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Day 4 Uplate

11 May 2005

Posted by Tim

I missed the start! It’s just past 12:30am when I finally get home from work, but about 12:45am before I really start concentrating on the action of the TV. I did notice that they had the results of the ‘bum’ task revealed by BB – apparently they were split into 2 teams? Anyway, the both got 5 right, and thus have to share the prize – 7 ice creams. I remember Kate barking instructions about how everyone had to share. Once I sit down properly, Hotdogs is talking to Kate. However, just as I might be starting to get the gist of it, Mike comes on with the teasers. Back to the convo now, and Hotdogs is saying nothing now to Kate, but does say that Logan and someone should kiss again (apparently 2 guys kissed in the spa tonight). Gianna comes over and sits next to Logan now, and for the next two minutes the camera’s are trained on them, even though they are saying nothing and other people are obviously talking. Gianna decides finally to head to the bedroom. Logan looks like he is doing the same, but he is doing it damn slowly. In the bedrom now we have Hotdogs, Logan, Gianna, Tim and Christie. More people start to filter in, but Mike throws us to a break too quickly.

12:58am: Nevile wins the first $1000. Second teaser started. Dean & Hotdogs are having a little wrestle with each other upon returning to the bedroom. Tim is trying to fall asleep over in the corner. Someone asks when the next bday is. Someone else answers that it’s Kate’s next week. Hotdogs tell’s Constance she should bond with the girls. Constance tells him where to go. Nelson presuades Constance and Hotdogs to go back out to the living room, where some people are trying to clean up the mess from the party. Back to the bedroom, Glenn and Logan are talking about the guy-guy kiss that Logan had with someone (Michael? I don’t know)Logan is trying to justify it by saying they wouldn’t have seen any girl-girl action unless he acted. LOgan wonders whether they should go and help clean up, but Glenn says to stay in the bedroom. Comm break.

1:11am: Mike reads some emails and gives the teaser with the clue. Hotdogs is talking to Angela. He says that he thinks he has got to the stage where he can have an argument with her. In a roundabout way, he’s saying he respects her and thus, cares enough to have an argument with her. He says he also thinks he could have an argument with Kate. He says Kate and himself are so different, but there is a connection there. Hotdogs says that Logan isn’t at that stage yet. Angela again makes mention that she can’t get close to Logan at all. Hotdogs tells Angela about earlier when Constance and Geneva interrupted Hotdogs when he was saying something and thought he was opening up to the group. At this time, Geneva hands Hotdogs the rubbish. He realises too late what he has to do – take the rubbish out. The problem; it’s raining. Hotdogs makes mention to Ange that Geneva is missing her sister badly. Ang agrees. Constance comes over and says that she has never attended a party where they clean up the same night. Hotdogs says to Constance that he’s going to go up to the kitchen, get one dish, and put it away as his contribution. And he does just that. Mike, teaser, clue, comm break.

1:26am: Back into the bedroom now. Logan is talking to Kate and Glenn. I think they are still talking about the kiss. Kate says that she has somehow missed the big sex conversations. She says she is pleased by this. Logan fires back that she didn’t miss the action tonight (apparently she was involved in a pash with another girl). Hotdogs and Nelson come into the room. Hotdogs makes mention that because he’s at the stage where he doesn’t care what he says anymore, he’s going to get into heaps of trouble when he finally exits the compound. Michelle climbs onto Logan’s bed. Out in the kitchen, they are still cleaning away. Nicole wins the second $1000, and we go to a comm break.

1:38am: Kitchen again. Michael, Geneva, Angela, Dean & Tim still there cleaning away. They are singing songs, so we are quickly switched to the bedroom. Hotdogs is telling Nelson and Constance that he went oversea’s for 6 months just to get away, got back, got his head together and got into real estate with LJ Hooker. He says he is a true professional at work. Head back to the kitchen where Angela and Geneva seem to be having a disagreement over something, and Geneva storms off to the bedroom. Think we came in a bit late there. Comm break.

1:51am: Nelson tries to fart on Constance’s head. He doesn’t quite get it though. They al start singing again, so away the camera goes. We cut to the couch where Michael, Tim and Angela are chatting. Michaels says he is missing a specific person cause he used to talk to them everyday. Tim says he is missing reading a book. No books at all this year. He says he understands why, but he is just missing not being able to read for an hour or so a day. Geneva is in the middle of Constance and Nelson now. The two girls are talking about who should help with the cleaning up. Mike cuts in though, Tarney wins the third lot of cash, and we have another comm break.

2:04am: Clue for teaser. Same three in the living room still. Tim is talking about tattoo’s and if people put a lot of thought into them, they can be great. Angela obviously isn’t a fan of them though. Michael makes mention he has no space in this place. He then asks the other two if they think Gianna is constantly looking at herself in the mirror. Angela says she has already tried telling her. Angela is unsure whether the girl is a bit clueless or whether she acts dumb. They start talking about drugs, speed in particular. Angela says she has never done them. Michael tells her she isn’t missing much. Ang says she knows. Tim makes mention that he doesn’t anymore. There is a lot of beeping through this, although they seem to bleep the wrong parts. BB decides to cut from that, and heads to the bedroom. But they are singing. Back out to the couch where they are still talking drugs, so Mike throws us to the break.

2:17am: Uplate update. On the couch now are Nelson and Michael. They are discussing whether if pushed hard enough, whether or not BB would go back on his word (prime example the no suitcase for Constance.) Nelson says his fave is Deano. Angela doesn’t think everyone is playing the game. Nelson explains that everyone, whether trying or not, is playing a game. Ang says Constance is being herself. Nelson says that in effect is her gameplan as such. Nelson just doesn’t like it when people stop themselves from saying something. Mike cuts in, Ben wins the last cash. Throws us back to the house till time is up. Christie runs out and asks what the theme to Full House is. Tim starts singing one, gets to the end, and realises it’s the Golden Girls one. At 2:33am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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