Day 32 Uplate

12:33am: Geneva starts the show by saying that the one thing that drives her mad with Christie is she doesn’t get a plate to cut things up. She is currently cutting up a orange. Christie says sorry and gets a plate. Christie, talking about the earlier mayhem, says she is definately dissapointed. She says to BB “Fark, I’m going crazy!” She asks Geneva how she feels after a conversation with someone who I can’t figure out. She says ‘lame.’ Christie tell hers to join the club. She says that Dean is going to talk to them about it tonight, but then she says she might tell him not to because it just might get worse. Sorry, I still have no idea what they are talking about. We cut to the bedroom. Dave is talking to Michelle, and saying how he doesn’t want a relationship in the house cause he doesn’t want to have to get out and answer all those questions about it. He then goes on to talk about his brother, saying that they hadn’t lived with each other for 5 years, and that they would only see each other every couple of months. Have no idea why he said that….Hotdogs comes over, and Michelle says that she never thought it would happen to her. Dogs says “fall in love?” Michelle says she hasn’t fallen in love, but then asks Dogs how he is. Having just received his video call, he should feel good. He says he’s fantastic. Michelle reinterates her point that she made the other day to Hotdogs about how he shouldn’t feel guilty over choosing himself for the message. They talk about how they didn’t know specifics, but they thought that it must have been big for him to want it so much. (All housemates now know about Hotdogs father and his condition.) Hotdogs recounts the vote a couple of days ago. He reckons that Vesna voted for him because she had seen a conversation involving himself in Geneva a couple of weeks back concerning the issue of his parents, and thus decided to choose Dogs for the message. Hotdogs says to them that he was ready to reveal his family’s plight last week to all the housemates, and then 2 new people rocked in, and he couldn’t just blurt it out then. Dogs says the phone looked cool, and he is looking forward to getting one once evicted. Vesna comes and lies on Hotdogs back. They talk about Vesna going to the toilet. Michelle says she think’s she’ll sleep in her own bed tonight. Dogs says he likes watching the show from his bed. They talk about how they all feel like they are back at school or on camp in the house. Michelle thinks it’s time to go to bed, and Hotdogs agrees, saying he has to feed the animals tomorrow. That group breaks up. Michelle and Dave remain, and Michelle points to the apple stickers and says ‘thats how long i have left.’ Michelle reckons she is definately going, she says that Dean is definately safe, and Dogs won’t get voted out this week, so she thinks she is gone. Dave doesn’t agree. Michelle says she has done well, but really wants to do a lot better. She says she hates the stage. Hard to hear them cause they are lying on the pillows. We cut to Dogs and Vesna in bed, very close to each other. Dogs says he feels so good. He says he couldn’t have realised the impact of being away from loved ones would have on him until he came in, and now he’s seen them again, he’s totally fine and ready to continue on.

12:59am: Christie and Michelle talking across beds, but whispering and using their hands a bit too. No idea what they are saying. After a bit, Christie decides to come over and talk to her. Kate, who is also in bed, will hear the convo. Christie says she just spoke to Greg before on his own, and they said that they agreed that they are not the same kind of people and that they aren’t good for each other. SHe says it’s doing her head in though because she is going to want what she can’t have. She says she lied to him and told him that she was over it, when she isn’t, so she can’t run back to him anyway. Kate says they can still cuddle, but Christie says she doesn’t think she can because she likes him too much for that. Greg is called to the diary room.

1:13am: Kate is talking about an ex boyfriend. Still talking about Greg & Christie. Christie says that Greg was going to have a talk with her anyway to see where they were at. Lights have gone out. Christie says she is not going to bring it up anymore. They talk about how BB always asks questions in the hope they will ramble on in the diary room. Kate gets Dean’s attention and shows him a hand from a dummy from last weeks task. She then has only one finger up, and says thats for Dave.

1:25am: Kate has made her way over to Dean’s bed. She asks if he can get ‘cabbage arse’ of her bed! Dean reveals his and Christie’s master plan to bottle farts and then sell them on eBay. Lovely. Kate says that he should get Christie over to his bed, in the hope that Kate can then go back to her own bed and go to sleep. Back to Dean’s scheme, he says that even if only one person buys them for $2 he can forever go around and says to other people “has anyone paid money for yours?”. Funny stuff. He’s convinced there will be one fool that will buy it. I’m sure that heaps would be stupid enough to buy it. Dean asks Kate if her bed is the cool bed, and after Kate says yes, Dean tells Cabbage to bunker down and stay there the night. Kate then says that Dean’s bed is the cool bed and that it’s cooler if cabbage is on it. Kate tries to convince Christie to do her next smell on Dean, and she agrees, but then Dean tells her that they just want her off their bed. She yells back that she’ll stay there, and Dean replies with “Well done cabbage.” Kate complains that she is cold, and points to her feet for example. Dean says it’s just bad circulation, and that she is turning into a nana already. Christie and Dean have a conversation about their scheme across the room. Christie wants to do them now, but Dean, knowing better, suggest they sleep on it ‘because you don’t want to get out of that bed.’

1:40am: Dean asks Rachael if she has been cut caked yet. I think it involves farting. They say they’ll show her it tomorrow, but she says she doesn’t think she wants to know about it. Dean and Kate whisper, then laugh, but no idea what they said. Dave and Kate start whispering. Dean and Hotdogs start arguing about something, and then Dean uses a line given to him from Dave. Hotdogs thinks the argument is a bit serious, but Dean tells him he’s joking. Kate says to the boys “She won’t sleep there will she?”

1:51am: Vesna is laughing really loudly. Christie yells out, “Hey Vesna, Shut the F Up.” Michelle claps. Laughter all around. Hotdogs says that she can go to feed the animals and then they can leave her there. Dogs says she is depressed all day and waits till bedtime to start laughing. Vesna decides she needs the toilet. Dave jumps into Dogs bed and hides under the covers, waiting for her to come back. She suspects something, but still is very scared when he pops out. They talk about how they will all have to get up for the task at some point. Cut to Greg and Christie lying on the same bed. But she leaves, confused at what Greg said. She goes back to bed but a second later she is back on Kate’s bed and kate is up wondering if she’ll ever get to sleep without the cabbage smell. Christie finally gets in her own bed, and Kate is finally back in her own bed as well.

No more talk at all from the housemates, so at 2:34am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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