Day 51 Uplate

12:03am: In the boys room, Greg trying to get to sleep or asleep. Cut to the girls room, where the girls (Kate & Christie) are waking up Vesna and telling her it’s morning and they need to get up for school (this week’s task). While this is occuring the guys lights go out and the girls don’t understand why they haven’t got their lights out. Christie and Kate try to block the windows seperating the two rooms with a doona. Christie says she can see Glenn’s ass. Kate tells Vesna that they had a vote while she was asleep and they reckon she should go to the diary room and get 2 AA batteries. She gets up as if to go, and we cut to the boys room where they are all quiet. Back with the girls, well just on Kate now, cause the other two are headed for the diary room. She sings to herself to amuse herself. She is laughing to herself a bit, and when we cut back to Mike it’s implied she is playing with some kind of massage instrument. Back with Kate who seems to be just lying in bed waiting for the girls to return with some batteries.

12:25am: Kate is laughing. Christie says herfeet are tingly. Kate is finished ‘playing’, saying she could do it a 1000 times. Kates says 51 times and she has done it. Christie sings a song about it. Vesna asks where the light is coming from. Christie says the guys, but she doesn’t care. Kate says she is going to go again, and Christie says she will too, but needs some time. Kate says she is ready for rounds 2-6. Christie says that Kate can’t get the grin off her face. Kate wants the guys to turn the light out ’cause I want to masturbate.’ Now Kate tries to shine a light into the guys room.

12:38am: Christie says “imagine what a full root is going to feel like.” Christie asks Kate if they were in the reward room if Kate would try the electric toothbrush. She says yeh. Christie says in the bath though. Kate, very practically, says that that would cause an electric shock. Christie says she has done it before (Heck I don’t doubt her!). Christie is missing spooning. Kate says she doesn’t spoon with girls. Kate wonders if BB will supply them with lunchboxes. Christie wants an LCM, actually maybe thats Kate. They both agree that they are great regardless. Christie starts a round of goodnights off.

Nothing else happens for the entire show.

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