Day 10

7.35am – Glenn is wishing Kate a good morning and happy birthday, with the Simpsons quote “I choo choo choose you”. Glenn takes her to feed the animals as a birthday treat. She’s very excited as they walk out to the pens.Kate finds it cute all the animals sleep together. The piglets are very hungy, it seems. Kate choses to walk the Alpaca if it doesn’t look at her. She’s a little hesitant with the animal, and needs some reassurance from Glenn. She eventually gets into it while Glenn feeds the piglets.

Inside the girls are in the bathroom. Geneva has a mouthfull of toothpaste when she is called to the diary room. All other housemates must go to the table in the garden. Kate and Glenn rush out of the animal pen area. Geneva has a note about today’s shopping. The shopping budget is $367.50, but Big Brother is deducting $85 from it for 17 breaches of house rules. It is now $282.50. Michael says they need toilet paper, but also garlic and potatoes. Michael is in charge of the shopping today. He goes into the “supermarket”, which is the door on the side of the house we haven’t seen before. Inside is a whole lot of supplies and a computer monitor with the current budget on it. Of course there is a whole lot of food from the show sponsors – I won’t mention them. Michael must “check out” the food and the money remaining comes up on the computer monitor. The other housemates give him a hand with taking the food out. Michael says the prices were very steep and he noted some of them so they can do some planning for next week.


6.21pm – The HMs are getting ready for Kate’s birthday celebrations. Christie is singing happy birthday in a weird voice. All housemates are called to the lounge, ready for a party – but something else happens. Gretel is on the screens and announces It’s Time to Go… Constance. Constance is shocked, as are the other housemates. They wonder about packing clothes – but Constance has none! Big Brother tells her she must leave the house. She gives everyone a hug – including Nelson who looks worried. Constance exits via the eviction stairs. Geneva is shocked. Gretel comes on later to announce It’s Time to Go… Nelson. Nelson is all smiles, probably because he thinks he’s getting a car. Logan gives a suspicious point to Dean who smiles nervously. Geneva is teary. Tim says this is horrible for Kate so he’s going to give her a special “Tim kiss”.

Tim goes on to tell Kate he thinks she’s the best person in the house and she has this amazing smile, she’s intriguing and interesting. In the bedroom Geneva and Dean are both surprised they are nominated. They start talking about the 3 point nomination deduction given by Glenn. They agree Michelle couldn’t have got the highest nomination points because she was saved in the end. Geneva says she’s “gotta win” on Friday. She says she can’t beat the boys in physical activities. She recons the twins are going to cause so much trouble because it’s two for one vote – even if some remotely likes one twin they aren’t going to vote for the other (because they are treated as the same housemate). She also notes everyone is getting along with Greg well in the house. “How can you trust two people who lied to you from day one?”. Dean says he’s not going to find it hard to vote at all. Big Brother quickly announces Geneva and Dean should stop this conversation immediately -eep!

8.39pm – Christie, Tim and Hotdogs bring out Kate’s birthday cake complete with sparkler candles. They are all singing happy birthday. Everyone grabs plates for the cake. They joke she has to kiss the closest boy, and Kiss gives a sexy look. Greg is the cloest boy but they all say she should kiss Tim. Tim is pointing at Greg. Kate ends up kissing Greg.


9.43pm – Christie is still shocked by the eviction. Christie and Angela are decorating Kate’s bed to get things lively again. Kate comes in and they tell her to get out. Kate goes into the toilet. Gianna comes in and says it’s now like the luurve bed. Christie says she has the urge to kiss Greg now, but she doesn’t know why.. maybe because he’s “innocent”. Kate comes out of the toilet and says the bed look pretty. Angela gives Kate a birthday hug. Kate moves to the bathroom now to brush her teeth when Angela comes in to invite her to the spa, and comments Kate is brushing her teeth for her next kiss. Kate lets out a drunk giggle. Kate says her and Greg had a little peck when she cut the cake – she might follow it up. Lots of drunk giggles.

In the bedroom Christie, Greg and Tim are planning another birthday surprise – Tim is dressed in drag. Chrisite is putting makeup on him. They present the new Tim and everyone has a good laugh. Tim brings Kate over to a blockseat and starts pole dancing for her as sexy as he can. Kate is saying “oh Timmy”. Tim gives her a big hug.

10.11pm – Dean and Geneva to the diary room. Meanwhile Christie is “lapdancing” and rocking back and forth on Greg’s lap! He is holding fluffy handcuffs and looks a little uncomfortable. Dean and Geneva come from outside, they don’t know whats going on. Big Brother tells them the fundamental principle of Big Brother is not to discuss nominations. He announces their earlier conversation breached rules – they both get a strike. Dean says he’s alreayd up for eviction so it doesn’t matter. Geneva says at least they didn’t lose any money. They tell the others there are no fines.


10.38pm – Christie is telling Gianna she just wants to hook up. Gianna asks Chrsitie about Greg – she doesn’t fully like him but she wants a friendship to just muckaround and keep her amused. She says there is no talent at the moment so go for the next best thing – which is Greg. Christie isn’t attracted to Michael, Hotdogs is just no, Dean is so hot and he has a girlfriend. They both agree he has a bad attitude. Tim – he is just so hot right now (sarcastically). Meanwhile Tim is in the bathroom flossing with Angela and David. David says he’s going to confront Gianna tomorrow about their situation, but Angela doens’t think it will happen.

At the same time Gianna is in the bedroom saying before the twin thing happened she could tell Dave liked her. But now it’s not like that. David tells Angela in the bathroom his excuse for not talking to Gianna yet is because Gianna doesn’t want a hype up and he was giving her time and space – and enjoy your time in the house and we’ll see what happens. Angela says the “see what happens” will keep her hanging. Doesn’t sound like David is interested in Gianna at all now. Gianna is now talking to Michael and Hotdogs about it – she says before the twin stuff David was nice but now he’s not. Michael says thats because before it wasn’t him. In the bathroom Angela is giving David advice on how to soften the blow – maybe add that he’s not looking for a relationship and looking for a bit of fun. The general concensus is be yourself.

As Angela finds lubricant on the bathroom counter, David asks Tim if he has made his mind up about Kate yet. Angela has given up gossiping… apparently. But oh dear.. Kate is now more interested in Greg and is giving him an oil massage in the bedroom! The two are talking about finding knots in your back. Chrsitie goes to “fall” on a bed containing Glenn and Michelle, but hits her head on the headboard with a very loud thud. Everyone starts laughing, which draws the attention of the housemates in the lounge. They have to hush Christie’s laughing because Geneva and Michael are sleeping. Michael wants to know what is going on with the lights – when suddenly they go out.

In bed Chrisite is telling Tim and Angela how shocked she was about tonight. Angela feels sorry it happened on Kate’s birthday.

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