Day 25

7:59am: Kate is up early to get rid of her first dummy. The night before she hid the dummy, but because she didn’t like the spot, she’s decided to throw it over the fence this morning so nobody can find it. She is successful in achieving this.

10:35am: Glenn puts his dummy back down after a quick practice, and notices that the one beside his has no head. He makes a comment allowed, and Tim says “I hope it’s not mine.” Tim comes over to check that it is in fact his head which has gone missing. The boys are wondering where it is. They are saying thats it’s not funny, not a joke etc. Hotdogs says that whoever did it should own up now. Kate appears and laughs “your kidding right?” laughing. Both Michelle and Kate say they didn’t do it. Everyone has said that they didn’t do it. Glenn and Tim come to the diary room. Tim says that he tried to talk to his partner this morning, but found it difficult to do with it missing a head. He asks BB for any insight into the dissapearance. Kate asks if any others has been touched. Kate says she thinks it’s a joke because it’s just Tim’s. Both Kate and Michelle are pinpointing Greg about perhaps hiding the head. In the diary room, Tim is told that BB did not remove the head. Michael is asked if he knows anything about the head, and once he says no, he says “It’s ok. We have staples.” They discuss how they have probably just blown the task, which they bet 100% on. Tim and Glenn come out of the diary room and Michelle says to Tim that perhaps he’s playing on a joke on the rest of the house by hiding his own head. Tim says he hasn’t done that. Tim has moved into the bedroom and is checking in any drawers possible. Glenn asks if he has a warrant for this. Tim comes from the bedroom, telling people on the couch that there is no head in the bedroom, however there is a roll of toilet paper in Dean’s drawer.

12:23pm: Tim has come outside to question everyone again. They all say that they have no idea what happened to the head. He says he suggest whipping someone if they are found to be the culprut. Dean says perhaps someone threw it over the wall. He goes onto suggest that someone has a personal task in the house to get rid of heads for personal gain. Tim decides “I blame Michelle”, then laughs! MIchael says that either someone in here took it, or someone outside. He goes onto say that there is a 50% chance that someone did it in here, and is sitting right here right now. The housemates come up with an idea that because the $175,000 was on the tv screens all night, it was a bounty for someone to ruin the task for the housemates. They all say they would lie for $175,000. Geneva says that perhaps someone might sabotage every task from here on in. Kate says that Big Brother would be laughing at this because they are all turning on themselves instead of working together. Back inside, Tim is trying to move the fridge to see if it’s behind that. Kate, inside now, tells Tim he is going to have to chill out. He next makes Christie move off the couch while he looks around it/under it. Tim wonders if it’s buried somewhere. Michael suggest to Tim that if $175,000 was riding on hiding the head, he would be throwing it out of the building, not putting it under a couch. He continues searching however. Kate comes to the diary room. She says the reactions from some people are priceless. She says that she is pleased that it’s a group reward – revealing that if it was just for herself she wouldn’t have done it. Back outside, Michael, Dave and Christie are telling Tim to stop looking. “You watch too mant movies man.” Kate says she is enjoying this. She doesn’t think she is suspected at this stage. She says if her only lie through this is to say she doesn’t know where it is, she can live with that. Outside, Tim is saying that he doesn’t want to look like a fool by not searching for it and it being right under his nose. Kate says she has to really think about who to throw next. Dave says to Tim “Sit down. You’ve lost your head mate.”

4:55pm: Tim emerges from the diary room with a new head. He shows everyone. BB then calls them all to the dancefloor for practice. Hotdogs says his partner always wants to make out. Kate looks very serious while practicing. Tim is a bit unsure of the steps involved at one point, but generally, they seem to all have the routine going quite nicely. It ends with everyone kissing their partner.

6:25pm: Tim is called to the diary room by Big BB. BB wants Tim to do a job for him. Again, should he accept this job, and succeed, all housemates will receive something of benefit. He says he will do the job. His job is to catch the person in the act of removing dummies from the house. If he catches someone, he should not go to them and confront them, he must rather report it to BB immediately. Tim thanks BB for trusting him for this task. He says he will find the culprut.

