Day 53 Uplate

12:36am: Dave & Vesna on the couch. Dave tells them the storm is over, and it will sunny tomorrow. He says it won’t be very hot though. Dave tells Vesna again it will be sunny. She wants to bet 30 minutes of solid kissing on that it won’t be. They stop talking about that, and discuss why they picked Dean to move into the girls room. Dave says to whoever it was (Mel I think) who went to the diary room to get the Ipod. Back to Vesna who says she wanted Hotdogs to sleep with the girls. But the others thought that wouldn’t be fun, so they chose Dean because he doesn’t want to sleep with other girls. Dave says they are spliting the two of them up. Mel gets back from the diary room and says BB said no to the Ipod. Heap of housemates watch Rita do these exercises. All of them are laughing. She gets to 60 and breaks Geneva’s record! They are saying come in spinner, but I have no idea why. Ahh I get it now! Christie stands there and they have to go under her arm and sway from side to side, going left and right of the arm, with their eyes closed. Of course Christie leaves as soon as they have their eyes closed and they just watch them doing it. Heath does 32 and then stops. Christie bangs a spoon on Glenn’s head and he says it really hurt. Dave & Christie play flick each others nose game. Christie gets better as the game progresses, but decides to stop when her nose starts hurting. They start telling the intruders what happens during School tomorrow. Heath reckons it will be hard not to swear, but Mel reckons she doesn’t swear too much. Christie farts and sends it over to Mel who is next to her on the couch. Mel reckons it’s a shocking smell. Christie says that she doesn’t fart outside, it’s just the food. Christie and Vesna go to Dave’s arm and squeeze the zits on it.

1:04am: Dean & Greg talking to intruders about the calendar task. They say it was a great task. Kate chips in now and asks about all the tasks, they go through with them. Hotdogs tells Tim that someone isn’t going to sleep with him, and he should move on! Dogs says Heath is going to move in with him, and Greg will have to sleep with his brother seeing Dean has been sentenced to the other room. Into the bathroom, Dave brushing his teeth. Back to the couch. Heath telling a story to Greg, Dogs, Dean & Kate. Absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Talking about his tattoo’s I think, saying one took 6 hours or something, or a 6 hour session. He says that if you touch him where his big tattoo is, it’s just bone. He tells them about his friend who has one which weaves over his body.

1:16am: Glenn wonders how many battery changes they would have done. He asks Timmy. They are all changing batteries now. Rita wonders how long they’ve been in the house. SHe’s tired. Christie in the bathroom with Greg. She says she is a bit dissapointed. She’s giving him a facial. Dean comes in. Greg says it’s too crowded out there. Dean wonders whether to keep the beard or not. Christie and Greg both reckon that he should keep it. He says he’ll keep it till Saturday. Dean says he is ready for bed. Dean says he is going to stay out of the comotion a bit this week, until the eviction announcement. Christie starts singing the national anthem. Greg says that it’s impossible to have a conversation out there at the moment. He says there is plenty of time for that. Christie says the whole dynamics will change now. Vesna walks into the bathroom with her eyes closed, saying she wants to SEE whats it’s like being blind. Kate comes to check out whats going on as well.

1:29am: Up in the kitchen, Heath, Tim & Vesna playing with tuna. Heath explains that the tuna is packed full of protein, so he should have half a tin before the workout, have the workout and then come and have the rest of it. He says it’s important to have protein after a workout. Vesna says she was really into protein and gym stuff back in her day. Heath has some tuna that Vesna has prepared. Back to the bathroom. Kate says that she thinks the girls will be great together. She says the new ones aren’t the bitchy type. Kate reckons they are good choices. Kate also says that Heath is a good choice. She says she is not attracted to him, and wouldn’t kiss him. Christie says the original boys are hotter. Greg says that Mel said they were all good looking when she came in, and they were shocked by that. Christie reinterates what she is doing with his face. She tells him to keep it on to sleep. She tells him to start putting sunscreen on his lips. He agrees.

1:43am: Glenn tells them that it seems everyone is from Victoria. Greg things it’s call that people in here have friends who other people in here know. Dogs has a look at Mel’s photos. Glenn is telling a footy story. Mel says she went to China a couple of weeks ago and saw the V8’s and has photo’s of it. They talk about Shanghai’s city life and how good shopping is etc. Mel says she is exhausted and is a party pooper. Greg and Glenn tell her that there are tired too. Glenn asks where Melanie goes swimming down at Phillip Island. Mike cuts in.

1:55am: Heath is talking to Kate. He says they don’t know how long they could be in here for, they were told they could be out tomorrow. He reckons that he is a bit of a pyschic or something. He says he’ll tell Kate some things if he sticks around for a while. He says the house is great, but so small compared to what he thought. Dogs in the background says that he is not going to talk to Vesna for 4 and a half weeks. 30 seconds later, he has spoken to her after giving Kate a kiss goodnight. He goes and gives Vesna a big kiss. Glenn wonders if he should join in. Vesna wonders what they are doing in there (boys bedroom?) Glenn says that he and Mel can catch up on Phillip Island over summer, they start talking surfing. Glenn tells Mel that he hasn’t seen family for ages, saying he started, about a month before he came in, going around Australia with a best mate.

2:08am: Someone wants to play spin the bottle. Dave recounts that when he and his brother swapped with each other they both got a night to play spin the bottle. He explains how hard it was to exchange so much information in such a short period. He explains that they had a fully stocked fridge though, and that they got about a minute or say of daylight a day within the isolation room. Cut to Hotdogs and Greg. Dogs says that he thinks Dean might clash with Heath. He goes onto say that Heath had definately been watching, because as soon as he walked in and sat down he was spinning out cause he was in the TV in actual fact. Heath comes in and asks about the lights, and Dogs asks him to turn the lights out! He asks about the split room now. Greg says it was so much better when it was an open room. Heath asks about the showers. Dogs says he hates it, he has gone from 3 showers a day back home to one every couple of days. Greg says that he should try and get up and have a hot shower every morning.

2:20am: Heath talking to Dogs and Greg about body muscle and weights etc. Heath says he wasted 2 years of his life knowing everything about weights and muscle etc. Heath starts talking about one of his mates who has a huge back or something. Absolute rubbish conversation. He’s fully into this protein crap by the sound of it. Finally cut back to Dean, Christie and Mel. Dave is there too. Dave asks how she got the call. Dean says not to answer it. She is in promotions, through heaps of agencies she says. She says there is heaps of work. Turns out she was in China for work purposes. Christie asks if Michelle was talking about a V8 competition. Mel says you win heaps of stuff. She says a lot of the people just don’t have their head on their shoulder. Dean tells about another comp that his housemate runs yearly. Mel says she loved China. Dean reveals he is half Croation. Christie says she is from Mirisa (sp?). Dean says she is full of shit. Christie says that she wants the Ipod. She says they are suprised that they came in so late, but there are only four weeks left. Better thing again guys, there is more than 4 weeks. Dean says that Sundays are good, he says he likes when people get evicted. Christie says Monday’s aren’t good. Dean asks Christie if she farted again. She says yep. Mel says she is going to call her cabbage as well, she says she wasn’t totally sure they would smell that bad but they do. Christie and Mel go into their bedroom and talk sunglasses. Dean comes in and asks to swap beds because he wants to get her pissed off. I suppose it’s Vesna. At 2:35am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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