Day 9 Uplate

Another week of Uplate begins with the credits rolling at 12:04am. Mike tells us it’s fight night in the Big Brother house since the nomination show. Mike recaps who is up for eviction, both tomorrow, and also in the usual eviction on Sunday. Into the bedroom we go, and see Tim talking to Michelle. Tim starts talking about something or other about his personality, but then Gianna comes across and says “apparently I’ve dug myself a grave.” She tells them both that Angela said that about her just a bit earlier. Michelle can’t believe that Angela bitched that much about anyone earlier in the night. Michelle says that they have however both said they will try and start afresh, and Michelle says she is happy to do this. Mike cuts in for the first brainteaser of the night. Back to the bedroom now, and Greg (L) is talking to Michelle. We soon cut over to Michael talking to a group of people, saying he was trying to tell people that Logan was still Logan today. Constance says ‘someone’s feet stink.’ They start trying to figure out who has worn shoes today. Now we cut outside where Hotdogs and David are. Hotdogs says he can’t believe that some people are that upset over an argument – he wonders what people expected coming in. Hotdogs says that when someone leaves it doesn’t matter – they all will get their ‘superstar’ moment. Hotdogs is looking forward to tomorrow night when they get some drink into them, he says the fireworks willbe flying. Hotdogs is hoping to land a TV job out of this – but he says if he can’t he’s hoping like mad that his employer will have him back. David says that it would be so much fun to be BB. He says that they know that a little thing that BB does can cause controversy within the house. Mike cuts in again for a clue.

Back to the house, Gianna is saying “I just want to do the tasks.” She says that the challenge is being locked in a small confined place with spoilt brats (her words). She is talking to Tim, obviously about Angela, and says that Tim obviously is close to her cause they sleep together. Tim says that that is not necessarily the case. Gianna says she would never put another person down in order to make herself feel better. Tim says that he can’t say he’s never done it, but also that he tries very hard not to do it. Gianna recaps to Tim exactly what started it all back earlier after nominations were announced. Mike comes back on with the clue again. Back to the same convo again. Gianna is saying that she doesn’t think she is the seductress, however, she realises other people do. Gianna asks Tim why he was picked. He says he was picked for this conversation right now. He says he can be a prick, but also really listen and be polite when people enter into a conversation. We cut to another convo now. Hotdogs is between both Logan’s, and is saying that he had Greg outside for 15 minutes, and now he had to come inside to hear the other half of the story from David. Angela is wondering if the conga line is the answer to all arguments. Cut back to Tim and Gianna. Gianna says she was soo much happier when they left. Tim says he was overjoyed. Gianna says she knew they never left. Showing her BB skills, she says that she thought that they were watching them in the house ala BBUK. Tim thought that they were gone. Mike tells us the brainteaser is closed. Cut to break with Constance’s eviction number.

12:36am: Nicole from Rye is on the line, and wins the cash. Game two commences. Back to Gianna and Tim. Gianna says she thinks that Glenn will win. Tim says he has a great shot. Gianna says that she has to remember it’s a game. Tim says thats not true. Tim says that you should look at it as a holiday, and your here to enjoy yourself. He says you don’t get dissapointed then. Gianna says she has never lived in a house with more than 4 people before. She says she knew it would be a challenge, but she didn’t think she would be this emotionally challenged this early in the game. She says the twin impact on her was huge. Tim starts saying that he too is isolated in the house, but not like Gianna, because he doesn’t approve of certain people in the house, although he won’t say it to anyone’s face. He says that he was so relieved when they were ‘evicted’, because he could see the argument arupting later in the week if they were still around. And yeh, when they came back tonight, he just knew it would hit the fan. We cut to Hotdogs talking start to a mirror in the kitchen, but he is signing off. I don’t know what he was saying. Mike comes on and gives us all the numbers for tomorrow’s double eviction, and we’re cut to a break.

12:49am: Mike goes on about the teaser before we get to the house. The Logan with the hair dye is talking to Michelle about how bad it is. He tells her that he went to the Diary Room and BB said he will fix it up for him, cause it looks like ‘sauce’ colour at the moment. Christie and Hotdogs are talking and Christie says that she feels sorry for Tim. In the bathroom, Tim and Dean are chatting while brushing their teeth. Dean asks Tim how he is feeling. He says he’s ok, he was ready for it, but now he needs to figure out why he was nominated. Tim says he’s much more interested in their relationship though. After Tim finishes his teeth, he says that he has time for all Nelson, Constance and Dean indvidually. He goes onto say that they both realise that they are guinea pigs in the house, and that an argument in the house literally makes Big Brother money. Dean agrees totally. Tim goes onto say that he didn’t like the 3 together last week, he felt that they bullied the house a little bit. Dean says he didn’t give shit to anyone. He says he gave shit to Christie one night last week when she was speaking crap, but thats it. Dean swears on it. Tim says it’s good that he thinks that, but Tim himself doesn’t agree with it. OH MY GOD, Mike comes on and gives a clue and sends us to a break. YOU PEOPLE ARE MAD!

