Day 38 Uplate

12:09am: Christie gets out of bed and jumps onto Rachael and Tim’s bed. Tim says “oh f***” Vesna gets up to go to the bathroom. Dave decides to scare her when she gets out. It gets a few laughs. Christie is complaining that she can’t get to sleep. Someone else is saying to be quiet. Christie comes over to Dave’s bed and says “You wanna do weights?!” Dave doesn’t want to, but Tim is getting clothes on. Rachael, Tim and Christie decide to venture outside. Tim speaks to Dean adn Dave before going out. Dean eggs him on “Here’s your chance!”. Both girls just have rugs around them, they are both topless I think. Christie is jumping on the small tramp in the gym, then falls over. They all laugh, and Tim says to take things slowly, but as he says it he too trips himself. They say they will be tired in the morning because they have to get up for the animals. Christie reckons it’s 6am! Rachael says she thinks it’s 7. Tim, the smart one, says it’s 1am or midnight. They talk about how they have to do their photo shoot tomorrow. Christie wants to put people’s hands in warm water while they are asleep and see if they wet their bed. Christie says her cabbage farts are coming out. Tim says it really smells.

12:30am: Christie and Rachael say they should get Dean and Dave with water when they go back in. Tim starts doing weights. This goes on for about 2 minutes. The girls are on the trampoline again. Rachael is in the mood for crumpets and honey. Tim decides to do one more set, as the girls walk round the garden. They say they have to all go in and talk to BB for some reason. Tim starts walking with them, then chases after Christie. He picks up a bean bag after 2 laps or so and throws it at her and hits her. The girls lie on it and try to see some stars. They start talking about hoe you can’t see the stars well in cities because of all the light. They say the country is great to check the stars out.

12:57am: Last segment nothing happened as housemates were in the diary room. Anyway, Christie, Tim and Rachael are in the kitchen. Tim is suggesting everyone should get a tatoo for being in BB or something like that. They go back into the bedroom and get ready to try to get back to sleep. Tim goes to the toilet. Christie has also been to the toilet and then gets into her bed. Christie decides to have one more practical joke and crawls along the floor over to Rachael’s bed to try and scare her. Rachael must have known somehow because she puts her arm out to touch Christie. She goes back to bed and the room becomes silent.

Nothing else happens, and at 2:06am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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