Day 24 Uplate

12:05am: Glenn and Tim say that sometime in the future they’ll sit down and work out a solution for Istael and the Middle East and report it to the diary room. Michelle says that when she gets out she’ll buy a pair of CK jocks for Glenn. In return, she wants a Dryazabone, some flannettes, ripped jeans, some shoes to survive the country lifestyle. Talk starts moving to how bad the farting is in this place. This leads to a good 3 minutes worth of people threatning to fart on others etc. Over we go to Geneva and Tim who are talking about some movie, which I can’t figure out. We cross back to Glenn and Greg’s bed, where Christie lies as well inbetween the two boys. They start reciting rules from “Fight Club” the movie. Christie says that Brad Hitt was ‘so hot’ in that movie. Christie starts playing with Greg’s hair on his chest. Christie says she’ll pluck a bit of them on Saturday. Greg agrees she can do it. Christie shows them both how blowing in their ear gives the person goose bumps. Glenn can’t believe it. It doesn’t work as well on Greg.

12:34am: Christie has just let another one rip, so the guys keep her down while they brew one up, but Glenn can’t get one brewing. Christie says they love having her over on their bed. They both agree, saying it’s good value. Tim comes over and says he might go to bed. Christie says that he’ll go over there and talk to someone else and won’t actually go to bed. Christie then says that Tim looks like Cyclops. Greg and Glenn discuss how many days they’ve been in here, but Greg doesn’t know if they added a sticker today. The ask Dave. Glenn says 25 sounds about right.

12:47am: Christie is still on the boys bed. Hotdogs and Dean are saying something about getting BB to give their idea a go – they say it will cost $10,000 but could make BB heaps of money. Hotdogs says that he could sell ice to eskimo’s, saying it would easily be a success. No idea what they are talking about though, sorry. They start talking about copyrighted songs again. Dean says Happy Birthday is really the most sung song in the world. Michelle says “Oh really!”

1:00am: When we return, lights go out. Christie says it’s her cue to leave the bed and get in her own. Glenn takes to someone about a movie, while we get vision of Christie near her bed talking to Tim about her glasses breaking and her fixing them. She puts them on and does a little dance. Dean yells out, but we’re taken to a comm break.

1:14am: Michelle and Kate are playing with the vibrator and everyone has just figured it out. They get Michelle to go and close the bathroom door, and they see the vibrator thing and everyone has a laugh. They say it does nothing anyway. Talk turns to the fine situation. Hotdogs says that once he’s won the money, Michelle will have to work off her $50,000 worth of fines for him. Dave cuts in that it’ll be about $120,000 by then. Kate decides thats enough about the fines, saying that Hotdogs is free to talk if he hasn’t had a fine, but thats not the case. Michelle asks BB to turn the TV’s off, as they have $175,000 written across them as a reminder of all the money lost. Kate says she has lost the moment and can’t get into the mood now to play with the toy. They both say it’s unfair that the boys can do it and they can’t. Hotdogs says it’s been 28 days since he last ‘walked his dog’. He reckon’s he’ll easily last to 40. Mike informs us that Christie and Tim are talking and devising a plan for a practical joke tomorrow.

1:26am: They seem to be complaining about the tv’s even more now. Hotdogs or Dean says that LG’s primary source of income is from weapon’s making. The tv’s and the $175,000 reminder return and now everyone is a bit peeved. Kate says she won’t be able to sleep. Glenn has been talking to a few people, and now gets back into bed. Greg says “Now stop right there.” He says that Glenn always steals the doona, and that ‘if the relationship is going to work, it has to be half half.” Christie says singing “blinded by the fines”.

1:59am: Housemates have been asleep for a while, but we are taken from the middle of a nomination highlight package to Kate in the living room, revealing her secret task to be to hide one of the dummies heads each day for 3 days. She hides the first one in a pretty crap spot not far from the doors leading outside. With that, she is back to bed. Back in bed Michelle is still complaining about the fines being on the plasma’s. She says shes not going to get any sleep. It looks like Kate has swapped beds, but at 2:05am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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