1:02am: Now, Mike is back, and craps on again. Back to the bathroom now. Constance is brushing her teeth while they are talking. Tim says again that Dean’s and Nelson’s stance last week with Christie was bullying like to him. He says that he knows that Christie is on another wavelenght sometimes, and he laughs at her sometimes as well, but he knows from high school experience that it’s not nice to bully. I’m sorry, but I pressed the back button on the iQ box, and it stuffed up, and I had to reboot the damn thing – so lost about 3 minutes….Back anyway, Dean says that he likes talking more about the outside life then anything about in here, and the best person he has found to do that with is Nelson, and he loves that. Tim says that the 3 of them in leaving have actually become the stars of the show. Now Mike cuts in and Andrew is winning the $1000. Comm break.

1:16am: Back to the bathroom after a run through of Game 3. Dean says that he isn’t going to sit here and say that he should’ve said that etc. He says he is not going to change. He says he is always going to respect someone that says something to someone’s face. Dean goes onto say that he and Kate don’t get along, and that he told her to her face. He says he also told Gianna that she spends too much time in front of the mirror, again, he has no problems with telling people things to their face. Michelle come running in ready to pop a pimple, but Dogs tells her not to from the door. He leaves, Michelle is still there. Dean reinterates that he has told her she looks in the mirror too much. Dean tells Tim that he knows he’s not a saint, because he knows he’s not, but he says you can’t expect people to change unless you tell them. Tim says that he is glad the bushfire has occurred, as Gianna enters to brush her teeth. Dean agrees. Tim goes on to say that it would have been brewing for 4-5 more days and it wouldn’t have been a good atmostphere. Dean says that at the end of the day, when it’s all done, everyone will look back and laugh at it. Tim agrees. He admits that the mongrel in him even took some pleasure from tonight’s festivities. Tim says it wasn’t so much his nomination, but because the three of them came back, and he knew that the fireworks would soon light up. Dean says that from Day 1 he’s been waiting for an eviction, he’s stoked that it’s coming. Tim says that poor Glenn today was screwed, because everyone knew exactly what he had done. Tim says that when he goes to the DR, no one knows what the heck he says. Mike cuts in and gives a clue, then we cut to a comm break.

1:29am: Back in the bathroom again, Tim is saying that he was worried about the group dynamics. Tim decides to move onto Nelson, and says his issue with Nelson is that he constantly calls it like it is and to him he can see that it’s sarcasm in it’s purest form. Dean has left, and it’s Nelson and Tim now, with Gianna still cleaning her face etc. Gianna steps in and says that even before Nelson left, she felt a bit of a change coming over him. She says thanks for that. Tim starts again and tells Nelson that as a group of 3 were very destructive. Tim just keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Someone from Qld wins the third lot of cash. Comm break.

1:41am: Clue is given for the final teaser. Now back to the house. Tim is finishing yup with Nelson, saying he has aired everything he wanted to say. Tim says that the last 4-5 days have just been adrenalun packed. Nelson doesn’t really think so. We leave that, and head back to the bedroom. Gianna and Michelle are talking. Gianna says she needs to do some washing. Michelle says that she should be able to say to Gianna “I don’t like that about you”, and Gianna agrees and wants her too. She goes on to say that they both the type of person to be laughed at, and because both of them know how it feels, they have a type of connection. Back to talking about Angela, and Gianna says she doesn’t trust her as far as she can throw her. Christie has some white stuff around her eye, cream, and asks the girls if they think shes sexy. They start talking about their clevage again. Mike, clue, break.

1:55am: Mike, clue, cut to house. Geneva, Christie and Michelle try to get Gianna, who has her eyes covered, to eat a condom. Geneva goes and shows the chocolate condom to everyone in the room. Nelson is back in the room, so the convo with Tim is obviously over. Geneva asked hair dyed Logan if he would lick it for $50. She goes and waves it in front of Glenn, and he immediately is awoken. Michael doesn’t wake up. Gianna licks it. Lanie wins the last $1000 bucks. Mike asks her if she’s ever eaten a condom, expecting a no, and she says she’ll pass on that question…..OK then. Mike wraps up the show for the night, promotes the pig bucket game, then says goodnight, but sends us back to the house for a few minutes. Nelson is saying goodnight to everyone. Christie and Gianna are getting into pajama’s. Mike says goodnight again, and then at 2:06am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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