Day 45 Uplate

11:59pm: Out to the spa. Hotdogs, Tim & Glenn in there. Dogs is saying that his dad let him drink from an early age, 15-16 year old. He never let them do drugs, but often there would be 10-30 people at his place on a weekend just drinking away before trying to head out to a club. Glenn starts talking next, saying something about a town where if your not into alcohol you don’t fit in. He says the town doesn’t have a bottle shop, it’s a shop within a shop or something. Glenn goes onto explain a family he knows from this town, the mate has a mullet, always with a hat and jeans. He goes on about drunken rampages in the town. Glenn calls it his home away from home. Tim asks how many people live there. Glenn reckons about 1000 in surrounding areas. Tim wonders what they all do for a job out there. Glenn says lots of farmers. Tim asks if Glenn will move to the city. He says he might try it, but he knows where his heart is. Tim says he lives in the heart of Sydney and he’s sick of it. He says everything drives past his place. He reckons he should get out to the country to try it for a bit. Cut to the bedroom, where Greg is talking to Christie. He says he is giving his mum for Christmas DVD’s full of all their family photos. Christie finds it strange that he never tells his parents that he loves them. Onto 21st talk. Greg had organised two busloads of people to come to the party in Wagga. He says they have a pretty big house. He mentions heaps of spirits, saying they had hundreds of each. Greg says they had 15 pass the parcel games going at one stage. He says it went on for an hour at least and it had adult things to do in them all. He says the buses came back and they went into town to a club. He says he was soo pissed. He had two mobiles that night, one got jumped into the pool, so he grabbed another phone and the same thing happened! He says he had a ********* (drug of some sort) and thats what made him sick. He says he does drugs, but does them in a good way. We are taken back to the spa pretty quickly. Glenn saying in the spa that if he was living in the city he would be totally different. He says he likes it for a weekend, but he couldn’t do it for a long period. He goes onto complain at the time it takes to get to the city on a train or something. Hotdogs says that public transport in WA is great, it’s so easy to get around.

12:25am: Still at the spa. Glenn is saying that he lived in the city he would be catching public transport for half an hour to get to work and be angry. Wheras back in the country, he drives half an hour to work, doesn’t see another car, and listens to music and rocks up to work refreshed and ready to work. Hotdogs says that when he was on the dole they asked him if he was prepared to travel. He said no way, he would have to get up even earlier. He says that he was happy to bludge off the government at 17 years of age. He says he was on it for 3 months. He says that after 4-6 weeks the government workers were really on his back. He says that the government found out that he was working while getting the dole, but he wasn’t. They told him to pay back $3,500 but he kept ringing and ringing the number and….we are taken away to the bedroom again. This time the masters room, with Dave & Geneva. Geneva says that she will find it weird to do something by herself when she gets out. She also says it would be weird for the last 3-4 people cause you would have heaps of time to yourself. Dave says that will happen so quickly. Dave says that they might keep 5-6 people into the last week and evict one after the other. Geneva says she likes that idea. She says at the moment she realises that she has come along way, but there is still heaps to go. They talk about how Michelle would be kicking herself for missing out on the calendar task. She reckons it’ll be really weird to watch it on TV. Dave says he’s really looking forward to it. Dave says his mates would be loving it. He says his flatmate would be using the line “oh my mate is on BB” to try to hook up. Geneva talks about her mum not knowing much about BB would be suprised if she saw her photo in a magazine.

12:39am: They are talking about the highway to get to Surfers or something, and how it’s 4 lanes one way etc. Back to the spa. Tim reckons it’s time to get out. Dave come out as he does. Tim asks who is still up. He says he still is. The lights are still on. Dave says they spent ages in the spa. They all dry off. Tim & Glenn have a shower.

12:50am: Dave & Geneva are looking through the window into the servants quarters. Dogs is lying on his bed but says he’s not tired. Geneva says that she isn’t ready for bed either. Dogs doesn’t reckon it’s that late. He says they would’ve been in the spa for an hour. Dave is trying to tell someone in the other room that if the buzzer gets ‘accidently’ wet, then someone must become two servants. Dave gets some cream, and I think trying to get Christie to laugh. She laughs. Dave makes mention that they are all so tired in the servant room. Dogs asks him how he got his water, and he says that Dean got it for him before he went to bed. Dogs has an expression on his face as if to say he wished he thought of that. We go next door to the servants room. They are complaining that the others are so full of energy. Christie says that their lights don’t go out till the masters are asleep. Greg is acting as if he’s asleep so Tim doesn’t buzz him.