7:53pm: BB calls all housemates, who are in the middle of dinner, to the couch. They see a promo package of Rachael, before BB announces her arrival to the house. She has cosmetics gifts for all the girls. They are more excited about that it seems. Rachael says first “Hows it going people!” She goes through the introductions, letting most say their name first, but blurting out the names of a few too. Christie asks if she stole Tim’s partner’s head. She says she has no idea what they are talking about, however she says she did notice them all sitting over the other side of the room. Next, BB announces for them all to once again be seated on the couch. Geneva says aloud that she’s not ready for all this. Vesna arrives. She says “What, I don’t get a hug!” Again, we see some introductions. Tim gets her a glass for the champagne she bought in. Hotdogs seems to like her. Meanwhile, Rachael says to Glenn that he looks like a true blue aussie with the blue singlet shirt on. He explains that he is a sheerer. Geneva, talking to Michelle and Christie says to Michelle that she better make a swift move on Glenn. Michelle says that he is not hers, but she would be jealous.

8:58pm: It looks like Rachael has decide to sleep with Tim. Tim walks over the other side of the room saying to the others that they have to talk him up and start calling him “Mr Big” and the “Big guy”. They all say to Rachael that she shouldn’t sleep with Christie cause she has a cabbage smell about her. But she has changed and is sleeping with Christie now. Rachael says it’s because Tim said that he had ‘wandering hands.’ Tim can’t believe it, saying he thought he should be honest. He says they are positive wandering hands. She says she might come to visit Tim, but also she says she’ll jump into Glenn’s bed too cause he’s got ‘sex appeal’. Rachael reveals to him that she too is from the country, living in a place near the base of the Snowy Mountains. Meanwhile, Vesna has chosen to sleep on a bed. Unbeknown to her, it’s Hotdogs bed. Christie is talking to Rachael, trying to reassure her that if they gave a bad first impression to her it was just because they were really shocked. Tim’s gone out to tell the wandering hands story to Dean and Geneva in the spa. Rachael asks Vesna if she’s going to be ok sleeping with ‘that guy’. Vesna didn’t know she was sharing, and they tell her that it’s either Tim or Hotdogs. Rachael says that if she has any problem with the dogs, she’ll come over and whip him. Kate says that HD’s is a total sweetheart. Hotdogs suddenly comes out of the toilet saying that they shouldn’t be talking about him when he’s in the room! Cut to the sauna, where Dean and Glenn are saying that Hotdogs and Rachael will be the first to clash. Glenn says that he should start flirting with Rachael. He tells Dean about his sex appeal comment earlier. They have a laugh. Later in the kitchen, Vesna asks Hotdogs if thats his real name. He says his real name is Simon. Vesna asks to call him Simon, but HD’s says it has to be Hotdogs cause no one else is allowed to call him Simon and it would look bad if he let her call him Simon. Vesna wants to look at the bathroom again. She walks into the bedroom, not realising that it’s through the living room. Vesna says she doesn’t shower naked. Vesna asks how come there is no perfume for her there in the bathroom. HD’s tells her it’s communal. The sauna boys are listening at the door. HD’s tell her that practically everyone showers naked in the morning. She looks into the sauna and can’t see anyone, but Hotdogs says she can look in there and comes to open the door, only to be scared by Dean and Glenn squatting there. Back out the spa, Rachael asks if there is any relationships in the house. They say that there are emotional ties in the house. Watching HD’s make dinner, Vesna says aloud that Glenn’s naked. Hotdogs says “Oh your a pervert too!” She goes right up to the door of the bathroom to check both boys out. The guys notice and just laugh.

