Day 30 Uplate

11:46pm: Hotdogs is in bed talking to Vesna, lights are out in the bedroom. He says it’s such a trip being part of it all. Vesna says it all has happened so quick. After a bit of silence between the two, we jump beds to Michelle and Glenn talking to each other. Michelle is explaining how the person she took into lockdown was going to try to take all the other friends who were in lockdown with the other housemates out for a huge night that first night the housemates went in. Michelle says that she told her friend that there was bound to be a few hotties in the group. Glenn says that his mate has hit ute, and is just going to stay around Brisbane until he gets out of the house. We’re taken back to Vesna and Hotdogs. Hotdogs says he was ready to leave in week three, cause he didn’t realise how much it would hurt him being away from his mum and dad. He goes onto say that he really hadn’t been able to talk to anyone in the house because he didn’t trust anyone until he decided to trust Geneva cause he really doesn’t think that she is playing a game. He says he felt like a million dollars after he had spoken to her. He says that he is not here to prove anything to anybody. Vesna asks him if it gets better every week. Hotdogs says it does for him, but he’s unsure about the others. Vesna says she is 29 in 7 months. Hotdogs says life begins at 30. Lots of talk elsewhere in the room, but we have the cam still on these two who aren’t very talkative tonight. Hotdogs asks Vesna that when they get out, whether she will tell him the things that they can’t say inside. Vesna says yeh. Hotdogs says it would only be a strike and fine, would it be worth spilling now? Vesna says “You know when you love someone…and you can’t be with them….does it count?” Hotdogs says he has no idea what she’s talking about. Basically she means that if she was with someone previously but now no longer cause they are scared, she wants to know if it she counts (the love she has for this person). Hotdogs says that if you love someone of course it counts. She starts telling him about a relationship that was never meant to last. “It was meant to be a fun thing.” Basically they saw each other every second day for 4 months but she never actually called him her boyfriend. She says he was 21. She called an end to it because she was really to settle down and have responsibilites etc, wheras he wasn’t. Hotdogs says that you have to move on in that situation, and that if the person grows up and realises that they want you, then they’ll find you. Dean yells out “oh, cabbage ass” in the background referring to Christie. We go back to Glenn and Michelle. Michelle is saying that all her boyfriends have been different.

12:16am: Hotdogs says that it would be great to be able to come onto BB with your brother. Vesna agrees. The room seems more quiet now. Vesna says that Kate is really nice. Hotdogs says she is a top chick. Vesna says she hopes she is nice. Dogs says it would be nice to see some real titties. He tries to get up her jumper with his hand, but he’s not successful.

12:38am: Kissing going on between Michelle and Glenn, but we’re taken back to Mike and Mike. We get back to them in the bed, and you can hardly see anything, but lots of kissing. Finally they stop, then Glenn is still doing something to her because they suddenly stop when Michelle thinks that she hears something. She says “Nah it’s ok” 5 second later. A little later after nothing happens for a while, Michelle gets up to go to the toilet. She soon returns after washing her hands.

Housemates are now all asleep so there is nothing else to say!

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