Day 9

Gretel greets us tonight – picking her nose on national television. We are treated to some cool new eviction graphics and Gretel’s trademark alliteration.

Day 9

7.24am – Nelson Dean and Constance are in the punishment room. Nelson is starting to tamper with the furniture, and Big Brother tells him off. Nelson says “maybe if there was something to… If you want to evict me, evict me – do not fuck me around”. Other housemates are called to the diary room – the nominees for eviction are Geneva and Michelle… and … Tim. Everyone is a little shocked. Michelle says “aren’t I supposed to storm out now and cry on my bed?”. Glenn says there is still a twist because he has “magic power”. Big Brother calls Glenn to the diary room. In the diary room BB explains Glenn’s power over nominations: he can deduct three nominations points from one of the nominees. As a result some of the nominees may be saved from nomination, but another housemate will take their place. Glenn deducts the points from Michelle. He returns to the house but cannot talk about it.

Big Brother announces the nominees have changed. The new nominees are Geneva, Tim and Angela. Angela sighs and Michelle looks glad. Michael says lets not tear this apart. Angela says “thats all nice and touching but wait until it happens to you”. Michael tells her not to nark up.

BREAK – with more eviction numbers. New graphics look good.

8.53pm – Big Brother calls all housemates to the lounge, and the three liars re-enter. Geneva is happy, but Kate does not look pleased. This is the first time the liars have seen the new twins, and they introduce themselves and give them a hug. Angela is annoyed and explains to Tim, Michelle’s been playing her like a fiddle. Glenn overhears, says “fuck this” and leaves. Angela follows him outside and explains it. Glenn doesn’t want to hear but Angela goes on to say Michelle flirts with him and played him for this sort of outcome to happen. Geneva comes out and jokes with Glenn that he should have picked her. Glenn is left alone in the spa, obvious unhappy with the situation.

Michelle says to Angela she knows she doesn’t like her but doesn’t like her talking about her behind her back. Angela says the honesty is she doesn’t like her. Angela says Michelle plays all the guys in the house. Michelle says Angela is being bitchy. Angela says Michelle is being a tease to the boys in the house. They discuss how each other are bitches. Angela feels she hasn’t been a bitch because she’s avoided Michelle this whole time. Angela now says “to be honest I like you”. Michelle says they should start off with a clean state. Angela jokes they may only have to put up with each other for a week. Angela can feel Michelle as a friend and doesn’t hate her.

Outside Christie is crying about the liars back in the house. She feels like she is no one because the segregated group is back – and all they do is cause bitchyness and friction in the house. She says Nelson is a rude bastard. Dean doesn’t give two hoots about anyone but himself. Constance is just a loud person who doesn’t let you talk. Gianna agrees and says Constance interupts you. Christie says these people can be so cruel and they are backstabbers. They both don’t trust Angela not one bit: “she acts like she thinks she’s a princess”. Christie agrees – they explain everyone is being bitchy behind each other’s backs and nice to their faces. They admit they are having to do it too.


10.15pm – Michelle has come over to Christie and Gianna, joined by Geneva. Christie says its all too much to handle right now. Michelle is now crying and wants to leave – this is like high school. She says she gets along with guys better because she feels they won’t bitch about her – that is why she doesn’t feel confident infront of the other girls. Geneva says she doesn’t feel sufficient infront of the other girls. Michelle says her personality isnt’ that strong and she doesn’t feel that good looking. Geneva says she should feel really good about her body.

In the bedroom Angela is telling Constance how everyone was bitching about the liars with them out of the house. Constance wants to know every detail – and she’s not happy. She says her and Nelson will bring some reality to the house now.

10.45pm – Nelson is now in the bedroom and Chrsitie is there. He says he would have said ‘hay fever’ instead of crying. Nelson asks if anyone is enjoying every day. Christie says “it depends on your company”. Christie tells Nelson he made her feel like shit and he intimidates everyone in the house. Nelson doesn’t understand how people feel like this. Nelson said it was never his intention to make her feel bad – he apologises and says he will make an effort not to do it. He says he’s starting to think he maybe jumped the gun a little. “Maybe you are a little bit interesting too”. The girls have a giggle… except Christie.

Later, Michelle gives Glenn a hug and tells him not to listen to the bitching about her because it’s not true. Glenn says he will make his own decisions about whats going on in the house. Michelle says Angela is playing a nasty game in the house – Michelle sees right through her.

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