Day 39 Uplate

12:33am: In the bedroom. Dean and Geneva lying on one bed, Kate & Greg on another, Tim & Dave on another. Tim is telling them about parliament and how the ex Democrat leader was drunk in parliament and touched a female politican causing a big scene and in effect, losing the leadership. Tim goes on to tell them that up until now, the Democrats have had the balance of power in the Senate, but from July 1 the Liberal party will have total control and can pass through whatever they want. Tim reckons that they will change laws which will allow Kerry Packer to buy Fairfax and thus have a TV station and a newspaper. This conversation breaks up and Glenn starts talking to Tim about a movie. Geneva tries to put gliter in Dean’s hair, he doesn’t want her too. He is hugging a pillow thus making it impossible to hear/understand him. Dean talks about telling his friends that he had found a great girlfriend. All his friends just thought she would last a week or so like ‘normal.’ He says they were very excited that this girl could be a ‘keeper.’ Dean says he misses his mates. Dean reckons that one of his mates will get on so well with Geneva. Dean tells Geneva that when he gets out he’ll say hello to her sister for her. We head over to Greg, Kate and Glenn. Talking about tattoo’s. Greg wants one. Kate says she wants more, but has nowhere else to put them. They start talking about Seinfeld. Greg’s favourite episode is…he doesn’t know. Big BB calls Rachael to the diary room. Strange he is still at work.

12:59am: Still with Glenn, Greg & Kate. Glenn is telling a ghost story to the other two. Kate starts laughing. He says he saw a ghost once apparently, but he can’t remember it! He says he had a whole bottle of straight rum, then went to bed. He woke up in the morning to find a wet patch next to him in the swag. He thought he must’ve chucked up, so when he saw the boys in the morning, he was suprised to hear that he came out in the middle of the night and sat by the fire saying that he wouldn’t go back into the swag because there was a ghost in there. Dean comes and jumps on their bed, and then Glenn jumps over to see Hotdogs. Dean does his gorilla impersonation.

1:13am: Vesna is talking to Christie. Vesna says that some people in here get compliments left right and centre, and others get none. Christie says some people fish for them. She reckons Dean compliments people all the time, or that he is always getting them. Vesna calls over Rachael and asks her about whether she reckons Dean gets heaps of compliments. Vesna again starts talking about his penis and how big it is. Christie laughs. Rachael reckons that Dean thinks he’s just a king. Rachael says that Dean loves the attention. She says that she noticed that Christie, Kate and Geneva all complimented him during the photo shoot. Christie says she only did it once. Vesna says she never gets any compliments. I think Vesna is talking about Dean’s penis again, because Christie is laughing a lot. She says “Your so funny Vesna.” Rachael says she hasn’t seen it because she doesn’t want to even have to look at it.

1:24am: Dean asks Tim for a sip of his water. He almost gets it but BB makes the camera shutter noise and they all must stay in their pose. Tim looks so funny, Dave tries to wink Kate who has just stepped out of the toilet but she isn’t watching. Geneva is topless. It lasts for two minutes but they all do very well. They talk about it being the longest one they’ve had to do. It’s not even a minute later and the sound comes on again. This time Kate just stands up in the toilet. Vesna was waiting to go to the diary room, so she is standing outside the entrance. Christie almost starts laughing, apparently she made a ‘cabbage’ smell. Someone is making strange noises with their lip. Greg starts laughing only a little bit. Not as good this one. Camera sounds again and they all relax. Rachael says that Tim is so funny. Kate is asked whether she was on the toilet, and she says she was. She says she had to wait till the end of it to flush. Geneva says she is tired. All the housemates look as if they are getting ready for bed.

1:40am: Kate and Geneva are talking and saying Kate while they get comfortable in bed. The lights go out and everyone starts say “Yay!”. Silence desends upon the bedroom almost immediately. OK, maybe for a second. Christie gets up. Greg says goodnight. Christie gets back into bed with Greg. Geneva tells everyone to shut up. Christie says “that sounded like a dog” a bit later. Greg notices that Christie’s hair smells nice. Christie says goodnight to everyone, but misses Glenn! Christie says it was very funny when they went outside late last night. She tells him they did weights than walked/jogged round the backyard.

1:56am: Vesna is laughing very loudly. Hotdogs tells her to be quiet, and he starts praying. It goes on for a little bit, then he puts his arm back around her and they try to settle down and gets some sleep.

Nothing else happens, except for a bit of cuddling between Greg & Christie. At 2:32am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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