Day 52

9.00am – School time! The kids are getting dress for school and when the school bell rings they all line up outside at arms length for the morning assembly. Greg has a little trouble raising the Australian flag. Big Brother says good morning to the students. The students respond like children “Good morning Big Bruthaaah”. BB says “we’ll try that again, good morning school”. “Good morning Big Brother”. “Time for role call”.

Christie… Present
Dean… PRES-NT!
Glenn… Plesant!
Hotdogs… Pwesant!
Kate… Present
Logan David… PRASANT
Logan Greg… PRES-NT!

Logan Greg… Present. (Kate laughs)
Tim… Present
Vesna… Present

Greg is told to raise the flag. The students all sing the Australian anthem. Hotdogs is looking especially patriotic, with his hand over his chest. BB: “Dean, you should not sing the national anthem wearing a hat, that is 25 lines on the blackboard of ‘I will not wear a hat during assembly’. No earings may be worn during school hours. Vesna gives an angry grunt when she realises she is wearing earings. You will write out ‘no earings my be worn in school’ 25 times. Students then move into the classroom for today’s morning lesson.

9.29am – Vesna is writing her 25 lines on the blackboard when the bell rings for class. They sit down and Vesna comments the chairs are very cold. Big Brother says good morning to the students. The students all say “good morning Big Brothaah”. This mornings lesson is english.

Question 1, back row settle down. How do you spell embarrasing? Kate puts her hand up, stands up and says E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-I-N-G. That is incorrect. Tim puts his hand up next and says E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-I-N-G. That is correct.

How many letters in the english alphabet. Glenn stands up and says 69. The class laughs. BB tells Glenn to put on the dunce’s cap and stand in the corner. The students all laugh at him and BB must tell the class to settle down.

In the sentence “This is Big Brother”, which word is a noun? Christie answers “is”. That is incorrect. Tim answers next and says “Brother” that is correct. Christie says “isn’t a noun a doing word?”.

The lesson finishes. All kids are on recess until the afternoon bell.


11.33am – students are on recess (in the lounge room). Vesna is doing a skippy dance number in her school outfit. She asks the boys if they like it. Dean says “getting into it Ves?”. Vesna says if she sits down and relaxes she’s going to fall asleep so thats why she is up and dancing. She exclaims “is that ok with everyone here!?”. Kate says yes on behalf of the group and “you can do whatever you like”. Dean then says “no she cant!”. Vesna says “who’s got a problem with people doing what they want?”. Greg exclaims he can’t think because of Vesna’s talking. Vesna says “do I have a problem with you when you act like an A-hole? NO!”. David comes to his brother’s defence “leave him alone what did he ever do to you?”. Vesna says “he told me to stop doing what I’m doing! Why don’t you keep out of it.. DAY-VID”. David says she is annoying him and Vesna responds “you annoy me alot of the time”. David says “I don’t annoy THE GROUP a lot of the time”. “Oh ok, so you’re perfect David you don’t do anything huh? You’re perfect. So I just gotta be like the group and just be another robot and just do whatever the group does I gotta do it too”. The boys all moan at Vesna. Ves goes sarcastic “shutup Ves, yeah Ves just shut up”.

Vesna smiles and it seems she’s happy now because she’s pulling the elastic out of her dress and says “I’m called.. the elastic girl! I could be like an elastic girl off…” she does an elastic girl dance. Greg and Glenn say thats off the Incredibles. David says elastic girl’s arms don’t come out like what Vesna is doing. Vesna tells him to just pretend they do. Glenn grabs her elastic and she says “Are you in danger Glenn?… I’ll save you!!”. She does super hero moves with wooshy sound effects. Hotdogs laughs to himself and says “I want to put a cape on… SuperDogs”. Hotdogs stands up and wraps one of the BB school band banners around him as a cape and starts pulling super hero moves. Christie joins in and she’s “skipping rope girl”. Kate and Dean watch on, unimpressed. Hotdogs runs outside flying with his cape. Christie follows skipping behind with a skip rope. Meanwhile inside the other students are being overly-mature (ahuh). Greg says “what are they doing!?”. Dean stands up and says “Well its two people that love looking at themselves, and Christie”. The three BB superheroes are running around the backyard singing the national anthem.

1.07pm – The students are outside playing paper scissors rock when the school bell rings. They all run inside for class screaming. Glenn shoves Tim onto some beanbags and the other students exclaim “thats bullying!”. Big Brother says good afternoon to the students. Kate can’t stop laughing so Big Brother asks her if there is something funny. Still laughing she says “no Big Brother”. Behind her, Greg makes a fart noise. This afternoon’s lesson is geography.

