Day 52 Uplate

12:07am: In the boys bedroom. Glenn mentions it was funny the bird flying in earlier. Dave says that Greg swears a lot. He is asked how many lines he’s done, and Dave replies 175. Dave asks Glenn, and he has only done 25. They start talking about masturbating. The guys can’t believe Tim hasn’t yet. Dean says that if he went through the whole thing without doing it he would be able to get great money from Porn movie people. Glenn says that he said to Dave the other day that there would be a lot of wanking in the toilet, and saucehead had said ‘even in the bed!’. Glenn asks who told him a story about someone shitting on a girls face during the night. Dean says it was him, but it wasn’t shit, it was toothpaste because the first thing they do when they wake up in rub their eye and make it sting. Dean farts in the bed and says he did it out the side, but it still stinks, and Dean says to Dave that they are even now. Dave calls someone Monty, and everyone cracks up. Dean says he finally got a good joke out. Someone shouts out SHUT UP to Christie next door, because she is telling them to be quiet. Dean tells them that one of the first nights they thought one of them looked like the spiting image of John Foreman. It’s Tim. Back after Mike’s rambling on and everyone looks like they are going to try to get to sleep now.

Nothing else happens in the whole show. Intruders will spice it up tomorrow night, so stay tuned!

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