Day 46 Uplate

12:34am: Servants bedroom. Not a sound coming from anyone. Cut to the masters room where Geneva and Hotdogs are cuddled up together. Lots of sleeping.

1:12am: Hotdogs and Geneva get up for a spa. Geneva complains that it’s not hot enough. Dogs says that the spa is a good idea, it relaxs you before you sleep. Geneva says it’s annoying not being able to get to sleep. Hotdogs says that Tim hasn’t snored the entire time he’s been in here, but as soon as he became a master he became a snorer. They talk about when the task will finish. Dogs hopes it might be tomorrow (Thursday), but thinks it will be Friday. Geneva wonders how it will work because they can’t lock them in the arena because they will be FNL ready. She says that they might do it during FNL. Dogs thinks they will do it then too. Taken away from that convo so soon after it started for a brainteaser. Still talking about FNL and the teams. They think it might be Masters against Servants. Hotdogs wonders who he would take. He reckons the Logan boys would take Glenn for payback, but then say that Glenn has already been in their twice. Dogs reckons he might win. He doesn’t know who to take. He says he would have to decide between Vesna, Dean & Geneva. Geneva says that Ves would understand if he took someone else. Dogs doesn’t think so.

1:26am: Dogs says that every single week in the house for him has got better. He says he doesn’t have any issues at the moment. Dogs looks forward to chatting to Gretel on Sunday. Dogs reckons if they make it through this week they will have been here for 8 weeks at least. Geneva talks about the twins and how Dave reguards his family so much.

1:39am: Dogs says if he doesn’t get a gig in the industry through this, he’ll go to the local community channel and start out there. Geneva says thats how Rove started. Geneva wants pancakes for breakfast. She wants sour cream with it. Weird combo. Dogs says he wants to try it because Geneva sounds obsessed with it. Geneva tells the story about how they tried it with her father for the first time. When we return from a brainteaser, she is still talking about food I think. She decides to put the jets back on in the spa. Dogs says Geneva is much like him. He says he can be asleep, wake up at 10.30pm, decide he wants to go out, and makes some calls. Geneva says the same thing.

1:52am: Sit their in silence for a bit. Very hard to hear since Geneva turned the jets on. Geneva talks about how when she is working she feels ridiculosly tired, but come the end of the shift she is ready to go out again. Dogs says he would sit around with mates on a Sunday arvo and they would complain about going to work on the Monday. Dogs, working as a manager at the time, says he just put his suit on, would give the best motivational speech he could muster, and be back home and asleep by midday. Dogs says he feels like a 27 year old trapped in a 18 year old body. He loves it. Dogs goes onto say that he doesn’t understand people not having fun in this place. He rattles off all the stuff they will come out with. He reckons the house is a walk in the park. Geneva says that she reckons she will stay closest to Dogs after this. Dogs agrees. She says that they are close because they can have a huge argument and yet still be friends. Dogs says that the time they spend in the house is equivalent to being friends for 18 months.

2:04am: Geneva says that she thinks Ves is immature. Dogs reckon she isn’t strong enough. Dogs says that he values Tim a lot. He is his rock. He says he spoek to him last night when he was all fired up over Vesna. Dogs reckons it would be good to go out with someone else, meaning a double eviction. He says he loves Big Brother. He wants to have a drink with all the staff.

2:19am: Dogs says he is so looking forward to being on stage. He is going to lap it up. He says it will be the only time anyone would ever get cheered like that. Dogs reckons that the golf practice today took forever. They say they had to wait every single hole. Dogs says it was quickest when he and Dave went first. They decide to get out and call it a night. Geneva says she is going to have a shower. We watch Dogs get changed and get into bed. Feed chages to Geneva having a hot shower. She comes into the bedroom after drying off, and is greeted by Dogs havihg a great pick of his nose. Geneva gets into the bed now. At 2:33am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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