Day 39

9:33am: Tim is helping Geneva get stuff out from the storeroom. On the way back, Tim offers to be assistant chef any night. He has a dig at Dean as well by saying he would be sure not to taste the meal. Back in the kitchen, Christie is making porridge. Dean comes over to check to see if she knows how to make it. Dean asks her if she got into the sugar last night. Christie walks away saying no, but has a smile on her face. Dave reckons that she has laughed everytime sugar has been mentioned. Geneva says there won’t be any bed because there is not enough sugar. Dean then asks Rachael. She says they didn’t have any.

11:46am: Hotdogs and Vesna are in the bathroom. Hotdogs reminds her that a couple of nights back she mentioned thatHotdogs followed Dean around a bit. He also reminds her that Tim said that when girls get around Dean they act differently. Hotdogs gets to his point by suggesting that Vesna had been acting like a ‘moron’ around him the previous night. Vesna says she does that so he doesn’t get the idea that she dislikes him. Hotdogs says that that is infact worse, as she is being false. Hotdogs wonders if she is doing all this to just play the game. She leaves by saying “you’ll never know will ya.” Rachael comes to the diary room and collects some props for the photo shoot. She is told to get the photographer to come back and collect the equipment. Same kind of music as last night as we see all the housemates dressed up. It ends with everyone in the diary room for the “December” month with a Christmas tree.

6:38pm: Geneva comes to the diary room. Geneva says she feels the same way as Tim must feel as he thinks it’s a popularity contest. She believes that she will be nominated every week. She feels like she is back in school. She says she hates being with people that dislike her. She says it frustrates her that she doesn’t know why people don’t like her. She has a small cry. BB asks her if she feels sad. She says yes, and furthermore, she is depressed. She says she can’t rectify the situation – it will always be the same. She says she is the least attractive person in the house.

7:24pm: Rachael and Vesna are talking near the couch. Rachael says that some people in here are too self absorbed. She says she has tried to go out of her way to learn about the other housemates, while only 3-4 have tried to do the same thing back. She says that she thinks many are two faced. Vesna asks Geneva how she felt when they came into the house. She says she was scared because she wasn’t ready. She asks them how they would feel if another two walked in next week. They both agree they would love it because they don’t feel apart of it, they feel like the outsiders. Geneva admits it was a bad example. She says that they aren’t as close a group as one might think. Rachael says that it would be fair to say that Vesna and herself would be most welcoming to intruders.

7:42pm: Geneva gets up from the couch and goes to the bedroom. Inside, Vesna comes to talk to her. She tells Vesna that she isn’t feeling great about being in the house, and about herself. She says she feels big in this house. Vesna says “same.” She says she see’s herself as the lesser of all the girls because they are all sticks. She says that everyone else seems to have a guy, and that everyday she feels less and less attractive. Vesna says she feels like crap for being short. Christie comes into the conversation. Geneva says they were talking about her self image issues. Vesna offers to exercise with her everyday. She says it doesn’t bother her being a size 14 in the outside world, it’s just in here. Christie says that all the girls feel like that, herself included. Vesna tells her that she can’t say that. Christie walks away and says “sorry I even came in.” Christie says that it’s not just Geneva who has issues. Geneva says that Christie is a size 10 and has all the boys saying that she is hot. She tells Christie that she looks up to her. Christie says that she knows no one who is completely happy within thier skin. She tells Geneva that she is beautiful and that she shouldn’t change.

Later in the kitchen, Glenn and Tim have a little dance. Glenn soon sits down, but the girls get Tim to perform as if he was trying to impress a girl. Tim comes up with some really silly dance moves before Vesna acts if she is someone interested in Tim. Kate offers advice from the side telling him to move away and then come back to her. She tells him not to put his groin into her. They start talking and Tim says “Yeh, I’m a little bit nervous.” Vesna cracks up. Crazy Christie comes up to him as the girlfriend and drags him back to the couch.

8:49pm: Geneva talks to Dean, and says that their friendship has been slowly collapsing. Dean says he felt that she had gotten close to Hotdogs. Dean says that he is always around her. He says “Whenever there is good to be done, Hotdogs is there.” He says he’s some kind of superhero, saying that he was there tonight when she seemed a bit upset. Geneva says she thought it was because Dean has got closer to Dave and Geneva doesn’t click that well with Dave.

11:19pm: Numerous housemates on Rachael’s bed. Vesna, Christie, Hotdogs, Tim and Rachael. Hotdogs says that Rachael has come really far in the past two weeks. Talk turns to her difficult past, revealing to the other housemates that she was abused from an early age of 4. She says she got out of the environment when she was 14. She says she is strong, she’s still going to achieve everything she wants to. Hotdogs offers words of encouragement. She says she wants to have a voice for others who might be in her situation. She says she was ashamed and thought it was her fault. Soon, other housemates enter the room so the topic dies down.

1:38am: Geneva tells Kate to turn the light off. Instantly, all the lights in the room go out. We see Christie and Greg sharing a bed for the first time in ages and they have a quick kiss and a cuddle.

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