Day 47

9.21am – This is Big Brother, Masters your breakfast is about to be served. The servants have cooked up a big breakfast of pancakes for their masters. The masters all sit down at the table and Tim grumbily orders water from Dean. Tim tells Kate her cooking is excellent.. she says “glad you’re enjoying it master Timothy”. Vesna is called to the diary room, she says “what did I do?”. Inside Big Brother tells Vesna she is now a master, she must chose some one to be her servant. “Are you serious?”. “Yes”. “No you’re joking aren’t you”. “You are now a master, who do you chose to be your servant?”. Vesna choses Tim. Dean choses Hotdogs. Chrsitie choses Geneva. She says thankyou so much Big Brother. The servants must keep it a secret until Big Brother announces it. Greg choses brother David. Outside Dave is ordering Greg to sing out “Dave is the best”, and to repeat the order for the big meal they are going to have for lunch. In the diary room Kate is assigned Glenn for her servant. She laughs.

1.45pm – The masters are sitting down and about to eat their lunch. This is Big Brother. Masters, as a group you have failed to look after your servants. Masters you are now servants. All the ex-servants scream and cheer, then announce who is assigned to who. They swap beepers and lunch. Hotdogs doesn’t look happy (haha suck it up). Kate chows down into her meal saying “oh this eye fillet is delicious”.


2.34pm – This is Big Brother. Masters and servants swap rooms now. Hotdogs isn’t handling this very well and Dean tells him to relax. Everyone is packing their bags. Kate has already ordered Glenn to clean her shoes. Greg makes David put on a pink hat. Geneva has been called to the diary room and Tim comes with her. Big Brother asks Geneva to sort through coloured lollies.

Geneva brings out the lollies and David is angry to hear the lollies are all for Christie. Christie comes out and says “oh my god.. can I have one?”. Geneva says they are all for her but Christie doesn’t believe her at first. Christie says “I love lollies” and laughs. Dean has come to the diary room to ask for toilet paper as the previous masters did not buy any. Big Brother says all the servants must bring all of their toilet paper to the masters.

2.35pm – Christie has buzzed Geneva into the bedroom, and she brings the sorted candy. Greg is ordering David to sort his clothes, and then tells him to sing “I’m a little teapot”. He does, and Christie laughs at him. David gets it wrong so he must do it again. Greg says “do it with enthusiasm”. David goes nuts on the routine. Geneva: “master Christie what can I get for you”. “Can you go into the diary room and ask if I can have my sand shoes and cleanser?”. Geneva says she doesnt’ think she will get them back. Christie says don’t worry then. Geneva slams the door when she leaves. Christie buzzes her again and says “are you upset?”. “No”. Slam. Buzz “are you sure”. “Yes”. Slam. Buzz “One big smile”. Slam. Buzz “Accident!”. Slam. Christie rings again and says “this is so fun”. Geneva doesn’t come this time so Christie buzzes again. “May I borrow your black and pink robe?”. Slam.


6.55pm – Christie is trying on some clothes. This is Big Brother. Christie you are not wearing your microphone. That’s a $5000 fine. Dean buzzes Hotdogs and tells him to congratulate Christie on her fine. Christie says “cram it”. Hotdogs nudges her on and Christie says “watch out or I’ll say the magic word”. Then she says “Can you please leave”. Big Brother says masters are not allowed to say please. Geneva must clean the garden and repack the furniture. Geneva goes into the bedroom and gives Christie evils, then slams the door when Christie tries to talk. Dean calls Hotdogs for a drink and says please. Hotdogs must polish the kitchen floor. Dean hugs Hotdogs and says he’s scared to talk.

10.21pm – Tim is giving Vesna a massage. She says this is his kind of game – he takes it in his stride and is ok with it all. Tim says he has a great father – he’s never seen him angry or ever be in a situation where he has not absolutely charmed some one – but not like a salesperson, he pours emotion into them, and makes them feel positive. All Tim wants to do is do something good or feels right or serves people. “I like people and.. I don’t know thats all I’ve tried to do”.


10.42pm – New masters are in the diary room asking for more toilet paper. Big Brother is giving the opportunity to barter – but only the slaves should barter. Dean orders Hotdogs to find items of the most sentimental value to barter for toilet paper. In the bedroom Tim and Geneva are annoyed and are not doing it – the photos are more important than toilet paper. Geneva eventually gives in. Kate is telling the ex-masters that its their fault because they could have bought toilet paper for only $10. Hotdogs says they weren’t allowed to use it anyway. Kate says “do not turn around and say you were thinking of us when you chose not to buy toilet paper”. Hotdogs says not to yell at him when she’s had a few drinks. Glenn tells Kate it’s not relevant. Tim doesn’t find it right they are bartering with the new servant’s personal items.

Masters to the diary room. They present what they have from the slaves to barter for toilet paper:

From Tim: fav jacket, family photograph
From Hotdogs: lucky shoes, lucky socks
From Geneva: dressing gown, photo
From David: lucky shoes, favourite green pants
From Glen: favourite singlet, hat, shorts

Big Brother offers 14 rolls of toilet paper. They accept it. Dean tells them to remember not to say sorry when they leave the diary room.

12.40am – Christie tells Kate she is acting like a spoilt bitch. Kate is saying “get out, you wanted a fight”. This is Big Brother, return all remaining alochol in the house to the diary room. Kate do not take another sip. Kate sips. This is Big Brother, Kate, for taking another sip, that’s a $5000 fine. In the diary room Big Brother tells Kate he expects them to be responsible. Kate says the last sip was immature and pushing the boundaries and therefore she gained her second fine. Kate walks out of the diary room laughing and smiling. Greg tells Kate to go straight to bed. “Everyone’s had enough”.

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