Day 32

9:52am: Housemates are all in bed with the lights on. An alarm rings and Hotdogs and Vesna soon realise it’s theirs. Kate is up and wondering what is going on; when she realises it’s not her bell, she falls back onto a bed exhausted. BB tells the two on duty that he would like an Omelette and a cappuccino. They set about making theirs when another alarm sounds. Greg jumps from bed and gets ready, but there is no sign of Christie. Vesna thinks that alarm is for everyone. Christie has suddenly appeared and tells the new pair that he would like a stack of six pancakes. Tim, sleeply looking, is watching on. We get to see the pairs preparing the meals for a few seconds, before Hotdogs and Vesna wheel their meal into the diary room for BB to check. BB tells them to leave the meal on the table, and take the trolley back out with them for the next group. Next it’s Greg & Christie’s turn to enter the diary room, and BB looks at the pancakes, surrounded by strawberries.

1:53pm: Glenn and Greg are out sunbaking. Greg tells Glenn that Christie was ‘really weird’ last night. Greg explains that he was saying that it was basically a ‘comfort’ thing for him between the two. He goes onto say that it felt like a mini “BB breakup”. Glenn laughs. Greg says it was childish, but adds that they still had a few pashes after it. Greg says he’s doing it for something to do, but then decides to also add “I shouldn’t say that, I do like her.” Glenn starts talking about his woman, Michelle. He says that if she is evicted, he should probably try and crack on to Kate. But he’ll be nice about it, he’ll wait a week. He devises a plan to comfort Kate when she is upset should Michelle be evicted on Sunday. Greg laughs. Greg says that it’s hard to say goodbye to anyone who is evicted, but also says “at the end of the day, we’ve only known them a month.” Greg agrees, saying “your just another bum in the shower in here.”

5:34pm: The girls (Christie, Kate, Geneva, Michelle) are sitting at the table. Christie decides to have a cold shower. She says ‘crazy day’ as she leaves the table. Kate says everyone is saying ‘crazy day’. Michelle reveals it’s because of Greg. She goes onto tell the others that Greg told her last night that he basically didn’t have feelings for her. Rachael walks by and sits down at the table. Geneva is unsure if Greg would say that, saying that whenever she walks by Greg he always puts out his hand. Geneva is convinced that if Greg didn’t like her, he wouldn’t be holding out the hand. Rachael asks what Dave was saying to Michelle last night. Michelle doesn’t answer, but Rachael says “C’mon, you know.” Michelle says they weren’t really talking about Greg and Christie, but with the help of Rachael telling the others, it’s revealed they were saying that they though that Greg & Christie’s relationship was a bit ‘high school’ and a bit immature. Geneva says “What?” Michelle says that Dave reckons Greg might be backing off a bit because he knows that Christie talks about everything that happens between them to the girls. Dave reckons that Greg doesn’t want little chats all around the house to be happening about the two of them. Geneva asks Michelle whether she told Christie this, but Michelle says she didn’t. Kate says with a little grin on her face “What are you doing?” Michelle says that Dave was talking privately to her. Rachael goes to the bathroom to talk to Christie. She says that she wants to tell her whats going on because she thinks a ‘lot of people in her are betraying you (Christie).” Rachael begins her version of the story, saying that Dave doesn’t like spending time with Christie or Geneva because they act like school children. Rachael says that he (assuming Greg) knows that you’ve been talking about him to others. She says she heard Dave tell Michelle that she was more ‘mature’ about it all, and in Rachael’s eyes Michelle was sucking up to Dave to get closer to Glenn. Christie, falling for it hook line and sinker, says that Michelle is two faced because she doesn’t like bitchiness. Christie decides to go and talk to Michelle, but asks Rachael how she should go about it. Christie goes to the bedroom, and Rachael returns to the table where she says to Michelle that she should tell her about the conversation with Dave. She says she will. Rachael says that she didn’t reveal the whole conversation, saying to Geneva it was also about her. Michelle says it was a private conversation and it had nothing to do with her and who Michelle tells. Rachael starts walking away, but Michelle has the parting shot saying “If someone comes and tells me something, it’s not up to me to tell everyone about it.” Chrisie is the bedroom is by herself, saying that ‘the girls are all bastards.’

