Day 30

9.15am – It’s shopping time. Logans are the shopper/chef now. The Logans have 30 seconds to decide who will be shopper or chef. Dave say she will be chef. The HMs discuss personal items. Some of the girls want chocolate, some want messages. Glenn looks dead asleep. Greg goes into the supermarket. Video messages are now $50, and they can only be for one housemate. Greg swears A LOT. Outside the housemates are discussing having a BBQ when BB annouces a $5000 for the derogatory remarks he just said. Outside the girls are wondering what he said. They joke it would be funny if Greg found there were no family messages – close!. BB announces the supermarket is now closed. Greg is panting after furiously trying to get everything through the scanner and bagging it. There is $57 left on the screen so Greg tries to hide the screen. Greg explains the new $50 rule on the video messages. Greg tells them there was only $40 left. The HMs comment it wasn’t half an hour he had in the supermarket.

The HMs seem to say Kate is to have a video message. Kate in the bedroom says she won’t take the message. Rachael tells her to stop being so selfless, because everyone has issues. Kate, upset about the fact she probably wont’ be getting a message, goes to the diary room while the other HMs try to work out how to split the chocolate. Kate tells BB she is extremely angry and is scared she will go off at some one unintentionally. She says she doesn’t want to be out there and be really upset, leading to people giving her a sympathy message. She doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her. She is upset because she’s been waiting all week for the message, and had to do a big personal task and now she wont’ get a message from home. BB asks Kate who she’s angry at: Kate says “I’m angry at you, really angry at you”.


11.16am – HMs are in the bathroom cleaning up, brushing their teeth. Kate and Tim are talking about the bed swap last night. Kate says if some one asked “can I sleep with you tonight”, she would do it. Tim says if he asked her then everyone would make a big deal about it. Tim says “I’d be worried you’d try to pash me and touch my body”. Kate says maybe thats why she brought it up in a general context rather than erotically. Michelle tells the Logans they should split the chocolate up for the housemates – chocolate for 12 housemates. In the bathroom Tim tells Glenn he really likes Kate: “intriguing delicious person”. Glenn says she has a sexy school teacher look about her. He finds he is getting tounge tied around her. The HMs are splitting up different chocolate biscuits on the kitchen table. Tim is still talking about Kate’s tattoos and her opinionated attitude. “She is a contradiction and thats what makes her appealing”. Meanwhile Kate is chowing down on a choc bicuit. Tim says Kate’s smile is intoxicating: “the sun would shine”. Glenn has also noticed Kate’s smile – her whole face changes, not just her mouth.


12.21pm – David announces they have to vote on who takes the video. He recommends they all sit around the table, have a think and explain who they think should get a message from their family.

Vesna says Geneva – she is close to her sister
David says Dean – close to his mother
Dean says Hotdogs – reasons have not been disclosed
Christie says Geneva – close to her sister
Tim says Kate – she worked very hard last week and had expectations
Glenn says himself, then Kate – she busted her guts last week
Hotdogs says himself – I would like to have that message
Rachael says Hotdogs – he has made her feel the most welcome
Geneva says Hotdogs – reasons not disclosed
Michelle says Kate
Kate says Hotdogs

The housemate are all generally silent around the table. The message is going to Hotdogs and he watches Kate leave for the bedroom. He stops her for a hug. She says she wouldn’t have accepted it anyway, but she is annoyed about the whole situation.

Later outside Christie tells Geneva she had prepared not to get a message. Geneva says she had a really big boost and this was so unexpected. She says whenever she sees her sister she feels better instantly. In the bedroom Hotdogs is telling Dean earlier probably made him seem selfish but he really wants to get a message. Dean says if he voted for himself it wouldn’t have done it anyway. Kate is telling Michelle she would have forfitted to Hotdogs anyway. She says there are some times when Hotdogs is really selfish. Michelle totally agrees and says she can’t trust him at all. “He will do anything to get something for himself”.


8.26pm – This is Big Brother. The nominees are Dean, Christie, Hotdogs and Michelle. Rachael is called to the diary room for nominate deductions. Rachael chooses Christie – she has made her feel the most welcome and she’s a wonderful girl. Rachael returns to the lounge room. This is Big Brother. The new nominees are Dean, Hotdogs and Michelle. Rachael says sorry and it was a touch decision. Hotdogs says no worries. Chrisite hugs Rachael and Rachael says “you are such a wonderful person”.

9.29pm – Outside the girls tell Rachael they thought she’s pick Hotdogs. Rach says there is more to him than meets the eye. He was so glum even after getting a video message “there has got to be something in his life he hasn’t got”. Rachael says she is similar and can probably see the same. Geneva knows about Hotdog’s dad but doesn’t say anything. Christie says it’s good Rachael can read body language like that. Rach gets up to go to bed and Hotdogs joggs by and playfully pushes her back on a beanbag. Dean is jogging too but ignores Rachael. After she leaves Christie says Rach has a real sensitive side. The other girls quickly join Rachael in the bedroom. Hotdogs and Dean are working out while Geneva watches them. They begin talking about Rachael. Dean says “you gotta give her credit”. Geneva says she’s been nice to her so far. Hotdogs and Dean say they don’t care and Rach is trying to play the other housemates. Dean says “fuck it”. Geneva says “yeah you’re a big surprise”.

In the bedroom Hotdogs is saying to himself “I’m really looking foward to seeing his Mum and Dad”. He says a prayer. Michelle and Glenn are in bed together later in the night talking about their life. Christie gets into Greg’s bed and says “sorry I’m late honey”. Glenn has an empty bed but Michelle is keeping him company. They are pashing each other – but not quietly. The two are slurping it up over the microphones.

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