No time given: Michelle is reassuring Geneva that nothing is going to change and they will all still have their bonds. Geneva says that she really liked it being just the four girls. She says it’s going to be scary to adapt. Rachael thinks they might be talking about her, and Michelle says ‘no, we weren’t whispering’. Rachael says she’ll just have to get used to the fact that there will be little conversations all over the place. When she goes away, Geneva says “I just really don’t like her!” Michelle says “I know.” Michelle goes on to say that her inital reaction is the same, but they must give her a chance. Geneva comes to the diary room to vent. She says she had a bad inital reaction to Rachael, and she doesn’t know if she will ever be able to like her. Geneva says “Why did you bring her here!?” Back in the bedroom, Vesna is telling Rachael that she is going to sleep with Hotdogs. She says the bed smells, and Michelle says thats because it was Dave and HD’s sleeping there, but Dave has moved into Dean’s bed cause he doesn’t want to sleep with a girl cause he has a girlfriend on the outside. Rachael replies, “What!? What a crock of….” She goes onto ask if he’s scarred on girl germs or someting. Michelle stands up for Dean saying that he’s just trying to be respectful. Back in the diary room, Geneva, having a little cry, suggests that she is scared she is losing her place in the group. She says everyone felt so comfortable, but now she just feels weird. Rachael goes out to the living room and asks Dean “Is that right you don’t sleep with girls cause you have a girlfriend.” Dean says yes. After hearing that it’s only been 2 months, Rachael exclaims “Are you serious!” Dean says he really digs her heaps. He says hopefully she will find the same thing one day but obviously she hasn’t yet. Dean says “You come in…and everyone already thinks your a knobhead.” Rachael says to Dean “I don’t have to see you again after this” and Dean, quick as a flash says “well thats probably a good thing.” Rachael moves away to end the argument, but she repeats that she can’t believe he’s not sleeping in the same bed with a girl out of respect of a girlfriend of two months. Dean, getting a bit impatient, but handling it all perfectly, says “Get it straight before commenting.” Rachael then says “Don’t think I’m imtimidated by you bitch.” Dean says “What are you talking about.” Dean goes onto say that guys don’t jump onto her, they are all laughing behind her back. “Who I sleep with is totally up to me, and thats the bottom line.” Dean says that she is a very immature girl. Rachael says back “I’m really mature.” Rachael says that she thinks Dean is a 24 who thinks he knows everything. Dean says “I have never said that I know everything, and I don’t walk in her and offering opinions on things that aren’t warranted.” Rachael says that she knows everyone in the house will side with Dean, and Dean, to end the argument fires back “People just know when someone’s talking shit.”

11:11pm: Rachael is in the bedroom, and she tells Tim she is just adjusting to being in the house. She says “I’ll be fine.” Outside, Dean walks out there. Geneva says “Go you!” Dean says he tried to keep it civil, and Hotdogs says “Looks like you beat me to it.” Dean says he’s going to like having her in the house. He says when he gets a bit bored he’ll just say something to rev her up. He apologises to Vesna sitting there, but he says he’s not going to sit there and be told something like that. Tim and Christie both come in and talk to Rachael. Christie says you have to expect something like this on the first night. Christie tells her that Geneva is finding it a bit hard with two newbies in the house. Rachael comes outside and Hotdogs says “Oh here we go.” Vesna doesn’t like confrontation, and Geneva tells her that Christie is like that. Rachael says really loudly “Hi how ya going out here!” Geneva says that she has to give everyone a bit of time. She just says that she doesn’t like being called a knobhead and that if that happens she has to state her opinion. After she leaves, Geneva says “She’s crazy!” She goes onto call her Cuckoo. In the bedroom, Michelle is cuddling up to Glenn, and asks him about the night. He says he’s had mixed emotions. “Don’t think your gonna lose your boy though!” He says “You were scared, admit it!” Michelle says that they are all a bit over protective of their guys. Rachael asks what time they turn the lights out. Glenn says it depends. Greg is cuddling up to Christie in there bed, and Rachael gets into bed too. Outside, Tim is looking at the dolls. Vesna gets into bed. Hotdogs tell her that Dave slept there and he was a bit dirty, so he suggests sleeping right up close next to him. Hotdogs says she hass settled in very well for her first night.

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