Day 4

8:31am: Lights are turned on in the bedroom. It’s Michelle’s 25th birthday today. Kate is the first to give her well wishes, followed closely by Gianna. Kate then gives her a little present on behalf of all the housemates. It contains several things; a pack of fake tattoo’s, a top which says “It’s all about me” and also a tiarra. Over in the store room, Tim, Angela and Gianna are figuring out what to take out to their kitchen for the day. Tim is worried that they will be eating cauliflower and tuna for several days if they’re not careful. Angela thinks there will be enough meat to last. Gianna admits to not even getting a banana yesterday, suggesting that people perhaps think that they will eat fruit because there is no preparation in it.

In the bedroom, Kate asks Logan whether he is going to do a workout or have a hot shower. Logan says he’ll do the workout, have a swim and sit in the sauna before having a cold shower. In the sauna, Constance is treating Angela’s hair (Constance is a hairdresser.) Angela hopes that Michelle has some ideas on what they can do today to pass the time. They refer back to the argument the day before with Gianna, Michelle and Christie. Angela thinks Michelle was influenced by “Little One” (Christie) and thus spoke up. Over in the gym, Logan, Hotdogs and Dean are working out. In the bedroom, Constance has borrowed some of Geneva’s clothes today. Constance asks Michelle if she is feeling a bit homesick today because she’s not with her family. She says she isn’t, but als says she’ll cry if she has a crap day.

Big Brother is conducting a survey for this week’s task; the getting to know you task. He is calling all housemates to the diary room individually; Nelson is first. When asked, “If you had to doublecross one housemate, who would it be?”, he says Christie. Constance asnswers Gianna. Gianna answers Constance. BB next asks Geneva “Which housemate would you most like to kiss?” Geneva answers Constance. Logan answers Michelle. Michelle answers Dean. Dean decides not to answer the question. Back in the bedrom, Glenn is doing a bit of dancing, country style! He goes on to tell the group how he would go about courtin’ up with a girl at a local pub.

5:14pm: Kate & Nelson are talking in the bedroom. Nelson reveals that he went out with a girl named Kate for 4 years. He goes onto say that the girl was exactly like Kate. He then says that if he was stuck with someone, he would want someone like Kate to not be there. Kate apologies, but says it doesn’t upset her. Nelson says “you get what I mean though?”, meaning that he wasn’t having a dig at her personally. Kate says she likes herself, and yet she looks at Nelson and wonders what he has going for himself. She says that Nelson could be the caring, sweet guy, but he would rather be the farter. Kate deciedes that she is going to wait and hope the nice guy in him comes out.

In the kitchen, Michael and Logan are checking on the stew being prepared for tonight’s dinner. Over on the couch, Michelle doesn’t seem happy. She says she thinks it’s really rude for smeone to not do something for someone’s birthday. Kate decides that if BB won’t put on a party, they will make one themselves. She tries to get others to get dressed up for dinner. Hotdogs is called to the diary room and told of plans for the suprise party that BB has organised. In the bedroom, Michelle starts to cry, saying that no one has decided to get dressed up. Angela runs out to consult all the other housemates, and trys to get them to put a bit more effort in. Just after this, Michelle comes back out and convinces them all there is no need to get dressed up for dinner. They sit down and start eating, not before a toast from Kate who says that Michelle has reached a milestone (25) and that they will make tonight a night to remember.

7:08pm: Michele is called to the diary room and asked to complete her survey so Big Brother can set up the suprise. She thinks that Angela is playing the game the most. Cut to the bedroom, where Hotdogs explains his earlier instructions given to him by BB. Back to Michelle, who thinks that Gianna is the most attractive in the house. Finally BB asks her how her birthday is going. She says it started well, but not doing so good tonight. When asked why, she sheds a tear and she says that it doesn’t feel like she is doing anything to celebrate a pretty important birthday. The housemates are told they can leave the bedroom to get ready for the suprise. Big Brother also lets Michelle out of the DR soon after. Suprise! She hugs everyone, then says that she feels terrible now because she thought BB was a asshole. When all the housemates have a drink, LOgan is called to the diary room. Another swap occurs. To avoid questions, LOgan brings out with his an easel and two cardboard pieces of paper, one with all the girls photo’s on it, one with the boys. The girls are then told to go to the bedroom. The TV in the living room comes on, and the reason for the bottom shots the previous day are revealed. The boys have to guess which bottom matches which girl. When completed, they go to the bedroom, and the girls do the same for the boys.

9:31pm: Dean, Nelson, Constance and Geneva are sitting at the dinner table talking away from the main group who are on the couch. Nelson says that people in the house are terrified of bitching about people behind anyone’s back. Nelson says he loves it, he hates confrontation. Dean suggests that whatever happens, these 4 at the table should always be completely honest with each other. Nelson goes on to say that he thinks Angela and Michael are playing the game. Nelson says the only people he doesn’t like are Gianna and Kate. Dean agrees with him. He goes further by saying that there are a handful of other people in here who he has no time for.

Later, in the spa, a game of spin the bottle gets underway. Michelle spins first, and like magic, has to kiss Logan. Next to kiss are Glenn and Angela. The first girl-girl kiss occurs between Christie and Michelle, but the boys aren’t out of the action, Michael and Logan pairing up next!

Inside, not participating are Constance, Dean, Nelson, Hotdogs and Geneva. They complain that they still can’t get close to Logan. The spa game is over, and several housemates go to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. Glenn tells BB that he thinks Angela was the best kisser. BB asks the mood of the house. Angela says it’s good, but there is obviously two groups tonight. Angela and Michael both say that there is no pressure for the other group to participate, but they could have watched and had a laugh with everyone.

3:28am: Lights are turned out. Everyone yells out “Night Dog”, in reference to the day before with Hotdogs had to say goodnight three times before getting a response. Logan says he hopes Michelle had a good day. She say thanks to everyone.

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