5:55pm: Rachael decides to talk to Dave about the conversation she overheard last night. Dave launches into her straight away saying “What are you talking about it for? It’s to do with Michelle and I, and Christie has a little bit to do with it.” Rachael tells Dave that Michelle is the one gossiping. Dave says Michelle doesn’t gossip. Christie, still on the other side of the room, is asked by Rachael if Michelle gossips. Christie decides to speak up and asks “So what was spoken about me?” Dean, having just walked into the room, quickly backtracks and says he’ll get out. He doesn’t though. Michelle enters the room. Rachael exclaims that she is not trying to cause trouble. Michelle says “Yes you are.” Michelle continues to launch into her, saying “You should stay the f*** out of other peoples business. Christie just wants to know ‘what was said’, and finally, both Michelle and Dave are willing to tell her. Michelle reveals it was simply about Kate and Geneva and how he feels about them. Dave cuts in and starts talking, but Rachael again interrupts, saying it was about Kate at the end, but….before Michelle says “What are you doing here, go away.” Michelle says that Rachael obviously came into the conversation half way through and has no idea what she is talking about. Rachael, walking away, says to Michelle “I would have stuck up for the girls.” Michelle yells that there was nothing to stick up for. Christie starts repeating what she has been told, asking Dave whether it was about being immature and they “kiss all the boys”. Dave, really angry at this stage, says with the gritted teeth, “You better shut your mouth” to Rachael. Dave tells her to go and clean her ears out immediately. Michelle says “Your a *******”, the swear word bleeped out so even I can’t tell what it was. Michelle says that she only heard one bit of the conversation and that she wanted to stir the pot and get Christie offside from the rest of the house. Christie says “I’m really angry.” Michelle says to Rachael that she wants her to leave the room. Rachael says she is not leaving, leaving Michelle to say that she wants to talk to her girlfriend and it has nothing to do with her. Rachael says “if shes your girlfriend, you should have stuck up for her yesterday.” Michelle, for what feels like the 8th time exclaims that there was nothing to stick up for. Rachael says “OK” and leaves the room. Christie says “I have had a shit day…” but Michelle interrupts, saying that all Dave said was that Greg might be worried about Christie reporting everything about their relationship back to the girls. Christie asks why she didn’t tell her, and Michelle says she completely forgot. Christie says she feels like a tool because Dave thinks that she’s immature. Michelle says that he thinks Geneva is too. Christie starts crying saying she feels like an idiot.

Rachael comes to diary room upset. She says she was just trying to do the right thing. She says she wasn’t trying to start trouble, rather she was just trying to look after Christie. She says that all the housemates think that she has just come into cause conflict and that this is just another one of her ‘games.’

8:12pm: Rachael comes to the kitchen bench and sits down next to Christie and apologies, saying that it wasn’t her intention, and that she misinterupted. She says the last thing she wanted was for her to be upset. Christie says that she thought she was out to cause trouble. Christie tells her to eat her dinner, and she goes and gets it, and the icyness from Michelle can be seen from a mile away as she is in Rachael’s way in the kitchen. Rachael takes her meal and sits on her bed, but starts crying. Back in the kitchen, Michelle learns that she admitted to being wrong. Michelle says that if she wants to be nice to her thats fine, but Christie says she just wants to stay out of her way for a while. Kate comes to the bedroom to talk to her. Rachael says she should just stay out of the way. Kate says that she believe that Rachael thought she was right. Kate goes onto suggest that she was trying to get closer to Christie by telling her the ‘information’, but in doing so she probably pushed her further away. Kate says you just have to look at the positives. Rachael exclaims “positives!”. Kate says she just needs to start again with everyone.

10:11pm: Hotdogs returns to the house from the diary room with a mobile phone containing his video message. He tells Tim he’s got it, and sits down near the kitchen table to listen to it. He starts crying immediately, as it shows both his parents. After viewing it, he comes to the bedroom where he explains to the others that about 3 years ago his dad had a massive stroke and the doctors didn’t think he would make it. Geneva comes over and gives him a hug. He says that his mum and himself care for his dad on a daily basis. He says to all of them that they are free to watch the video with him if they want to. They all gather round the phone on Dean’s bed, and laugh when his Dad refers to hip-hop as the new ‘jive’ and his Mum asking whether he could dance the tango. Hotdogs explains that he wanted to tell them all, but two newbies came in and he just didn’t. He asks them to understand.

10:27pm: Christie and Greg are alone in the kitchen. Christie says she feels weird talking to him now that she knows he feels awkward. Christie explains that in the beginning she just wanted to have some fun, but lately she was thinking that perhaps she did like Greg. Christie says it’ll change things between the two. Greg agrees, but then says “It’ll only be weird if we make it weird.” Greg jokes that he’ll limit Christie to one sleepover a week. Greg says he’s happy to continue with what they are doing, and Christie agrees.

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