Day 33

5.31am – Alarm time. It’s the call for everyone to get up and cook. A few seconds later the housemate are jumping out of bed. Big Brother wants eggs, prawns, omlette, pancakes, spaghetti and hambuger. The houseamtes quickly get into their pairs and start to cook. Glenn squints in the harsh light of the living room. They are mostly coordinated – led by Kate who eggs them on but also encourages them. All housemates go into the diary room to present the food to Big Brother. Together: “Big Brother your meail is served”. Hotdogs is sleepy and annoyed. BB: “Thankyou that is all”. The housemates say the food looks really good, as they all flop into bed again.

8.27am – Christie is in the bathroom talking to Geneva who is showering. Geneva wonders what her opinion of Kate is. Christie hasnt’ become overly close with her but its something about her that kinda makes her a bit offstand-ish. Geneva says she can’t get close to Michelle. Christie can’t either.

10.41am – Rachael is sleeping. Kate and Geneva talk about her in the kitchen in the aftermath of yesterday’s fight. Geneva says Rachael tried to make Christie hate her and its disgusting. Geneva says Rachael has apologised to Michelle already but not Geneva.


12.15pm – Kate is asking David if he’s talked to Rachael yet. He is ambiguous in his answer but says he said what he had to say. Rachael comes over to the kitchen and sits by Kate. There is a long ackward silence. Kate then says “I had a great idea, I was thinking you going into the diary room and start afresh, like she just entered the house”. Rachael doesnt’ like that idea one bit: “no”. She says she doesn’t have to do it that way – she wants people to know she sincerely didn’t want to start something, and if they knew her personality they’d know that. Kate says she needs to stop being so defensive so people will get her – it’s not about bouncing things off each other. Rach says its a positive she brought the housemates together (against her). Michelle joins them and says everyone deserves a chance but she doesn’t feel they will ever be close. Rach says its easy for her to misinterpret things – its not something she was trying to get to you (Michelle). If she wanted to do she would have done personal attacks, and feels Michelle is being unfair.

1.03pm – Christie is in the kitchen with Rachael, and says everyone is having issues in the house, various issues about different people. Christie says before she was telling the girls she doesnt’ feel close to Michelle or Kate. It’s good to realise things and to find ways to improve that. Rach asks Geneva if she isnt’ talking to her right now. Rach wants to talk. Geneva says she feels like she’s tried to help Rach as much as she can, and to explain how to get on but… stay out of other people’s business. Rach says she’s realised she can’t get involved with people in the house. Geneva says yes and she shouldn’t try. Rach eventually says sorry, and Geneva blunty accepts her apology, walking into the bedroom.


2.01pm – Christie is in the bedroom having a D&M with Kate. Christie says she’s having trouble getting to know Kate because she’s not getting it back. She feels they are different, and she’s never come across some one like Kate in her life. Kate agrees they are different – Christie is so care free and out there and just at times she felt Christie has the ability to make her feel uncomfortable – at times when Christie made little jokes. Kate knows its just a joke but it still gets to her. Christie says she’s sorry, and she can work on it. Kate says she can work on not being such an uptight bitch around Christie.

3.24pm – Some housemates are around the dining table. Rachael is outside, exercising on some of the equipment. She takes a stroll around the garden singing about walking around. In the living room the housemates are watching her and Michelle says she’s crazy. Meanwhile Rachael is singing “if everyone hates me, I don’t give a damn, they can just go eat spam”. This is Big Brother: the result of this week’s task is in. You have wagered 100%. A loss will leave you at nothing. Housemates did not always wash their hands during the task. One housemate picked their nose while making spaghetti. They all look at David, who says it could have been Greg. BB says they have failed this week’s task. David is defensive while everyone says saucy picks his nose all the time. Dean and Glenn say they aren’t surprised. Later outside Kate and Hotdogs talk about what they won’t have – detergant, coffee etc. She says it will be back to being cranky without coffee.


David has come to the diary room to tell Big Brother one of the bedroom toilets isn’t working properly. He says he can help unblock it (he’s a plumber out of the house). BB says he will get back to David. David asks if he can get some toothpaste as a fee. BB asks what his normal fee is. David says there is a normal fee and a friend fee. BB asks what fee he gets. When David says the normal fee BB says he will fix the toilet himself. David goes “no no no” and asks for just 2 tubes of toothpaste for the labour. BB says he will get back to David.

7.02pm – It’s family dinner time. “Does everyone thing the new housemates have been welcomed and treated fairly”. Michelle says they have tried to invite them in but they have to want to be included. Rachael says they have been fair – if you dish out she has to take it and she says the retaliation is fair on her part. Vesna says she doesn’t like to jump into things she wants to be comfortable with everyone first. Tim says there has been incidents and we are also judged on how we react so we have to make an effort to include everyone more, he is optimistic. Dean says he has treated the new housemates like anyone on the outside. If he doesn’t like some one he will not include them because he doesn’t want to talk to them. Rachael asks if he’s talking about something in particular. Dean says he’s cool with just a hello-hello exchange with her, nothing more – only because she rubbed him up the wrong way.

10.52pm – Greg is in the diary room. He wants to talk about last night’s topic which he wasn’t aware off – Christie. He says he was unaware if he was leading her on other than just some fun. He was just trying to be comforting to her because she was going up and down in the house a lot. Greg explains he doesn’t usually do that sort of stuff, he finds her attractive but no more than that. He wouldn’t want to go as far as Glenn and Michelle have. He says after the BB house he will have a clearly understanding of how girls work – “its pretty good information to know”. Big Brother wishes him good luck on Greg’s journey. Greg gives BB some tips: “Whatever girls mean, they mean the opposite”. “Good luck with the ladies Big Brother, I’ll be here to give you some tips if you need”

11.48pm – Michelle and Glenn are having a(nother) pash session in the house. Sloppy noodles being poured over the microphone! Be sure to read the recap of last night’s uplate show to see how far this pash went.

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