck and he also gives her a kiss on her chest.

Christie is now giving Dean a facial in the bathroom and has some gossip to pass on: There’s a thing going on between Kate and Greg. Christie comments that Greg is so not her type of guy, but he’s Kate’s type of guy. Christie is much more interested in David, and it’s almost like a twin partner swap. Dean thinks Christie should just ask David for whatever… and he’d much rather hear if there’s any gossip going on about himself. Christie relays “well Vesna is attracted to you… how does that make you feel?”. Dean lets out an annoyed grunt, and adds “she makes me feel uncomfortable”.

3.25am – Some of the girls are finally going to bed. Christie and Rita hug and kiss each other goodnight. In the boys room David explains the girls are so nice to their faces but really their a bit bitchy. Heath and David both exchange small banter about how girls are complicated and its hard living with them all the time. Dean, who is now in bed with Vesna, has set up a barrier of pillows and blanket between him and Vesna. He says he is “nesting”. Vesna says “I hate you… hate you long time”. She puts her arm out on Dean’s side of the bed on purpose, and after many attempts at moving it back, Dean says “jeez you’re a brat”.

“Don’t touch me Dean… and don’t breathe in the south-easterly direction”.

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