Day 46

8:04am: Kate and Vesna return to the house after feeding the animals. Kate complains how cold it is. Lights go on in the masters bedroom, and BB tells them their breakfast will be ready shortly and they should get up. The servants are all in the kitchen preparing the meal. Vesna takes Hotdogs meal to the table, and being the first master up out of bed, Vesna shows him his meal and then gets him a cold water to go with it. Sitting at the table eating, he shakes his head and inspects the food. When Vesna returns with the water and asks how the meal is, he says it’s ‘really good.’ He then asks what it is. He complains to Geneva & Tim that there is heaps of tomato in it, and that it kills him. Vesna comes over and says “Don’t you like it?”. He replies saying it was very nice, but he’s full because it was so big. She takes the plate and throws the remaining contents in the bin.

10:09am: Vesna is lying back down in bed. Dogs sees this, and tells Dave in the master bedroom that she is asleep. BB tells Hotdogs to come to the diary room. Once there, Big Brother instructs Hotdogs that Vesna should not be sleeping, so BB tells him to press his button and request a 30 minute foot massage. He does this and asks for the massage. He sets the timer, and says they will do the massage outside. Giggles come from the couch. Vesna puts on wasking up gloves, saying that she is not going to touch his feet. “I have rights.” Once outside, Dean decides to reset the timer. He says it was 6 minutes before Vesna got outside. During the massage, Vesna says that she is not mad at Dogs. She doesn’t mind doing the jobs, but she doesn’t want to be made a fool of. She complains that she is tired, she has period pain, she has to feed the animals, her wrist hurts and she can’t go to the toilet. She says she has had enough. Dogs says he doesn’t want to see her gone. Vesna says anything is better than this. Dogs reminds her that she is a happy person. She agrees. She says she can handle not having toothpaste and trivial things like that, but she can’t handle being a slave to a man. She says she feels hurt when she is asked to do jobs without a please or thankyou. Dogs tells her to come over for a cuddle.

11:31am: Big Brother announces that another golf practice round will begin immediately and the servants will have to get their caddies. We are shown vision of Geneva playing and Christie counting, before seeing Vesna trying to lift the bag to carry it. She exclaims “Can’t anyone see they are too heavy. I can’t carry it.” Glenn tries to pass the golf ball to Kate via a club, and when it drops he says, “Oh, sorry.” He immediately realises what he is done, and before long BB instructs Kate to come to the diary room after the practice round is complete. We are shown Vesna saying she can’t carry it again. Christie says she can’t wait till the task is over. BB announces the practice session is over. Dean tells Dave “well done.” We are taken to the diary room where BB instructs Kate to collect a toothbrush from a drawer beside her in the diary room. BB tells her she must go and tell her master that because he cannot properly act like a master, Kate has to clean the bathroom floor, with the toothbrush. Kate sits there and laughs, and still laughs all the way back to the couch, before delivering the message as requested.In the bathroom, she exclaims: “God, I feel like I’m Cinderella. Where’s my freakin Prince!” Geneva is watching on as Kate goes about her work, but quickly realises Kate is ‘cracking’ as Kate starts dancing and singing “I’m in chains.” She finally regains control and imitates BB telling her that there will be no more singing and dancing and to start scrubbing.

3:40pm: Big Brother tells the farmhand (Vesna) it’s time to feed the animals. She strolls off to do it, and Hotdogs asks her if she has asked anyone for help. She shakes her head, and Dogs says to himself “Stubborn.” Dave suggests that they just keep pressing the button until she cracks and leaves. Dean goes to the farmyard to offer his assistance, but Vesna says she wants to do it by herself. Dean comes back to the house and explains that he offered to help. The other housemates, Christie and Kate in particular, say that she needs help. Back to Vesna, who says to the pigs “You are such….Pigs….disguisting.” We go back to the couch where Dean seems to be rehearsing an argument he wants to have with Vesna, explaining that he has offered his help numerous times today and been refused, saying thats fine, but don’t whinge around him. Christie says Vesna will burst. Walking the Alpaca, Vesna has trouble getting it into it’s pen. Back in the house, she says she nearly lost the Alpaca. When asked why she didn’t have an assistant, she says “I couldn’t be fucked with anyone.” Dean starts to say something, but stops. Vesna tells him to continue, so he asks if they want to go into a bedroom. Vesna tells him to just say it now. he says his rehearsed speech almost word for word, but Vesna doesn’t think she has been whinging for a while. Vesna says “I am dealing with this in my own way, and if you can’t handle that, then who’s problem is it then?” Dean moves onto tell her that she whinges behind people’s back, and she says there are ‘many many things I dislike about you (meaning Dean).” Dean starts mimicing her. Dean ends by saying “Your not tough, your a hypocrite, a whinger.” She says “Your right Dean. How stupid of me.”

4:22pm: Dean comes to the diary room. He says Vesna’s attitude is starting to eat away at him. He says that she is a princess, but she signed up for this and if she doesn’t like it so much, she should go or shutup. He says he’s not here to babysit. He calls her a brat, a whinging brat.

7:31pm: All the housemates are eating dinner, or have just finished. BB calls all housemates to the diary room. Geneva says that she thinks they will all get in trouble. BB tell them that it’s time for a change. “BB appreciates that this task has been difficult for some housemates, so it’s time for a swap.” All the servants are so happy. BB tells Christie her new master is Glenn, and reality sets in that it’s not a real ‘swap.’ Logan Greg is now his brothers servant. Kate is now servant to Hotdogs. Dean gets to look after Tim, and Vesna is to take care of Geneva. Upon exiting the diary room, masters must choose a beauty treatment so the servants can pamper them. Dave tells Greg that when the bell rings, he must exclaim “Your the best, you always were the best.” Tim gets a back massage from Dean. David rings his bell, and Greg remembers his line. As they begin to get started on a foot massage, Dave keeps pressing it so the other housemates can see what he has got Greg to say. Vesna is doing Geneva’s nails, and while doing so, says she doesn’t feel close to anyone in here. She says she did at the beginning but it stopped because of the task. She says now she feels seperated and is not herself. Geneva tells her that she can’t let it get to her. Back with the brothers, the bell rings again. He says his line and continues to massage Dave’s leg. He goes to say something else, but stopped, and when pressed by Dave, he says “Your a very good master.” Dave says ‘thankyou!’, and Greg reckons it’s on purpose. Greg goes onto say that his feet are disgusting. BB tells the house that the servants must reclean all the glasses, cutlery and crockery as punishment for Dave saying thankyou. Greg says that he should stop because he’s getting everyone in trouble now. Dave complains that Greg is massaging too hard, and Greg claims “I can’t help it if your not as strong as Tim.” Hotdogs walks past Vesna and asks if she is happy serving a female, and she says yes. Dogs says “Thought you would.”

12:24am: Dogs and Geneva in bed, and Dogs saying that they have a big game of golf. He leans over and kisses Geneva goodnight, and they spoon each other as they drift off to sleep. Over in the servant quarters, Greg says goodnight to everyone. Greg says they all did well. Dean jokes he’s ready for another day to fly by tomorrow. The lights go out and Christie says “Yay!”.

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