Day 51

7.53am – This is Big Brother. Farmhand you must feed the animals. Kate promised Dean she would get up and help him (she assured the chores). Dean is up and ready and Kate emerges from the bedroom in a mess. He tells her to go back to bed. Tim comes out to help Dean – t hey are both rugged up for the cold weather. They discuss the possibly sunny weather. Meanwhile lights are coming on in the bedroom and Christie says Dean is acting weird. Kate says its because he is angry she made him farm hand. Christie says he is playing Kate, trying to make her feel bad for assigning the chore to him – “he has a vindictive side”. Vesna is called the diary room and given a letter for the other housmates. Dean and Tim are joking that its “all about the assistant” when feeding the animals.

Shopping time. They have lost $40 000 in prize money since last week. The shopping budget is now reduced by $40. They have $275 to spend. Greg asks Vesna what she thinks of the video message business. She says she won’t say anything. Glenn says he doesn’t think anyone needs it – they signed up to be away from people 3 months. Christie – she says she doesn’t want it, she needs it or else she is going to crack in the house. Dean says he wants it as much as the next person. Vesna says this is stressful and runs off to the supermarket to do the shopping. The price for a video message today is $50. Vesna says “you’re joking”. Meanwhile Glenn is saying $50 is too much for one housemate. There is $52 left on the shopping so Vesna buys two bottles of wine instead of a video message or toiletries for the housemates – oops!

Vesna calls the housemates to help her so the housemates come to get bags. Tim and David move past the store room into the supermarket. Big Brother says that is out of bounds for the housemates (except Vesna) and their punishment is that the gym is now out of bounds until further notice. Back inside Vesna explains that toiletries and personal products were in two boxes – one for boys and one for girls, and each box cost $50. A good twist by Big Brother but Vesna didn’t buy it – not enough money. She also explains she didn’t buy a video message because there just wasn’t enough money.


12.54pm – Task time. Hotdogs reads: remember the days of the old schoolyard, well they are back. Housemates you are all going back to school. Housemates are schoolkids while they wear their uniforms. They must wear it from breakfast to end of school. No swearing in school. They must form a school band. The task will be judged on how well they go in school and with the band. Christie is optimistic – she thinks they should wager 100%. Hotdogs says they must agree not to whinge if they wage 100% and fail. Hotdogs goes to the diary room and collects school uniforms. Christie says its cute but Vesna says they look horrible – they look huge. Boys and girls go to their bedrooms to change. Girls are talking about cute pigtails except Vesna who says her dress is a size 16 – and she is a size 10. She says she will look like a moron if she wears it, and doesn’t want to. All housemates are now wearing their uniforms – except Vesna “Big Brother hates me”. The boys are looking through the window and complaining Vesna isn’t wearing her uniform. They bet she just doesn’t like it. Greg bangs on the window and tells her to hurry up. Christie opens the blind but Vesna quickly tells her to close it while she finally changes. The boys scream “come on!”.

Vesna is distraught about the dress being big. The boys decide to cheer out “comon big mumma”. Vesna says “see see!!”. Kate says the boys are just playing her. Vesna has come up with a plan: she will pin the dress so it is tighter, and if Big Brother says not to – she is leaving the house. Big Brother calls the housemates outside – there are instruments set up with a blackboard. Christie swears – “there is no swearing during school” says Big Brother “come to the diary room”. There is a dress in there – a size 14. Chrsitie tells BB she didn’t think the task had begun there. BB tells her in the diary room draws there is chalk. She must go to the blackboard and write 25 lines of “I will not swear in school”. Christie laughs “thats great”.


2.14pm – Housemates are practising their instruments. Vesna is on vocals. She is an ok singing but the other housemates are really bad at their instruments. David is getting frustrated with the amount of C’s in his music sheet and swears. He must write on the blackboard 50 times “I will not swear in class”. All classmates except David can get out of their uniforms now. The girls go back to their bedroom and find pink decore. The boys room is blue. They are not to enter each other’s rooms. David finishes and says “thank fuck that is finished”. Big Brother says he must not swear in his uniform – he must write another 50 times. He stands at the blackbaord and grunts.

3.27pm – Christie is in the bathroom drying off and asks Kate about the bedrooms. Big Brother says she is talking without her mic – thats a $5000 fine. Outside in the spa David says they must make punishments for people who get fines. Dean says they should designate a chore to some one if they get a fine. The boys go around the spa and agree one by one – all except Tim.

6.34pm – Glenn brings up the fine issue at dinner. Dean asks what people think about penalisation for whoever gets fines. Christie doesn’t like the idea one bit. She thinks they are getting penalised enough with the money being taken off. Greg says if people have the attitude they aren’t going to win anyway is not good. If they do it better they can have video messages every week. Christie doesn’t like it one bit – neither does Kate. Tim says punishments is a dangerous road. The boys propose if they get 3 or 4 fines between now and next week they will issue punishments. Kate agrees. So it is so, but Christie isn’t looking happy.


8.26pm – The nominees are Dean (he says thankyou), Christie (she says I knew it) and Kate. They gasp at Kate’s nomination. In the diary room Kate takes nomination points off Christie. She says she wants to go through the complete process – ie. being nominated. There are now 5 people up for nomination. Dean, Kate, Hotdogs, Glenn and Vesna. Vesna is angry and growls. Kate makes weird facial expressions. Dean asks Kate if she wants to come do farmhand tomorrow. She says no and was angry at him because he told her to go back to bed – she was up and ready and then he told her she couldn’t do it (to try and guilt trip Kate). He says “oh I must come from another world because I saw it as a nice thing”. She disgrees. Dean says if she thinks that she is wrong. Then Dean, right infront of Kate, asks Glenn sarcastically if he will be farmhand assistant tomorrow. Glenn says yes. Dean says “oh sorry I had to ask you”. Glenn lies on the couch, knowing fully what is going on, and has a smirk on his face.

Kate goes into the bedroom and gets a hug from Christie. She asks why. Kate says she can’t talk about it, and that she doesn’t deserve a hug. The boys are around the dining table and Hotdogs says there are one, possibly two. Hotdogs says what she did was just to get further in the house. All the boys have an agreement grumble. Greg says it was a real cocky manuverue. In the girls bedroom Kate is still sad about making Dean angry. Vesna can’t believe Kate can’t see the real deal with Dean – he is selfish and everyone praises him so much. Christie feels Dean is only pretending to be his friend. Kate says she thinks he is a manipulator. Vesna says “there you go”. Meanwhile Glenn is telling Tim he is excited an feels part of the game now. He feels so far he has been coached along now – but now he feels he is in it and feels good.

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