1:03am: Christie is making Geneva laugh at the window. I think Hotdogs just woke Vesna up? Yes she is up getting Dogs a drink. She isn’t happy. Greg too is up. Vesna says she doesn’t care what it tastes like, she doesn’t give a s***. Vesna says they are loving this. She says she wouldn’t do it if she was in their situation. Dave & Tim are now out their watching on. Cut to Mike, but we are back a bit later. Dogs is eating now, and Vesna is cracking sarcastic jokes like “Poor things. You’re gonna starve.” Mike cuts in to tell us that while we were away Hotdogs said sorry, and as punishment, Vesna must now clean out the fridge. Tim says that his meal/drink is very good. Vesna is banging everything on the bench as she cleans out the fridge. Dogs rings his bell and gets Vesna to get him some more Dove chocolate. She does it, returns to the fridge, and Dogs says he might retire for the night. Vesna raises her voice and says “There are starving people in this world, and you just want a little more Dove. You poor thing. I’d give you Dove up the ass.” Greg is standing with the ice cream to put back in the freezer, but doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of Vesna. Vesna repeats the “I think I might retire” line, sarcastically. Dean is now up and puts something in the kitchen quickly. Vesna says she is sick of this task. She is having major trouble getting the fridge fittings back into place.

1:17am: Back with Vesna putting the food/drink back in the fridge. Lights are out in the master bedroom. Christie is in with them. Dean has just done “Itzy Bitzy Spider” They are all laughing their heads off. It was funny. Dogs says he is stil hungry. Dean tells a story about his mates or something. Nothing exciting. Theatrical dancing Christie is doing now. They get Dean to give Christie topics and she dances them. Not funny at all. Dogs doesn’t want to wake Vesna anymore. He changes his mind quickly because she is at the door soon after. He tells her he wants more Sultana Bran, then a two minute open forum on complaining. She goes away and starts getting the meal. Christie wants Vesna to have to talk for 5 minutes, but Dogs reckons 2 minutes will be enough. Geneva says not a forum, a speech. Dogs agrees. Vesna soon brings in the cereal, and goes to leave, but Mike is talking and I think we’re going to miss out on her speech!

1:28am: Straight back from the break. Vesna still complaining. She isn’t liking this. Dogs lets her go. She says on the way out “You can fuck yourselves. Fucking assholes.” She starts crying, and Glenn, Christie & Geneva are up to the blinds VERY quickly and giggling. She is in her bed and starts crying saying she is sick of this shit. The lights are still on. Kate tells her to let it out. Vesna says she can’t handle it anymore. Greg is back in the room and says ‘very tough.’ Kate comes over to console her, but brainteaser winner is on the line. Soon back. Kate is saying how she will go with Ves to feed the animals so she doesn’t have to do anything. Greg says they didn’t think that it would result in her crying. Vesna says she would never do that to anyone ever. Back in the masters room, Hotdogs is trying to justify him pressing the bell. He says that Glenn and Tim have it so easy because their servants would never complain. Tim reckons the only people to take it on the chin have been Kate & Greg. Christie trys to justify why she isn’t liking the task.

1:43am: Christie is on Tim’s bed. Christie is saying that people think she does no work. He says that he said it wrong before. He’s not saying that she isn’t behaving well. Christie says that Vesna is affecting them all. Geneva pushes her bell, and tells Christie to leave. She does. Dogs says now she is in the shits. Dogs decides to get back up. Tim is going to join him. Geneva reckons she would be as good as Kate at the task. Dogs reckons Greg is handling it the best. Glenn says that he can see why Vesna would be feeling like shit. Uplate Update. Back with Dogs and Tim on the couch. Dogs says that Dean has done very well to keep a straight face because he was asleep, as well as being up for eviction everyweek. Tim says that Vesna has relied on Dogs so much in this house. He says that her having to do all the chores has affected Dogs because he is feeling bad every time he presses the button moreso than anyone else. Hotdogs is complaining about the other three in there pressing the button all the time. Tim says that Vesna is obviously very tightly strung. He says that because Dogs wasn’t with her last night, she had to try to talk to the other group. We go away to giveaway some cash. Back again. Tim is saying that Vesna shouldn’t have complained to Dean last night in that room. He says anyone but Dean. Dogs says that Vesna reckons that they knew that the task would be on when they gave Dogs the dishpig chore. At 2:01am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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