Day 3 Uplate

Credits start rolling, and we join Mike on the couch at 11:53pm. He goes straight into the usual speel about brainteasers and uplate updates, before the TV comes on in the background showing a heap of people in the sauna, some topless. He decides to cut to that. As soon as we go to it, Christie and Michelle, both topless, exit the sauna. Back inside, we have Hotdogs, Geneva, Angela and Constance. Only Geneva is topless now. They are talking about an argument earlier in the night. Can’t tell who was involved however. Hotdogs says that the group is really good, he’s liking it. Constance seems very happy tonight. Back to the bathroom we go now because both MIchelle and Christie are just casually in there walking round topless. Back to the sauna though as quick as we came. Before too long, Mike cuts in and we have our first brainteaser of the night. They have changed the system, now even if your rejected when ringing up, you can still leave details to win a weekly prize pack. Michelle and Kate are now in the bedroom talking. Logan is there as well. Nothing much happening, so back to the sauna we go. The girls are saying that they don’t think that Hotdogs is dominant. Angela mentions our favourite friend, BB’s Carmen. Hotdogs says that he isn’t give to give the same trust in here that he gives his best mates. Not for at least a bit more time anyway. Angela says she is a very trusting person though. Hotdogs says that he loves Constance because she’s a straight shooter but at least you know where you stand. He loves that she is honest. Turns into a bit of a bitch session about Glenn now. And Logan too for that matter. Mike cuts back in and tells us that the Logan’s have swapped again earlier tonight. He gives us a clue as well before we go back to the house.

Hotdogs is talking about his friends. He has a huge group of friends and obviously thinks the world of them all. Geneva says she doesn’t have a large group of friends. She has a lot of individual friends, and then seems to hang out with those people’s friends. She says if she had a huge group of people as friends that she would have arguments all the time. Suddenly the topic comes back to sex. Geneva reveals she has done it with at least 50 guys. She is only 19 remember. Constance says she has done it with 17, but she has really liked each person. She has never met someone and just slept with them. Michael is showering in the bathroom naked. Hotdogs gets out of the sauna and starts talking to Michael without putting his mic on. He gets fined $5000. Or rather the group I suppose. MIchael heads into the sauna with a towel on. The girls tell him that he seemed to miss all the action tonight. He says he had a good night with Glenn. The girls all say they can’t get to know him, that he doesn’t open up. Apparently he did a pole dance, and they all loved that. Mike runs through teaser and clue, then we go to the break with Kate’s clip package from opening night.

12:26am: Angela and Tim are in the sauna, and Gianna is also in there now (bikini). Gianna says she hasn’t been in there before. Tim starts giving Angela a massage. They talk amongst themselves and Gianna just sits there for a bit. She can’t believe that the temp gauge is showing the right temperature. Angela really praises the efforts of the design crew who created the house. She loves it. Gianna adds her support for it as well. Angelas says that Tim and her need to have a good talk tomorrow. Tim asks if it’s about his snoring. Angela replies that she didn’t even think that he snored. Matthew wins the first $1K for the night, and we go to the break with Logan’s clip package.

12:39am: MIke reads the first email of the series to appear on uplate. Mike tells us that it’s Michelle’s bday tomorrow, so uplate should be good. Nelson, Constance and Dean are on one bed, while Logan, Christie and Glenn are on another. Nelson and Constance are play fighting and Constance hurts her hand. She shows Dean that one hand is bruised or something in comparison to the other. Dean gets the good hand and hurts that too! Michelle wanders over and starts talking to Logan. She asks Logan a question, and he says “give it 2 weeks.” Interesting… He says that if the fines keep happening at this rate, then in 3-4 days there will really be some peeved off people in here. MIke cuts in for the clue for the teaser, and we see Michael’s clip package to the break.

12:52am: Back again to Michelle Logan. Glenn is watching on with Christie. A lot of swearing in there, so BB sends us to the bathroom where Gianna is applying cream all over her body. Tim has just finished with the shower, and exits. Gianna pushes her top up so her nipples are almost showing amnd keeps applying the cream. Once finished, we are taken back to the bedroom. Hotdogs has this slapping device of some kind, and wants to slap Christie’s ass. She is a bit scared, so she does it to Nelson and him first. Then Dogs ‘gives it to her!’ SOmeone wins the second $1000 for the night. Third teaser is released, and we go to a break with Michelle’s clip package.

1:05am: Logan is giving Michelle a massage, but it hardly lasts because he says he doesn’t want to spoil her now, he would rather tomorrow for her B’day. Christie asks what the difference is between tap water and cold water from a fridge. Someone yells out “the temperature.” CLASSIC!!! There is laughing over in the corner of the room, and everyone is looking over there, yet no camera will pick up the action. Eventually some kind of balloon type thing is given to Glenn and he plays with it for a bit and gets a few laughs. Gianna appears and starts playing with Michelle’s hair. She says she wouldn’t probably wear the short pants around at home, but she’s wearing them on national TV. Nelson clip package sends us to a comm break.

1:18am: We see Logan (Greg) in isolation by himself after the swap earlier tonight. Lights are turned off in that room while we watch cause he’s asleep. Now Logan (Dave) back in the bedroom is on the bed with Michelle and Christie. Angela asks Constance about the words to some song. They start singing, so Mike cuts in for copyright reasons and reads emails. First uplate update of the series is then shown. Courtney wins the third lot of cash, and the clip package to the break is of Hotdog.

1:31am: Mike plugs his Friday night show with Frysie, and gives a clue for the final teaser. The housemates in the bedroom are wondering if BB has the rights to “Happy Birthday” and if they will be able to show them singing it on the TV. Logan plays a little game on Gianna’s back. He then goes out to get an apple. On the way Christie makes mention that he’s suddenly come alive tonight. A few of the other boys (Nelson is one) also make the comment, or rather agree. Logan, now back in the room, says he wasn’t feeling the best yesterday. Logan offers some of the apple to Michelle. She accepts, and the Christie also takes a bite. Still won’t show anything in the room other than Logan/Michelle. Tim clips sees us to another break, probably the last.

1:45am: Mike closes the last teaser of the night. Hotdogs back in the bedroom after changing his battery. Christie can’t understand why only he had to change it. Hotdogs suggests that BB only wants to hear him. Dean and Logan suggest that they can tell what the battery levels are of all the housemates individually. Lights turn off in the room. A few thankyou’s to BB. The room does look very messy on infra-red. Hotdogs, Michelle, Angela and Constance are talking on one bed. Hotdogs says that if BB offered him either a night in the DR along getting pissed, or sharing it with everyone, he would rather sit in the DR. Christie comes over and gets a cuddle from Hotdogs. Mike cuts in, wastes some time on the BB website, and at 2:04am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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