Question 1, What is the capital of New Zealand? Christie says Christchurch? That is incorrect. David says Auckland. That is incorrect. Dean says Wellington. That is correct.

What is the longest river in the wolrd? Lots of hands shoot up. Tim is looking especially eager to answer the question.

At this point my DRV recorder picks up laughing, but its not coming from inside the house. It sounds like the camera crew have burst out laughing at Tim.

Tim says the Amazon. That is incorrect. Kate says the Nile. That is correct.

What is the highest mountain in the world? Tim whispers to Greg “everest”. Greg says everest. BB asks him if a classmate whispered the answer to him. Greg says “no… he told me he loved me sir”. “I couldn’t understand him anyway Big Brother, he told me Kosiosko”. Greg is passing a ball between his hands and Christie says “you shouldn’t have balls in class”. Greg passes it to Glenn who puts it on the floor. “Which housemate whispered something to you Greg”. “It was Tim!”. Greg points straight at Tim who smiles nervously. Tim must line 25 lines of “silence is golden”. Greg must stand in the corner and put the dunces cap on. “Class there will be no cheating in this classroom”.

What is the smallest continent in the world? Vesna is called even though she doesn’t have her hand up. She looks annoyned and murmers.. Austria. The students all silently gasp at the obvious mistake. That is incorrect. Hotdogs says Australia and smiles with schoolboy glee. The bell goes and class is dismissed.


3.48pm – Kate has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. She says she needs to talk… I’m struggling with 2 girls… really struggling. I think its the same both ways – nothing against them. I’m not here to be a bitch, its just to simply point out that we are completely different people in the way that I’m going insane being with them all the time. It’s like so hard to talk about things and just watching them I’m just… uuuh. so much so that I’d be kinda excited if I leave on Sunday. And I feel guilty.

Kate emergest and goes into the bedroom. Christie asks “whats new”. She says “dunno”. Christie says Kate had a really big diary entry. Kate says things things are crazy “I think I have major insecurity issues that I never realised I had before. Its always the confident ones and I can always pick it with other people but not myself. I’m getting to the stage where I’m sick of being bossy, sick of being a control freak, sick of always having to be right, that’s a lot of me, that’s me and if I’m sick of all these things then I’m sick of me”. Christie says “I think people would perceive you as princessy”. Christie explains her first impression was stuck up and snobby. Kate says they have accepted they are different, but she is finding it hard with Christie. Christie does too because Kate has the boys and there is a lot of pushing-away going on when whoever spends time with the boys. Kate says thats fair.

Outside Vesna is cooking and Dean “its good that you know how to cook that one dish pretty well”. The boys laugh at her. Vesna gives Dean dirty looks. He tells her to take a joke (yet more of his double standards!). Vesna says “yeah but you know I get offended very easily yet you still do it”. Hotdogs butts in and says “oh so its ok when you joke about us?”. (bastard). Vesna says “when are you just going to leave it!?”. Dean repeats what she said is a childish immature voice.

Suddenly a bird flies right into the house and Vesna screams and says “oh my god”. Dean tries to stir her up by yelling “WATCH OUT VES, VES WATCH OUT!”. Vesna runs towards the bedroom. Some of the boys go to open up the outside doors so it can fly back out again. Vesna is still screaming. She hide behind th ebedroom door. The bird eventually lands in the kitchen and rests. Glenn tries to capture him with a blanket, and eventually does. He takes the blanket outside and lets the bird free. They close the doors behind him. He places the blanket down on the ground and the bird flies away. Tim comes up to Greg and jokes “are you ok.. you were looking a bit stressed”. Greg starts wrestling Tim.


8.35pm – Christie is so tired, and Tim tells her to go to bed. She is tired because she is bored. Most of the housemates are going to bed early because of school. Tim is talking to Kate about new people. She says they need new people. Kate is called to the diary room. Big Brother says as winner of FNL she is to allocate chores to the housemates. He asks what she thinks of the current state of housekeeping in the house. Kate says the house is untidy. BB tells her to call all HMs to the lounge and read to them the housekeeper duty statement. All HMs must remain on the lounge until the housekeeper completes those duties. Kate emerges from the diary room and gathers the housemates one by one. The girls aren’t very happy about this. Christie comes out not wearing a top on. Kate reads the housekeeper duty statements while Hotdogs blinks tired. Chrsitie says “we could be here for hours”. Hotdogs gets crackign on taking out the trash. Christie explains her dream that there were four female intruders and wasn’t told. She had a bitch fight with the girls. Glenn asks “how many girls did I have?”. Kate says “one sweedish and one brazillian”. Glenn says “yesss… its a preminition”. Meanwhile Hotdogs is dusting the outside mats.

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